BCBGMAXAZRIA Luggage Hardside Carry On 20″ Suitcase Review

Paris original BCBGMaxazria is a women’s design company which claims to bridge the gap between aspiration and imitation. They have been bringing the modern woman a classic yet contemporary look for the last thirty years, launching their brand with the catch phrase ‘bon chic, bon genre’, good style, good attitude. They bring a sophistication to women’s apparel which is sadly missing in so many other places, and their designs are the perfect go-to for the fashionable woman moving into the 21st century with a fresh yet cutting-edge look. This same approach translates into their luggage offerings.  Whether a woman is throwing a few things together for a weekend or turning up the heat for a trip to the islands, BCBG has the luggage for you.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 91 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
bcbgmaxazria luggage


This bcbgmaxazria luggage is designed with the hardcore traveler in mind. It has a glossy exterior which resists scratching; an aluminum frame which will endure the stress often put on luggage as it makes its way through plane, train, and automobile; a polycarbonate exterior that can take any abuse you give it and still come up shining; and a jacquard interior lining to keep your things looking as lovely as when you first packed them. Added to all this are the eight spinner wheels which give the case 360-degree maneuverability, and the five-year warrantee it comes with, and you may have found yourself a suitcase to fall in love with which puts all others to shame.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


The spacious interior of this 24-inch case makes room for all of your travel needs. It has a fifty/fifty split opening, with a middle divider to keep everything nice, neat, and organized. The divider itself has a zippered pocket, and there is an extra interior garment bag which fits into one side and also has a zippered top compartment for added storage, and both are made of durable nylon mesh. Storage capacity is about 80 liters, which is very high capacity for a 24-inch size case. You can fit enough in to meet all of your travel needs and also have room for bringing back all those great finds during any adventure you might have.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


The Sunday Spinner features glossy exteriors in either white or black with makes for a very stylish look indeed. The eight wheeled spinner system provides much better stability and durability while maneuvering 360 degrees with the slightest hand pressure. Bcbgmaxazria luggage is also easy to handle due because it is light weight for a hard sided case, due to the polycarbonate material it is made up of. Amazingly enough for a hard-sided piece of luggage with 80 liter capacity, this case has still been rigorously tested to conform to the overhead cabin requirements for most airlines, so you can have the case of your dreams with you and yet not have to go to the trouble of checking it.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


This bcbgmaxazria luggage is very light weight for its 24 inch size: nine pounds. Weight limits for most national and international flights for carry-on items are typically between 30 and 40 pounds, so this is a great case to have if you worry about fitting everything in without going over the limits. And with the top and side haul handles, this case is easy to get in and out of the overhead bins, and also to remove from the luggage carrousels after your flight is over, without putting any strain on your back.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


For a durable case, you cannot go wrong with the hard-sided bcbgmaxazria luggage spinner. It has an aluminum frame which will not bend if it gets thrown about by hasty luggage handlers, and its telescopic aluminum handle which pulls out easily at a touch is easy to use and not flimsy like some other cases. The exterior is made of high-quality polycarbonate, which is durable while still being light-weight, and its impact resistance is very high. The shell on this particular Sunday-spinner has a shiny gloss to it which resists nicks and scratches, and any smudges or dirt wipes off with a damp cloth. The eight wheels are attached with screws so that they will have more durability than if they were attached with rivets, and they will move well through airport traffic and sidewalks, but are not as good as an inline style of wheel as far as wheeling them over urban streets. The polyester interior lining is water tight and will protect your belongings if your case ends up sitting on the tarmac on an uncovered luggage trolley in the rain.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


The BCBGMaxazria Sunday spinner has a very stylish high-end look, sleek and shiny with a raised-ridge texture to it, the look of which is somehow a modern interpretation of classic lines. The eight wheels are two-toned to match the case, the haul handles have a great design, and the sleek TSA lock allows you the safety to protect your luggage without causing issues during security searches. This case has a very sophisticated look, and even those with the most discriminating of tastes will like the look and feel this luggage brings to their travel ensemble. It is a great case for long trips with a great holding capacity for its medium size, but it conveniently fits as a carry-on for all of your weekender needs. Wherever you are traveling to and whatever you are doing during your travels, you will look the part of a stylish seasoned traveler with this case. It comes in black, but our style favorite is the one in Sunday white, which looks great and will never risk getting mixed up with any other luggage.

bcbgmaxazria luggage


At face value this suitcase looks rather bulky, but this has more to do with its protective contouring than anything else, its final measurements come in at 22 x 15.5 x 7 inches and are quite ideal for your next flight. All facets of the bcbgmaxazria luggage have been rigorously tested to meet and even exceed the confines of an overhead bin for close to all national and international flights – though we’re not counting those clunkers you might fly to a remote island somewhere in Polynesia. Dimensions listed here include those of the wheels and telescopic handle, and since this hardside doesn’t include expandability like some brands do – for instance AmazonBasics Vienna Luggage Expandable Suitcase Spinner – you won’t ever have to worry about expanding your suitcase and then not having it fit in the overhead bin. You’d be surprised how many hardcase luggage travelers end up needing to check their 22-inch carry-ons at the gate rather than carrying them straight onto the plane.


BCBGMaxazria offers an excellent 5 Year Warranty on all of their hardshell and softside luggage products, including this Hardside Carry-On. This Warranty offers coverage for all damages that are the result of poor manufacturing quality or subpar materials (though this is unlikely), however coverage does not extend to include airline handling damage to your suitcase or the natural damages which come with age and constant travel. Warranty provides replacements or repairs for either the entire suitcase or parts like zippers or handles which have broken or become stuck, however most shipping costs are left to the customer who must also provide proof of purchase with a receipt.

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The BCBGMaxAzria Sunday Spinner is a great case for a modern woman to take on an overseas trip, but would also make a great choice for any business man. It is smart, chic, and sleek. It has a great look, an 80 liter capacity, it is made of durable high quality materials, and its eight-wheel spin design makes it so you can easily wheel it behind you, to the side of you, or push in front of you when crowds get too big. This is a perfect option for secure and safe travel, with its TSA lock and the added protection of its durability and stress resistance. Over all, BCBGMaxAzria has stayed with their sophistication statement with a suitcase of high style which certainly will help you keep your good attitude during your travels.

  • Luggage comes equipped with a key-locking TSA side lock.
  • Highly durable polypropylene design with unique raised texturing for extra ballistic resistance.
  • Impressive 80-liter capacity.
  • Spinner wheels aren’t nearly as durable as in-line skate wheels made from polyurethane.
  • This suitcase does not offer extra storage space with an expanding zipper.
  • Limited Style Choices.
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