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If you’re looking for a suitcase set with a style sense that is the epitome of edgy-chic, look no further than the BCBGeneration Amazon set with 3-piece’s that’s designed with the Perf-ECT Pink coloring and print. First though, a little more about the brand in question! BCBGeneration is a women’s style and fashion brand which has continually focused on the advancement of women’s style – particularly the guarded and unique style of their customers – with the promise of innovation that focuses on the next generation. Because of this their dresses, swimwear, accessories, and suitcases have taken on a unique look which is bold, sophisticated, and fresh every single time you get reacquainted with the BCBG vision. Under review today is their Perf-ECT Expandable Softside Set with 3-Piece’s – let’s see if it will hold up to their brand motto “Born in Paris and raised in Los Angeles”, and offer that luggage-necessary blend of bold fashion and travel-worthy functionality.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 97 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
BCBGeneration Amazon


Unlike other BCBG set designs, the style of this set has been limited to three bags with the same textured print and pink colored branding; however, it’s our opinion that just a look at this single design and its stylish features should be enough to get anyone interested in owning this one-of-a-kind spinner set. This BCBGeneration Amazon suitcase set includes three pieces starting with the 21.5-inch carry-on, moving on to the 25.5 inch medium, and finishing with the 29.5 inch large. Together, along with added expandability, these bags represent massive packing space for extended traveling, but also they’re quite ideal for packing on their own for weekend trips with the carry-on or even week-long trips with the medium. Design specifics also include spinner wheels, a telescopic handle, and a rigid aluminum interior for high stability over a variety of surfaces on your way to a variety of destinations.

BCBGeneration Amazon


Compared to some of BCBG’s hardshell options, like their Hardshell 3-Piece set with 7 Style Choices, you can immediately tell that softside bags kill it in the storage department! This set easily offers 20% more packing space (and that’s not even fully expanded). At basic face value the carry-on offers 35 liters (or up to 3 to 4 days of packed clothes; depending on how you pack), while the medium comes in at 69 liters of storage space, with the large suitcase totaling in with 100 liters. Once expanded, however, each suitcase has a potential 2 extra inches of packing room (or up to an additional 2 inches of width) for those necessities you need to take on your journey, or those souvenirs you pick up while you’re traveling. Unlike the compared hardside design, this BCBGeneration Amazon set includes a zippered deep exterior face pocket for all your on-hand items or even travel papers. Interior storage includes a lengthwise zippered pocket for extra organization, a stretch pocket for shoes or other odds and ends, as well as an attach-in toiletry kit with zipper. We can’t help but give this amount of storage space an A+ grade.

BCBGeneration Amazon


Feature specifics for this set include 8 spinner wheels screwed tightly into the suitcase frame – rather than weakly riveted – giving them more durability than many other spinner sets, although spinner wheels are still weaker than in-line skate wheels like the ones used in Samsonite Aspire Xlite Expandable Upright. Additionally, each suitcase is built with an ultra-strong aluminum telescopic handle with a push button, and other handles include dual haul handles on either side of the bag and one handle on top – these make getting your suitcase out of a carousel or down from an overhead compartment much safer and easier without doing damage to your back. Suitcase zippers are self repairing and quite strong, however the pull tab for the expansion zipper is rather limited and designed with very little finger grip – you may want to replace it at some point with a longer pull tab. Otherwise, all other features for this set add to its functionality for a wide range of travel, including the previously mentioned storage benefits of outer and inner pockets, and the watertight full inner lining.

BCBGeneration Amazon


What many softside bags lack in durability they make up for in storage space and suitcase designs which are lightweight and beat those airline imposed weight limits every time. This BCBG set is no exception when it comes to lightweight materials equaling an easy starting empty weight with loads of packing potential, with the carry-on suitcase weighing in at 7.8 pounds unpacked. This is especially important since the carry-on should be the lightest of the bags and most convenient to wheel along beside you at all times – especially when you’re just going on a short getaway or business trip. At its empty weight you should easily be able to pack the carry-on without going over the typical 40-50 pound limit for a carry-on suitcase, additionally this bag should be quite easy and safe to get into the overhead as well as down from the overhead when your flight is over. Next, the medium bag weighs in at 8.9 pounds and the large comes in at 10.1 pounds. These should be pretty easy to keep at or under 50 pounds, however watch how you pack once you’ve expanded your suitcase or if you expand it to fit item’s you’ve picked up on your trip; depending on how you pack, you should be able to negotiate around those pesky extra-weight fees, though you will have to pay for checking two bags when traveling with the whole set.

BCBGeneration Amazon


Though this set of suitcases is on the high side for storage space and on the lowside for the preferred comfort and inexpensiveness of lightweight travel, this set is rather on the lowside when it comes to durability. Each suitcase features a fashion print exterior which is highly fashionable, however the material used is polyester rather than the higher-end softside materials like cotton canvas or nylon. This has the benefit of being stretchier for added packing and lighter for skipping weight-related fees, but its downside is that medium to hard drops and scratches can sometimes do a lot of damage. On the other hand, this suitcase features one of the most durable telescopic handles – made from machined aircraft grade aluminum – as well as haul handles with quality stitching. All eight spinner wheels are made from strong polyurethane for combating tricky urban streets, and the each zipper is self repairing. In other words, this suitcase is designed for the rigors of travel – it’s even tightly water proofed and includes a strong interior lining – and when it comes to the overall polyester material all you need to do is take care not to drop your bag a long distance or accidentally slam it into walls or oncoming traffic, etcetera. Great care can go a long way with a designer bag, and when accidents do happen this brand provides an excellent 5-year warranty for their luggage items. All in all, it’s still a fantastic set, especially when compared to unaffordable bags like the Samsonite Silhouette Xv Softside Spinner which uses nylon for higher durability but then doesn’t even offer extra lightweight expansion or packing space.

BCBGeneration Amazon


Polyester fabrics while not offering as much durability as nylon or cotton canvas are still easily the best bags when it comes to one major thing: fashion. Polyester offers the best material for designs, especially printed designs, and using this material BCBG offers a sensational matching style for each suitcase in this set. BCBG calls the color Perf-ECT Pink, but the print is something all its own with witty little travel phrases in several different language printed boldly in a sexy snaking black font; words include ‘Bon Voyage’ and “Au Revoir’. It’s the perfect print to have on any set of luggage because it encourages you to travel and enjoy the culture and language wherever you are going. Also, it’s just fun to look at. Other style choices include black stitching around the zippers, gold zippers and zipper pulls, along with the embossed BCBGeneration logo plaque in gold at the forefront of your bag.

BCBGeneration Amazon


The final dimensions for this set include a carry-on suitcase at 21.5 X 14 X 9 inches, a medium checked bag at 25.5 X 16.2 X 11.7 inches, and a large checked bag at 29.5 X 18.2 X 12.8 inches. For some national or international flights certain airlines may allow you to carry-on the medium bag at 25-inches; but double check with your airline before passing through security. These dimensions do not include the suitcases fully expanded, but width adjustments feature an additional 2-inches when suitcases are expanded, offering up to 15% more packing space.


All BCBG hardshell luggages is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers any and all manufacturing errors from suitcases dented or scratched during shipping to breakage or damage that are the fault of shoddy materials or design errors – though these are rare. However, the warranty does not cover customer’s negligence or misuse/poor-care of the suitcase which results in damage. For further information consult your distributor before and after buying, or contact BCBGeneration’s warranty center.

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Fantastic luggage set on Amazon!

BCBGeneration’s line of softside suitcases includes a fantastic Amazon set with three unique bags in pink and featuring a stylish one-of-a-kind travel print. True to their brand’s goal of designing luggage for the next generation, these suitcases clearly mark a stylish trend and are likewise just designed for the next generation of travel where prices are high and you need lightweight luggage to keep your airfare as inexpensive as possible. This set includes a carry-on suitcase, checked medium, and checked full – each suitcase is expandable up to 2 additional inches, and when used together the 3 bags offering up to around a month of packing space for clothing and more.

  • Fully expandable for up to 15% more packing space per bag.
  • Ultra-lightweight designs and materials.
  • Spinner wheels for quick travel and rolling in front, behind, and to the side of you.
  • Polyester materials are less durable than cotton canvas or nylon.
  • The zipper pull for the zippered expansion is difficult to grip.
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