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It Luggage Review 2018:

It luggage was established in London in 1985 as Landor Ltd, designing quality luggage suitable for business and leisure needs. We were the first UK luggage company to begin importing from China, enabling us to offer affordable, quality luggage without compromising style or functionality.

“A family business built on family principles.”

In 1994 Landor Ltd merged with Hawa International forming Landor & Hawa International Ltd, and a dedicated quality control and sourcing office was set up in China.  In 2011 the company was re-branded to become it luggage, ‘it’ being derived from ‘International Traveller’ a well-known sub-brand of Landor & Hawa.

The family business is still managed by the original founders without any external finance; a fact we are truly proud of. We believe this stability and experience gives the brand a terrific edge in a complex global marketplace.

“Our business is based on passion, innovation and a relentless drive for customer satisfaction.”

Today, it luggage supplies more than 46 countries across the globe and produces over 7 million products a year, taking overall production to over 60 million, making us one of the most successful luggage producers in the world.

It luggage International Locations

Hertford, UK. Seattle, USA. Indianapolis, USA. Perth, Australia. Hong Kong, HK. Hangzhou, China.

Our Design Philosophy

Innovation and imagination is what sets it luggage apart from other suitcase manufacturers. Our dedicated in-house design team produces over 100 new design styles every year!

We scour the world for the latest trends in innovation and print design, with the overall aim of offering those who love, or need, to travel a case that is up to the task and has a style all of its own.

Manufacturing Quality & Compliance

In an increasingly hectic world, we recognise the importance of consistent, reliable products for consumers. To ensure that our products are made to the highest standards, we personally oversee the entire production process. Our factories are very experienced and adhere to stringent business quality standards for both production of goods and the safety of personnel. These standards are constantly monitored.  

Each luggage range is performance tested under ISO 9001 accredited procedural systems to meet the differing criteria and standards across the world. Materials and samples are hand checked for strength, quality and durability; only when we are truly satisfied does full production commence. Our team of over 70 dedicated staff in our Hangzhou office and showroom in China deliver complete compliance and factory accreditation on all our manufacturing. This is an unrivalled infrastructure. 

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