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Rockland Luggage is under the umbrella of Fox Luggage, and this company is known for its casual and affordable bags with unique, bold, and fashionable prints. What you can expect with any Rockland bag is a compact stylish statement in a variety of colors with plenty of carry-on storage for your clothes and other belongings. These Rockland Duffle bags are completely functional, organizational, and often quite expandable. Rockland is known for its luggage sets, individual cases, wheeled business cases, and with this rolling duffel a little business with carry-on ease and tons of unique personality. We guarantee that you will find a style of this bag that fits you, and not only will it stand stylishly at your side on all your travels, it’ll help show others around you that you mean business.

Design: 85 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100
rockland duffle bag


Typically, these Rockland duffle bags are seen as stylish business bags and they tend to feature colors and designs which are more feminine, though there are some unisex colors without the bold prints. These bags tend to be a little squatter and wider rather than tall, though they feature the same amount of space as any other 22-inch rolling duffel (with extra room in the way of 4 deep front pockets). For traveling in style, this design uses a soft sided bag with heavy duty polyester construction, and although the bag itself is weaker than many nylon or canvas constructed bags, it offers superior mobility with in-line skate wheels and a retractable hide-away handle. The main compartment features a u-top opening with deep storage (lined for water resistance; no inner pockets) and there are additional organizational pockets on the bags outside. All zippers are secure and made from high-quality materials, additionally an ergonomic shoulder strap is provided and its made from very strong webbing.

rockland duffle bag


With a large u-shaped opening that zippers closed and can be securely locked, this Rockland Duffel Bag opens up to reveal a large central packing space with enough room for around 35-40 liters of belongings (about 2-weeks’ worth of clothes). This large amount of storage space is coupled with 4 large front pockets which give you extra storing room and also an ability to organize and store your smaller belongings, makeups, bathroom stuffs, and other items which might otherwise spill or break. Additionally, these secure zippered pockets are a great location for your on-the-go snacks, devices, and travel papers. Full packed over 90% capacity, this Rockland duffle bag should still easily fit in any overhead compartment, as its materials are very flexible for any space. On the off chance you do check this bag, the storage space includes an inner water-resistant lining, and the outer polyester is very water wicking (though not water proof). For the best storage that still allows for mobility, don’t pack all your heavy stuffs near the wheels, otherwise it has been reported that a bottom-heavy (vertically) bag can cause the wheels to spread apart and the bottom to drag.

rockland duffle bag


For the buyers benefit, this Rockland duffle bag offers four amazing outside pockets alongside its already massive central storage. These pockets are full equipped with dividers for added organization, though some of them just have plain wide opening for extra shirts, room for devices and chargers, or just snacks for the long plane ride. For added mobility and strength over any terrain, this bag features highly durable extra-large in-line skate wheels made from strong polypropylene with extra traction for all conditions (mud, rocks, unpaved streets, etcetera); even more important, both recessed wheels are screwed into the frame of the suitcase rather than riveted, and they will outlast almost all other features of this bag. All zippers are made from heavy duty aluminum and feature stylish metal pull tabs which will assist you with opening your bag in the dark and also keep you from accidentally breaking a zipper while out on your travels. The telescopic handle extends with the push of a button and can be stored in a hide away zippered compartment before putting your suitcase away in any overhead luggage space. This Rockland Duffel Bag utilizes buckled tightening straps for making your suitcase smaller and more compact, as well as dual haul handles which velcro at the center of your luggage.

rockland duffle bag


Unpacked, this Rockland duffle bag weighs approximately 4 pounds; it’s easily the lightest unpacked weight of any rolling duffel that we’ve reviewed. Fully packed it can easily be kept under the maximum imposed weight (for most national and international airlines) of around 50 pounds; it’s unlikely you’ll have to ever check this Rockland Duffel Bag, unless of course the overhead compartments in your plane are mostly full. Of course, the amount of weight you pack does depend entirely on your belongings. For the best distribution of weight – in order to protect your back, legs, and arms while wheeling and carrying and lifting, pack this bag while its laying horizontally (on its back). Start with your heaviest and bulkiest belongings and lay them out evenly (weight-wise) along the bottom of the bag, keeping the heavier weights away from the wheels and closer to the middle of your suitcase; clothes and other lightweight belongings will fit quite snugly on top!

rockland duffle bag


One of the most questionable things about this Rockland duffle bag are its materials and overall durability; this is because it boasts a design of 100% polyester with a 600-denier rating. Now, although 600 is a rather tough rating for a polyester design, this bag will still not be as strong or durable as bags which utilize cotton canvas or polyester materials. For carry-on purposes this bag will do great, and it’s quite resistant against most minor bumps and collisions; for ‘checked bag’ purposes, however, you should not choose this bag. Rough handling and being thrown and banged around while loaded, may cause the polyester designs to rip and fade, or worse: for rough handling to do damage to your belongings. Other than the polyester frame, this Rockland Duffel Bag has highly durable in-line skate wheels that are not only recessed but also screwed into the body of the bag rather than riveted. All zippers are made from durable aluminum materials with equally strong metal pull tabs; the main compartment zippers can be locked together for added security. The hide-away telescopic handle is made from high-quality machined aluminum, and unlike most luggage handles which are the first things to break, this handle may very well outlive other features of your bag. As an added side note, a great 5-year warranty does protect your bag from many of the unlikely damages which might happen to its stylish look while you’re on the move.

rockland duffle bag


You’ll have a hard time finding a larger number of custom prints, colors, and designs that come with any other bag; the Rockland 22-inch rolling duffel bag comes with an impressive 29 unique choices. Not only will you never lose your stylish carry-on, you’ll also never mix it up with a friends or family members (that’s right, you and your loved one can each own on of these bags in a different style). Our favorite styles that we suggest are the business friendly ‘Kensington Black & White’ – which is ideal for any business travel where you want to look professional but still walk in style – and another great choice is black/pink-dot, which we consider one of the cuter and more fashionable designs guaranteed to help you walk tall and stand out in a crowd. Some unisex style options are: camouflage, brown, charcoal, icon, and navy. These are bags which would be perfect for a family on the go, one for each of your kids as well as you and your spouse.


This Rockland duffle bag easily classifies as a carry-on suitcase for almost all national and international airlines – including but not limited to: Jet Blue, American Airlines, United, and SkyWest. Typically, the imposed limit for a carry-on suitcase is between 18 and 22 inches, so this suitcase comes in right at the line; which means that when compartments are full, there is the odd chance attendants may want to check your bag (though this shouldn’t result in extra travel fees). The bags final dimensions are 22 x 12 x 11 inches, with around 35-40 liters of inner packing space (not counting the four extra outer organizational pockets).



Although all Rockland luggage products are under the Fox Luggage company umbrella, they still come with their own unique warranty. For rolling duffels this warranty is a 5-year limited one that will cover all manufacturing errors (though these are rare) that result in rips, broken parts, less storage, or weak materials that result in puncturing or flooding. Contact the distributer to add this warranty to your purchase, and also be aware that you may have to pay shipping costs to get your bag to any Rockland repair center; they’ll typically pay return costs and all costs for repairs and replacements.

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With the airline becoming the number one method of traveling place to place, wheeled duffels have also become one of the top luggage models for quick carry-on ...

8.5 Total Score
Very suitable for business trips or fun!

This Rockland duffel bag is designed for the fashion-conscious individual and is very suitable for business trips or fun filled getaways on your own/with the family. These bags are carry-on sized and will store up to 2 weeks of clothing with ease; 4 added pockets on the side for all your extras. Although the polyester material isn’t suitable for making this your ‘checked bag’ option, the material is very durable for the regular wheeling bumps and impacts while traveling beside you. For the money, added style, increased storage space, this is the smart luggage choice that will give you a constant companion by your side.

  • Comes in 29 different designs; some unisex options available.
  • Durable wheels, zippers, haul handles, and telescopic handle.
  • 22-inch duffel with an extended capacity for all storage; meets all standards for a carry-on bag.
  • 100% polyester; don’t check this bag.
  • Predominantly a fashion bag for women; not for rough travel.
  • Wheels drift apart and bottom sags if weight is not distributed evenly.
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