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The IT Megalite 3 piece spinner set features three different sizes, meaning you will have on hand the perfect size for your trip. Whether you need to take a carry-on, or need a little bit more. You will be able to swap between the sizes easily when you have all three ready to be used at home. Being from IT Luggage, you know that the suitcases are as light as they can be, which allows you to make the most out of that weight allowance. Get the complete review of the IT Megalite in detail from every aspect:

Design: 80 out of 100
Storage: 85 out of 100
Weight: 78 out of 100
Durability: 80 out of 100
  • Design: The IT Megalite is soft-sided and made of high-density polyester fabric. The polyester fabric is slightly heavier due to its high density, which on the one hand gives you improved durability, on the other hand it does take away from how light the suitcases could be. The fact that it is soft-sided allows the case to be lighter than similar hard-sided cases. The stylish design of the suitcases has received praise from fans and critics alike, with the single tone fabric and black detail, displaying a metal IT luggage logo proudly on the front. Each of the suitcases comes with four spinner wheels, which allow maximum maneuverability, especially when you are using the larger of the three cases.
  • Storage: With two front zip pockets on each of the three suitcases, no matter which one you decide to use you will have ease of access to any documents or items you decide to store in the front. Allowing you to get to your things quickly and easily, without having to find a place to open up the whole suitcase. Inside you will find a mesh zip pocket, and the main compartment with two straps to secure your belongings. With the extra ability to be able to expand by 25%, each of the suitcases comes with the versatility to ensure anything you buy on your travels comes home with you. Just be aware that if you expand the carry-on it may be too big for the size requirements and end up costing you more money to check it.
  • Features: The IT Megalite comes with the features that you would expect at its price point. With four spinner wheels allowing you to easily take your suitcases anywhere. Also featuring two front pockets, so your on-the-go items are easily accessible. As they are easily accessible for you, they can be easily accessible for others, so remember to keep your valuables protected at all times. Each of the suitcases comes with an expander of up to 25%, great for packing that little bit more.
  • Weight: The three IT Megalite suitcases weigh in at 4.8 lbs, 5.6 lbs, and 6.3 lbs respectively. They can be considered to be very lightweight in terms of expandable suitcases that are on the market today. Whether you pick the small, medium or large suitcase, you will still have the majority of your weight allowance to yourself, being able to pack what you want without having to sacrifice your clothes to compensate for the weight of the suitcase. Yes, you can find lighter IT luggage suitcases, however, even with the advances made in lightweight materials, you will still have to consider the trade-off between weight and durability.
  • Durability: With four spinner wheels positioned on each corner at the bottom of each suitcase, all three suitcases in the Megalite collection will provide a confident, stable and silent travel case when in use. As with all spinner wheels, it becomes a problem on uneven surfaces or carpets, where much more effort is required to get it to go where you want. The addition of the side handle allows you to comfortably pick the suitcases up for easy storage in overhead lockers, trunks of cars or even up and down stairs.
  • Style: Featuring a single tone, and available in two colors. The IT Luggage Megalite collection has given style serious consideration when designing these bags. Although, available in very limited colors, only pink and grey. Unless you are happy with a bold pink or subtle grey to match your style, you may feel that one is too bold and the other too boring.
  • Size: The carry-on is 21.9 x 14 x 8.1 inches, making it just under the requirements for most airlines, giving you peace of mind that regulation changes in size allowance will probably mean your carry-on is good to travel with you. The medium suitcase is 27.4 x 17.3 x 10.0 inches and the large 31.3 x 19.5 x 11.2 inches, inclusive of wheels and handles, giving you the ability to pick the size right for you.
  • Price: The IT Luggage Megalite set is ideal for those who need an array of sizes for different occasions and coming in at less than $150 from popular online retail sites. It really does work out much cheaper to buy a set if you are planning on using all three. If you will just be using a carry-on, perhaps considering one of the products in the competitive carry-on suitcase department to give you the best value for your money.
  • Warranty: Coming with IT Luggage’s standard 10-year warranty, they will endeavor to repair or replace any fault or defect that you find when using this suitcase. The warranty does, however, state that wear and tear is not included.
8.3 Total Score
Lightweight Option!

The IT Megalite set of three suitcases is great for those who like the style and color options that are available. It is not the lightest suitcases available, even from IT Luggage, although a trade-off has been made to ensure that durability is taken into account at the expense of weight. It is however, a nice light-weight alternative to other soft-sided suitcases out there, just don’t expect the longevity to be the same.

  • Lightweight
  • 10-year warranty
  • Stylish
  • Set of three sizes
  • Future-proof carry-on size
  • High-density polyester fabric
  • Expandable
  • Can expand if overpacked
  • Limited color availability
  • IT logo has been known to rip off when mishandled
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