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The Lilly Bloom handbag and accessories line has made it their focus to design sustainable fashion – this means suitcases which are not only stylish, but also durable! Their brand revels in feminine prints and vibrant color spreads, and when it’s a choice between donating to save the environment or buying another fashion accessory, Lilly Bloom helps you do both! Lily Bloom duffle bags are all made from a signature patented fabric created entirely from recycled plastic bottles. All the trash clogging up our oceans? Buying one of these bags not only removes that trash, but reuses it in a beautiful way so that you can go visit the ocean and pack enough clothes for a fantastic 3-day getaway.

Design: 97 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
lily bloom duffle bag


Lilly Bloom really outdoes itself with this designer duffel carry-on, making it easy to hold in large crowds – with two reinforced side handles – or easy to wheel around with reinforced aluminum handle poles that offer extra strength and long-lasting durability. Additionally, with stretching fabric and reinforced sides this bag is designed to maximize your space and leave extra room for the keepsakes you might bring home. Its exterior is denser than most polyester fabrics, utilizing a mixture of recycled plastic bottles and polyester for a look that’s still equally as stylish while being much more abrasion resistant and equaling better protection for your belongings. For the environmentally conscious lady with places to go and things to see, this is a traveling work of art designed to hold together against all conditions while holding everything you need and looking good in the process.

lily bloom duffle bag


This Lilly Bloom wheeling duffel at 14-inches only is more limited than a standard 20 to 22-inch carry-on option, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in organizational pockets and non-breaking stretchable expansion. At 14-inches it holds around 20-25 liters of space for all your packing needs, easily fitting around 35lbs depending on what you’re packing; easily enough room for 2-3 days of clothes. The bags interior is lined with protective water-wicking plastics and offers several organizational pockets for your loose bathroom stuffs and other objects which might shift and roll while in flight. A telescopic handle takes up very little room on the bag’s interior, though for the best packing dimensions you should extend the handle before packing the bag and then retract it afterwards. Upon unzipping and opening this bag does tend to look like a wide-mouth bag, but keep in mind that if you overpack it the zipper will not easily bite the clasps while closing. The last thing you want is a broken zipper, so with smaller carry-ons take care that you pack the heavier, larger, and non-flexible objects near the bottom and clothing near the top! Don’t worry though, for only a 14-inch carry-on, this Lilly Bloom duffel will surprise you with all the space it has!

lily bloom duffle bag


Beyond its wide range of available prints and colors, this Lily Bloom duffle bag offers two methods of portability: firms carry handles with excellent stitching that will hold up against any weight, and a telescopic handle; though this extending pull handle is made from neoprene which isn’t nearly as strong or long-lasting as aluminum. While wheeling, the telescopic handle offers a comfortable grip, which won’t hurt your hand, with ergonomic enhancements that will preserve your aching back. The bags polyester and recycled plastic blend makes for a lightweight construction that’s easily 25% more durable than suitcases which only use polyester. It’s only 14-inches in length, not counting the handle extension, and was designed to fit into any national or international airlines’ overhead compartments. Even if the compartment is close to crammed, you’ll usually be able to slide this small flexible bag in with remote ease. While stylish and flexible on the outside, the interior of the bag comes fully lined with multiple organizational pockets for keeping your belongings tidy. This bag features three strong zippers, one for the bags main compartment, another for a deep side pocket, and the third which zips over the telescopic handle. Finally, in-line skate wheels assist with rolling over all hard terrains – including carpet – and they’re more durable as well!

lily bloom duffle bag


Unpacked this suitcase weighs approximately 3.4lbs, easily lighter than almost all other unpacked carry-ons. Now, where lightweight can mean that a bag is made from shoddy cheap materials and therefore durability will suffer, this bag is 3.4lbs and uses a unique polyester-plastic blend that is both strong and styling. Fully packed, you might expect this bag to weigh a little under 30 or 35 pounds – though this depends entirely on what you’re packing. Nonetheless, it should easily meet all national and international weight requirements (typically this is under 50 pounds) and therefore what you initially spend on this bag will be paid back in all the extra fees it helps you avoid! For older frequent fliers this Lily Bloom duffle bag will alleviate strain on your legs and back from lifting into overhead compartments, and when the flight is over it’ll be the easiest bag to get down. As well, any young girl would love to have a lightweight carry-on with their own stylish print that sets them apart.

lily bloom duffle bag


Polyester is easily one of the best-looking materials for any bag but often comes with the drawback of a very low durability. As you might notice, most designer print bags feature polyester materials, which makes these bags more affordable while still classy. What’s most unique about the Lilly Bloom Luggage Designer Suitcase is its environmentally conscious blend of highly durable recycled plastic bottles with minimal polyester elements. This Lily Bloom duffle bag still isn’t made from Nylon or hard-shell polycarbonate, but it is entirely water-proof and quite abrasion resistant. Against hard drops and collisions your belongings will be well protected, and being wheeled through puddles, snow, and rain all your clothes will remain dry and undamaged. The in-line skate wheels made from polyurethane perform much better than spinner wheels and can handle rough city streets and thick carpets. All facets and zippers of the bag appear to be made from strong materials that customers have reported don’t easily snag or break. The one drawback we have seen is that the handle is made from neoprene materials and that it does wriggle once full extended; for the best handles we prefer aluminum materials as they hold up better and last longer. However, with the proper care the overall durability of this bag will hold up against all the regular luggage hassles and airport fiascos.

lily bloom duffle bag


You will know a Lilly Bloom bag when you see it coming toward you in the airport because this brand features colors that are loud and proud! Although, the style of this bag depends mostly on the buyer’s preference! This gorgeous wheeling 14-inch duffel comes in an impressive 18 different print designs, so many that you might be tempted to buy two or three for all your different travels. A very fitting style is the ‘Aquarium Life’ option, reflecting how you’re saving the ocean by buying one of these bags and reusing recycled material. Another of our favorites is the quirky Elephant Rain design which is so unique that you’d never get your luggage mixed up with another person’s. Beyond the prints, these bags have a style all their own, with light brown, black, or dark brown leather stitching around all the seams and around the bridges along each zippered opening. It can be carried as a tote or wheeled around. The inside of the bag has several pockets – one of them zippered – and a colorful full interior lining.

lily bloom duffle bag


This Lily Bloom duffle bag easily classifies as a carry-on and most people wouldn’t check it before security or at their gate. It’s been extensively tested to fit into any overhead compartment – national or international airline compartments – and its overall dimensions are 21 x 10 x 14.5 not counting the telescopic handle extension. When moving through crowds its easily thin enough to snake between people while you’re moving, or it can be carried upright as a tote if an airport is really jampacked like during the holiday season. All in all though, the main perk of this bags size and weight is the fact that it will spare you all those extra airlines fees for oversized and overweight checked luggage.


All Lilly Bloom designer luggage comes with a fantastic five-year manufacturers warranty, which is no surprise because this ecologically friendly company wants you to keep your bag and use it for years to come rather than just throwing it away. If it comes with any manufacturing defects – zippers, interior, exterior, handles, and fabric – make sure you use that warranty to have them either repair or replace the product! And remember, every bottle that you recycle has a chance of becoming a beautiful suitcase one day.

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Stylishly made with 18 different designs crafted from recycled materials

The Lilly Bloom Designer Pattern Wheeled Duffel Carry-On Bag is a great way of buying luggage while also saving the environment. It’s stylishly made with 18 different designs are crafted from recycled plastic materials like plastic bottles from the ocean. With bright, bold, and confident colors, you’ll never get this bag mixed up with another’s and you’ll never lose it in the airport. Best of all, for only a 14-inch carry on, this bag has a massive amount of packing room with additional zippered side pockets and inner organizing pockets.

  • A soft side bag with added durability from recycled plastic materials.
  • Comes in 18 unique print designs.
  • Organizational pockets – two of them zippered, one on the outside and the other on the inside.
  • Easily meets all carry-on requirements for airlines.
  • Handle is made from neoprene rather than high-strength aluminum.
  • Does not incorporate highly durable Nylon materials.
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