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The Lilly Bloom handbag and accessories line has made it their focus to design sustainable fashion – this means suitcases which are not only stylish, but also durable! Their brand celebrates feminine prints and vibrant color spreads, and when it’s a choice between donating to save the environment or buying another fashion accessory, Lilly Bloom helps you to do both! Their bags are made from a signature patented fabric created entirely from recycled plastic bottles. All the trash clogging up our oceans? Buying one of these bags not only removes that trash, but reuses it in a beautiful way so that you can go visit the ocean and pack enough clothing for a fantastic 3-day getaway. But don’t just take our word for it, in this review we’ve researched all the details of a particular Lilly Bloom suitcase set, their fantastic 3-Piece Designer Hardside, so that you can see for yourself just how this brand stands on its own.

Design: 98 out of 100
Storage: 97 out of 100
Weight: 93 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
lily bloom luggage set


For the environmentally conscious lady with places to go and things to see, this is a traveling work of art designed to hold together in all conditions of travel; this set will hold everything you need while also looking phenomenal at your side. This brand outdoes itself when it comes down to this designer set; the entire set includes three suitcases with the traditional large, medium, and carry-on sizes. Each comes with reinforced side handles and easy wheel around reinforced telescopic poles which offer extra strength and long-lasting durability. Additionally, with a space maximizing designed interior structuring this bag is designed to give you plenty of space right at home for packing, while still leaving plenty of extra room for the keepsakes you might bring home. Its exterior is a dense blend of ABS, PC materials, and recycled plastic bottles for a look that’s equally as stylish as it is durable. This set will be much more abrasion resistant than other brand designs, meaning better protection for your belongings.

lily bloom luggage set


This Lilly Bloom luggage set is fantastically designed and includes one of the lower sized carry-ons at 21 inches which had been rigorously tested to meet overhead bins specifications for most national and international airlines (not counting the times and airplane is full or close to full). At this size the carry-on offers up to 29 liters of packing space (or enough room for clothing equally a 2-3 day business or weekend trip). The added storage of the 25-inch medium and 30-inch large suitcase is also a clear bonus – though you will have to check one extra suitcase when traveling with all three – and gives you an additional 144 liters of packing space! That’s easily enough packed clothing for a 4-5 week trip, not to mention each suitcase comes with a zipper-divided interior for storage organization, a mesh zippered pocket for organization of socks, ties, underwear, or toiletries, and finally fantastic stretch tie-down straps to suck your clothing flush with the base of each bag.

lily bloom luggage set


Each suitcase in this set comes with a fantastic telescopic handle made from aircraft grade aluminum which retracts and extends with lock-in-place functionality at both ends. The handles of course add to the multidirectional capability of the 8-spinner-wheel design and ensure ease of travel in crowded airports as well as urban streets, allowing you to wheel your luggage to either side you, behind you, or even in front of you when crowds are thickest. Interiors feature a strong water tight blue lining, tie-down straps, a zippered middle divider, and a zippered mesh pocket for organizing your belongings. Other functions include top and side haul handles as well as self-repairing zippers. All in all, the extras that come with purchase of a Lilly Bloom suitcase are Tres Fantastic! though it is worth noting that these bags don’t include clip-in toiletry bags or shoe pockets offered by competing brand designs like Nautica’s Hardside Spinner Expander.

lily bloom luggage set


Unpacked these suitcases weigh in at 7.1 pounds for the carry-on, 8.2 pounds for the medium checked bag, and 9.1 pounds for the large checked bag. Considering other hard side brands, even expanding brands with an additional 2+ inches, we are concerned that these Lilly Bloom suitcases do come with quite a bit heavier starting weights. For instance, Samsonite’s Omni set has a carry-on of the same size which only weighs 6.5 pounds. However, at the weights of the Lilly Bloom suitcases, you do get the added benefits of high durability and better abrasion-resistant materials.

lily bloom luggage set


            Where durability counts this Lily Bloom Luggage set blows all other sets out of the water. Each suitcase in the 3-piece set is made from ABS materials with a PC outer layer that includes a mixture of recycled plastic from water bottles and other rubbish recycled from ocean cleanup and cleanup from landfills. What this means is that these suitcases are highly durable for all phases of travel and your checked bags and their belongings will be just as protected as your carry-on, along with being water tight via the added defense of a water-wicking inner lining. Other durability features include spinner wheels made from strong polyurethane, a telescopic handle made from aircraft grade aluminum, and self-repairing zippers that offer long and strong zipper pulls. All in all, durability makes this a must-have designer set, because not only does it look good but it will certainly protect all your valuables.

lily bloom luggage set


For this designer set the style options are limited to one print which is called Furry Friends and features different cats with balls of yarn. It’s a cutesy one-of-a-kind print and certainly matches Lily Bloom’s message of a clean earth and protected environment for animals, especially when travel can be a major cause of pollution. With this print you can rest assured that you’ll never lose your suitcase in a busy airport, mix it up with another passengers, or overlook it on the luggage carousel at the end of a long journey.

lily bloom luggage set


            The suitcases in this set feature a carry-on measuring in at 21.8 X 13.5 X 9 inches, a medium checked bag measuring in at 25.8 X 16.7 X 10.3 inches, and a large checked bag measuring in at 30.1 X 19.6 X 11.2 inches. At these measurement’s you will have to check both the medium and large bag, though you can travel with them separately of course, while the carry-on should walk with you onto any plane without trouble. On crowded flights you might be asked to check your luggage at the gate, however this should not result in any extra charges, and you can hold your airline to that standard.


All Lilly Bloom designer luggage comes with a fantastic five-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is no surprise because this ecologically friendly company wants you to keep your bag and use it for years to come rather than just throwing it away. If it comes with any manufacturing defects – zippers, interior, exterior, handles, and fabric – make sure you use that warranty to have them either repair or replace the product! And remember, every bottle that you recycle has a chance of becoming a beautiful suitcase one day.

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Excellent designer travel brand for the environmentally conscious woman

Lily Bloom is an excellent designer travel brand for the environmentally conscious woman going out on pleasure trips or even business ventures around the globe. Where it comes down to originality Lily Bloom’s 3-Piece Designer Hardside set with a Furry Friends print is one-of-a-kind and offers a unique durability which cannot be beat. These suitcases are ultra-strong and fantastic for airports as well as urban streets all over the world. They include a massive amount of packing space for up to 200+ liters (that’s easily a 4-5 week journey without needing to do laundry in between outfits). Of course, for bringing things home from your different adventures around the globe, you might want to consider leaving a little bit of extra packing room.

  • Massive storage space when traveling with all three bags.
  • Unique kitty-cat ‘Furry Friends’ print.
  • 5-year manufacturers protection warranty.
  • Divided interior and tie-down straps.
  • Heavier unpacked starting weight.
  • Style options are limited to the one print design, though this set can sometimes be found on Lily Bloom’s catalogue with a few other options during certain times of the year.
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