Dejuno Legion 3-pc Hardside Spinner Luggage Set Review

Dejuno is an established travel brand, they manufacture and distribute their own exquisite luggage and if you’ve never taken a hard look at any of their bags there is no better place to start than this Dejuno legion luggage review. Their Legion collection features three stylish hardshell luggage pieces with 5 different one-of-a-kind style options. Additionally, each suitcase is backed by this brands exclusive expertise and trusted product and service excellence in providing the best gear for a travelers needs. Together, the cases in this unique set offer up a specific look at the quality of Dejuno luggage and show what this brand is capable of offering.

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 86 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100


Dejuno’s Legion set features the typical 3-piece design which includes a carry-on item at 20 inches, a medium checked item at 24 inches, and a full large checked item at 28 inches. Not only does each design include a durable exterior, but interior elements feature a thick nylon lining which is both highly water resistant and durable against any penetration from outside or abrasive packed belongings. Each suitcase has been developed on a 360-degree spinner wheel trolley system with a telescopic pull or push handle that lends to excellent and quick travel in any location; especially in a crowded airport. Additionally, this is one of the more secure suitcases and comes with a built in TSA three-digit combination lock, leaving travelers with a sense of security especially when running late to pick up checked luggage from an arrival carousel. These suitcases come with other added benefits such as massive storage space, durable materials, and feature favorites for making travel easier and your belongings more accessible. Other top travel brands and their suitcases, such as the Murtisol 3-Piece Set with Spinner Wheels don’t even compare to Dejuno’s travel advancements.

dejuno legion luggage review


In this Dejuno Legion Luggage review we take a hard look not only at style choices and included features, but the more important aspects of the Legion collection which include durability as well as (more importantly) storage capacity. Considering the size of your luggage is crucial as it will dictate which suitcases can travel with you onto the plane and which will need to be checked, but second to this is the amount each bag can fit for your specific trip; the medium bag at 24 inches can actually be exchanged with the 20 inch bag and used as a carry-on for select flights and with select airlines. At 20 inches the carry-on offers 30 liters of space but no expandability, on one hand this is to your benefit because many times airlines will make you check an expanded bag, on the other hand it does mean limited space if you’re just doing a weekend trip with only your carry-on suitcase. Next in line, the medium bag offers around 65 liters of space and this suitcase is interchangeable as a carry-on for select flights (check with your airline), while the large checked bag comes with 90 liters of packing space. Traveling together this set offers enough space for a 3-4 week trip (just clothing) with room to spare. Other handy storage features include an interior dividing zipper which separates your luggage into two sections, tie-down straps to create more space and keep items secure, a stretch shoe pocket, and a mesh zipper pocket for extra organization. Unfortunately this set does not include an attach-in toiletry kit like the one included with Samsonite’s Omni Hardside Nested Spinner Set.

dejuno legion luggage review


Dejuno is a very detail oriented brand and their luggage reflects that these luggage designers have not only thought of everything but added their own innovations and creative designs to give the luggage the best feel and most usability of any set on the market. Features from their Legion set include crossing tie down straps with an innovative strap design and tightening system, a fully lined interior, and a central zippered divider which can separate clothing from other packed belongings or vice versa. Additionally this interior section includes a stretching shoe pocket and mesh zippered pocket for toiletries or other organization. Exterior feature an 8-wheel spinner design capable of 360-degree motion on all surfaces for rolling your suitcases behind, in front, or to the side of you depending on crowds, limited city streets, or an airlines limited aisle room. Each suitcase comes with a sturdy telescopic handle, strong zippers and zipper pulls, as well as a built-in TSA three-digit combination lock. Both the sides and the top of every suitcase include sturdy bolted-in haul handles for easy and safe removal from luggage carousels and overhead luggage compartments.

dejuno legion luggage review


Each hardshell case in this set is made from ABS materials to keep both the cost and the starting weight lower than your average set. Weighing in at 6.2 pounds is the carry-on suitcase which has been rigorously tested to fit into all national and international overhead airline bins, as well as be easy and safe to take down any time during or after a flight without damaging your back; this suitcase is very lightweight and will skirt right under imposed weight limits for a carry-on so long as you pack smartly – for getting out of a carousel or down from the overhead, this suitcase is equipped with two haul handles specifically for that purpose. The other two bags weigh in at 7.8 pounds for the 24-inch medium and 9.2 pounds for the 28-inch large. When traveling with the 24-inch suitcase as your carry-on, always make sure to keep the packed weight within the typical limited carry-on weight of 30-40 pounds total. When traveling with all three bags both the medium and large will need to be checked before security and one of them will typically count as an ‘extra’ bag and result in an additional fee – when possible this makes traveling with two suitcases from the set your sweet spot because most airline tickets now incorporate fees for airfare and first checked bag.

dejuno legion luggage review


One slight downside to this Dejuno Legion luggage review is that the bags in this set are made from ABS materials – yes, they are lighter and more affordable for the average traveler, but ABS materials are one of the weaker choices when compared to hardshell cases that employ PC film or Polypropylene materials. What this means while you’re traveling is that these cases will scuff and scratch more easily, but breakage and other damage will rarely be a problem so long as you avoid heavy drops or collisions. The unique interior, on the other hand, offers a unique secondary defense against damage, featuring a fully lined nylon interior which will protect your belongings against the rigors of travel while also keeping water out. Other durability measures include tightly screwed spinner wheels made from strong polyurethane, a thin coating of scratch resistant outer PC film, TSA locking zippers, and a durable aluminum push-button handle. Sure, this doesn’t compare with a suitcase like American Tourister’s  Tribus 29-inch Full which only uses polypropylene, but Dejuno’s Legion collection should be ideal for most travel including extended travel, so long as you treat your suitcases with care.

dejuno legion luggage review


One of the main style features is actually added security, and yes to many travelers security greatly adds to the style and flair of a suitcase. This set includes TSA locking zippers and a thick hardshell to deter theft and protect all your belongings no matter where you go; each lock features a triple combination. More importantly, however, are the included style options themselves – of which there are five. Our favorite look is Charcoal as it’s very sleek and business friendly but looks like it could go with you on really any adventure; the other style options include beige, burgundy, coffee, and navy blue. Each suitcase runs smoothly on an 8-wheel spinner system, and the suitcases are designed with a narrow body that’s ideal for swift travel around a crowded airport or busy urban streets. Finally, the interior features Dejuno’s signature lining in durable nylon.

dejuno legion luggage review


The suitcases in this set are traditional sizes for a 3-piece set and measure in as follows with the carry-on at 20″ x 13″ x 9″ inches, the medium checked bag at 24″ x 16″ x 9.5″ inches, and the large checked suitcase sizing in at 28″ x 19″ x 10.5″ inches. Unfortunately these products are not expandable for additional packing space; this is due to their hardshell design feature as well as the company’s goal of producing durable bags which are still lighter than many softside products.


Customers have called this luggage very sturdy and well made, but in the event of manufacturers errors which result in a piece breaking or damage to the suitcase body, Dejuno Luggage guarantees a 5 year warranty for their hardshell luggage from an approved retail vendor – and yes, this does include purchase from Amazon. In the event of any warranty questions simply provide your receipt of purchase, pictures and details of the issue, and contact Dejuno directly on their website.

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Unique Business-Chic Style

The stylist and design team at Dejuno Luggage have outdone themselves when it comes to the innovative design of their Legion Suitcase Collection. The 3-pieces in this collection feature materials and a specific shape that are both durable but also very lightweight, meaning you’ll be much more comfortable skirting around those pesky airline fees, and your luggage will be well protected the entire time. This set comes with 5 unique style options all of which are very business formal and strikingly fashionable wherever you travel. You’ll never mix up these one-of-a-kind suitcases with another traveler’s luggage, and when traveling together all three bags offer over 150 liters of packing space for extended trips away from home.

  • 5 Unique Business-Chic Style Choices
  • ABS materials with a nylon water-tight interior.
  • TSA combination locking zippers.
  • Multiple interior pockets.
  • ABS materials aren’t as durable as PC Film hybrids or Polypropylene.
  • Non-expanding.
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