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Himawari is a company known for their backpacks – especially their laptop travel packs. This company based out of Malaysia and now with a Hong Kong branch is an expanding brand which is becoming very popular due to their design sense and fashionable craftsmanship. Their particular travel laptop under review offers a very metrosexual design with over 40 different style choices, that’s a lot of personal choice and customization for one backpack. Beyond being at impressed by their style choices though, the remainder of our article is dedicated to looking at the bag and company by giving customers nothing but the facts and with nothing held back. Is Himawari offering the next Laptop backpack for you?

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 85 out of 100
Weight: 85 out of 100
Durability: 80 out of 100


Beyond just a space for your laptop this Himawari Backpack is crafted with multifunctional use that will stand out above all other backpacks; after all, if you’re a school student or business professional, packing your computer is only half of what you need for the day. The other half of what you need is covered by this innovative design which has allowed this backpack to open like a doctor-style bag for the main spacious opening; not only does this offer easier access, but the shape creates more space. The vertical zipper in the back has also been crafted to allow access to the main compartment. Additionally, this bag features little modern conveniences like a USB port for connecting your phone through the backpack to your own personal power bank inside. For diaper bags that open wide like a doctor bag, this Himawari design is a great pick, though for something more compact with a wider opening we suggest something like the Bijoux De Ja Handbag.


This large backpack is large enough to accommodate a 15-inch computer comfortably along with a tablet, glasses, wallet, your keys, a power bank for your phone, with room still for textbooks and A4 sized folders. Upon opening the main compartment features immediate flaps at the back of the pack for your laptop (compartment fitting up to 15 inches) with a kindle/iPad compartment directly in front of it. Next is the main space allowing 15 liters of packing space for all you might need throughout the day. On the front interior of the main compartment is an added zipper compartment for further organization along with two open pockets and a thin mesh side pocket. Exterior storage includes two side flap pockets for you water bottle, glasses case, etcetera; and finally, a front facing zippered pocket with stylish leather pull tab.


Himawari’s design includes all the latest features such as a USB charging port, interior padded pockets for your iPad and Computer, and even watertight exterior side pockets for that dripping umbrella. Other included features are the dual adjustable shoulder straps, attractive full metal hardware, buttoning top haul handles, and additional side opening into the interior. Altogether counting interior and exterior pockets the backpack offers over 10 pockets for exceptional organizational space so that everything has its place in your backpack.


At empty this backpack is heavier than most at the same size, weighing in at 1.4 pounds. This higher weight is due mainly to the materials and hardware, and though its still very lightweight the capacity of the backpack at 16 inches allows a lot of packing which can end up being very heavy. As a personal item or even carry-on item this backpack is still the ideal travel companion and its weight will never be an issue, with its top haul handle it even slips comfortably on top of any wheeled suitcase. The adjustable straps are also included so you can make the slightest changes for handling the most amount of weight throughout your day.


Made from eco-friendly and water-proof canvas, this backpack already looks pretty good on the durability scale. For some context, customers should know that cotton and canvas materials rank around the second highest durability for soft sided backpacks and rucksacks. Canvas bags are much more durable than polyester or simple cotton bags like something from Kah&Kee Backpacks, while the highest durability backpacks are usually made from blends of nylon. Other unique features for this particular Himawari Backpack are its reinforced edges and steel frame which help the bag retain its shape at all times, the padded back panel for more comfortable carrying, and the strong stitched canvas zipper lining and tote handles.


On the current market this Himwari backpack easily has one of the largest selections of unique styles to match your particular tastes for school, travel, or work. At 40 style options it will be a breeze for any buyer to find and purchase the bag style they most like, our favorites from the collection being Burgundy, Grey-Black, and Denim Blue. Know that some select styles also come with a small hanging wallet bag, but also that these particular styles are slightly more expensive. The overall style design of the bag is that it looks similar too and opens like a doctor-style bag, although of course it operates perfectly as a school backpack with all the space you would need for each class textbook.


This backpack measures in at 16 X 11 X 6 inches and therefore has a massive interior capacity for all you might want to fit on a hike or for school. The laptop interior pocket measures 15 inches for a laptop of the same size, and the size of the secondary electronics pocket is large enough for a phone and power bank or your iPad/kindle device.


One major downside is that Himawari does not warranty their products or do returns unless the product arrives at your door in poor condition. However, this company is well known for its durable backpacks and customers very infrequently have complaints about repairs or damages paid out of pocket.

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innovatively designed to open like a doctor-style bag with instant open access to massive internal space

Himawari’s Laptop Bookbags are innovatively designed to open like a doctor-style bag with instant open access to massive internal space with side, back, and front pockets that are crafted to fit your laptop, iPad, wallet, power bank, keys, and more. Save that main interior for textbooks, or just for extra clothing will traveling abroad! These backpacks are also extremely durable, made from eco-friendly abrasion resistant canvas material while is just as waterproof as it is strong. Last but not least, these bags are known for their massive style options (over 40 different colors) making these perfect for personalizing to your tastes.

  • Made from durable eco-friendly canvas.
  • Offers over 40 unique styles.
  • Fit’s up to a 15-inch laptop computer.
  • No listed warranty for their products.
  • No return policy.
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