Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set Review

From the global luggage brand, Nautica Luggage comes their sleek and sporty-looking 3 Piece Hardside Luggage Set, suitable for overnight trips, or even extended vacations, you will be all set with this stylish set of three. Made from a lightweight ABS material, it is hard-sided and features the Nautica logo embossed on the front of the suitcases. The telescopic handle, which will store away inside the suitcase, is lockable in three positions. Along with the four-spinner wheels on the bottom of these suitcases will allow you to easily navigate busy airports with your trendy luggage. The design does not stop once you get inside the suitcase, with a stylish approach to the normally underrated interior. Get the complete Nautica Luggage Reviews for Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set in detail from every aspect:

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100


The Nautica luggage set has been designed with the modern traveler in mind, showcasing a stylish approach to professional luggage. It is suitable for both personal and professional travel, ensuring that your belonging arrives in style. The lightweight ABS material is strong and durable, allowing you to put confidence in your suitcase standing up to the test of time. Due to the material, it will bend, but it will not crack, allowing it to take stress and strain without any worry about lasting damage. Nautica luggage has been designed to be lightweight, and easy to use. The four spinner wheels on the bottom of each suitcase will allow you to push or pull with relative ease. Your arms will no longer be strained by the weight of your suitcase.

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Being a hard-sided suitcase, there are no exterior pockets built in unlike the Steve Madden Luggage 4 piece Spinner Suitcase Collection. In order for you to store travel essentials, it will be inside the main compartment of the suitcase. Once you open up the main compartment, it is split into two 50/50 sections. On the one side, you have a large mesh lined zip pocket and two smaller pockets, allowing you to effectively organize your items and store any loose contents that you may have. On the other side, you will find the main compartment for your clothing. This has an x-strap to keep your clothes in place throughout your journey. In each of the three suitcases, you will find ample storage space to bring all you need for your trip, along with enough pockets and straps to ensure everything stays in place when you are traveling. Making it easier to unpack when arriving at your destination.

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The Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set comes with a bunch of features that you would expect to find on any modern day suitcase set. The shell is made from ABS material, means your suitcases are made from only the best materials. Each suitcase comes with multiple interior pockets, allowing you to effectively organize and pack your belongings. The telescopic handle and the four-spinner wheels mean very little effort needs to be expended in order to use this suitcase and take it with you wherever you go on your travels. There are top and side handles on the suitcase, allowing you to pick them up with ease and store in your car trunk, overhead locker, or up and down stairs.

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The small Nautica luggage weighs in at 7 lbs, which is around the average weight for a hard-sided carry-on suitcase. The medium suitcase weighs in at 9 lbs, and the large at 11 lbs. Considering the strength, durability, and size of these suitcases it does weigh in as a lightweight set. Although it is worth noting that this suitcase set is heavier than the Steve Madden Luggage 3 Piece Hard Case Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels. If you are looking for a suitcase that is much lighter, you will need to consider going for specialized ultra-lightweight suitcases which will not give you the protection or longevity that this set will.

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As the Nautica luggage is made from a lightweight ABS material, it ensures that the hard shell of the suitcase will be strong and durable, allowing it to not crack under pressure or stress. The wheels are smooth and silent, allowing you to travel with ease. The handle on the top and side have been known to break if the suitcase is too heavy, so consider this when packing your suitcase, as you will not want the handle to break when you are picking it up. There are very few durability concerns when it comes to the Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set, and with it being covered by the 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, if there are any defects in the materials or manufacturing process, you will be able to get it fixed with no issues.

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The Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set comes with a modern, stylish design to the outer shell. It is available in as many as six different colors, all featuring the same polished, smooth outer shell, with the Nautica logo embossed down the front. The exterior and interior detail of the suitcase is color coded, so if you have to open your suitcase at the airport, you will not be embarrassed, as it stays professional throughout. This sleek, stylish and professional looking suitcase will not feel out of place in any environment. Ensure you choose a color suitable for you, and you will be good to go. If you do opt for one of the more vivid colors, if you ever need to check the suitcase in, it will be easy to spot on the luggage carousel.


The carry-on measures up to 21 x 14 x 9 inches, making it just on the border of whether it will be allowed on as cabin baggage with most major airlines. It would be best to check with your airline carrier before going to the airport with this suitcase, just in case you are told to check it in. The medium bag measure up to 24 x 17 x 10 inches, and the large at 28 x 19 x 11 inches, making it a well-sized three piece luggage set. When storing the set, they will fit inside one another, in order to take up less space in your closet, basement, or attic.


The Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set comes with a 10-year limited warranty, meaning that it will cover any manufacturing or material defects, although, it will not cover any misuse, mishandling, or general wear and tear. This is the most popular type of warranty you will find with any luggage, and being covered for 10 years shows that Nautica really does trust in their luggage set.

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Stylish Hardside Spinner Set!

The Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set is a stylish, modern, professional suitcase set. If you are looking for a set of three cases that will stand the test of time, while looking good, you will be happy with your purchase. Just be careful about how much weight you pack into these cases, if you overpack, you may render the suitcase out of use for future trips.

  • Lightweight
  • Stylish
  • A range of colors
  • ABS material
  • No exterior pockets
  • Handle known to break
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