Hi Welcome to Luggage Spots. My name is Paula. I started this site to help others find the perfect piece of luggage for their travel with the best luggage reviews. The piece of luggage is a critical piece of the travel experience and the wrong choice can totally wreck the perfect getaway.

Due to the sheer number of brands and styles in the market, I do not have the time or the budget to actually test out all of them. I do, however, try to cover all the major brands and provide insight on which luggage is the best in its category. It is my goal to create a place where travelers can share their experiences and find the right piece of luggage.

Please feel free to browse around the site and check out some latest blogs. You will find information on luggage from individual brand reviews, best in category reviews, differences on parts and materials. If you have any questions or comments, please drop me a note as it will help me to improve my site and serve the community better.

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A few things to think to consider before buying a luggage:

No one piece of luggage is perfect for everyone, so it is important to consider a number of critical factors before making your purchase decision.

Many airlines are getting increasingly strict with carry on size requirements. Currently, most North American airlines are using 22(H) X 14(W) X 8(D) inches as a standard, but you should always check with your airline to be sure.

Be aware that when a luggage company claims theirs is a 20 inch or 21 inch luggage, it may actually exceed the 22 inch height limit because the size claimed does not include measurements for handle and wheels. It is always important to know what the claimed measurements are based on or risk having to check your “carry on” at the gate.

According to Consumer Reports, durability is the number one concern for most travelers when buying luggage. This isn’t surprising news considering that few people would want their luggage to breakdown during the middle of their travel. Here is a very quick guide of material strength comparison

Polycarbonate > ABS

Nylon > Polyester

Aluminum > Iron

Weight is becoming a bigger issue as airlines have started to charge fees for nearly everything. As a general rule, checked bags should weigh no more than 50 pounds each. and a carry on luggage is considered light at around the 5 lb mark and heavy around 10 lbs.

However, if you’re traveling business class or are a member of one of the airline’s premium clubs, you can bring more and heavier bags, each with a maximum weight of 70 pounds. I personally do not like to go for luggage that is lighter than 5 lbs because the pursuit for lightweight may require sacrifices on durability.

From a cost perspective, it is more efficient to buy luggage as sets because luggage is a large item and shipping cost is quite high. Even if Amazon does not charge for shipping, it is still factored into the product price (there is no free lunch).

For a low end set of luggage, expect to pay $70-$150, but know that you are taking your chances and do not expect it to last for years. Mid range items between $150-$250 per set has some good offerings of value and will suit the average casual traveler.

If you are a frequent traveler, opt for a higher end piece that normally do not sell in sets and price range vary greatly depending on brand and spec.

All luggage companies offer a limited warranty, but most are not worth pursuing since for the amount of paperwork and time it would take to get warranty approval, you might as well have just bought a new set and saved yourself some headache. Some high end brands do offer good warranty and service, but the price tag that you have to pay to get that level of service is pretty hefty.

On the other hand, it still comes down to how much traveling you are expecting to do. Warranty usually represents attention to quality and performance, thus bringing more durability and longer life.

Overall, purchasing a piece luggage should not be a difficult process. Figuring out your needs and understanding the feature will take some work, but with the information provided on this website, you will be armed and ready with the knowledge to make the right choice. Feel free to check out our latest blog posts.