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The Mia Toro brand was designed in Italy and provides customers in over 42 different countries the experience of high quality luggage, style, and traveling gear. With over 30 years of design and innovation under them, Mia Toro Luggage feature a wide variety of unique styles and single/set collections; they include unique tech and innovation, stylish industrial textures, designer softside options, and amazing one-of-a-kind designer artworks. If a company started doing fashion runways which just focused on their luggage, that company would be a fool not to include Mia Toro. Which is why when reviewing their brand, it’s wise to take a hard look at one of their most popular hardside sets and see what the Toro company has to offer in this Mia Toro luggage review.

Design: 85 out of 100
Storage: 85 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 88 out of 100
Mia Toro luggage review


Typically a standard luggage set is three or more bags – often a carry-on, medium, large, and a handbag or tote personal item. However, many travelers who go this route end up finding that one or more of their luggage pieces tends to be non-essential and never goes traveling with them. Usually this is the largest suitcase, as most travelers can make do with a 20-inch carry-on and close to a 24-inch medium. In Mia Toro’s design they have removed that fear of an unnecessary bag and given customers a two-suitcase set with a 22-inch carry-on and a 29-inch full. Now, for those of you who would feel space limited with just two suitcases, this design also features full expansion zippers. There are over 5 different style choices and each is designed around the casual convenience of multidirectional 360-degree 8-wheel spinner wheels. The body of the design is slim-locking TSA and fantastic to travel with because it’s extremely compact and makes for light lifting into overhead compartments, onto buses, or into the back of a cab. Though, if your cabbie is making you load your own luggage, odds are he isn’t going to be a very friendly driver.

Mia Toro luggage review


Though it might seem storage limiting to get a set with two bags rather than the standard three, with each suitcases added expansion of up to 2 additional inches plenty of added space is given for all your trips, while packing before and after. The 22-inch carry-on comes with a minimum of 40 liters unexpanded with an additional 15% capacity increase when the zippered-expansion is in use, likewise the unexpanded 29-inch full suitcase offers 100 liters of space before being expanded, and when traveling with both of these bags together you get close to 200 liters of space for around a 3-4 week trip depending on how you pack. For just weekenders, such as business trips, the carry-on is ideal for your only suitcase and its expansion allows you to fit clothing for an extra two days in case your business carries on longer than you expected. Other storage bonuses include an interior with a zipper divided bottom and top, as well as one-of-a-kind elastic tie down straps.

Mia Toro luggage review


Both suitcases in this Mia Toro Luggage set feature an industrial textile look which runs smoothly into the 8 spinner wheels – ideal for wheeling your cases behind, to the side, or even in front of you when crowds are thickest. Adding to the wheelability and convenient travelling rollers is an ergonomic handle with a smooth trolley system and a push button extension; additional handles include one top and one side haul handle for easier removal from carousels and overhead compartments without injury to your back. On the inside a fully zippered panel creates a second compartment to keep your possessions organized, while the compression straps and clasp are easy to use and keep your personal items secure during all phases of your travel. Pockets and extra organizational space is fairly limited with this design, and the interior doesn’t include shoe pockets or a clip-in toiletry kit, however many customers prefer the uninterrupted amounts of space that extra features aren’t cluttering.

Mia Toro luggage review


Due to their hardshell design these bags are somewhat heavier than soft bags made from polyester, cotton canvas, or nylon – however, compared to many thick hardshell designs our Mia Toro Luggage review finds that these suitcases are still quite lightweight. Coming in at 5.6 pounds empty the carry-on is the ideal solution for keeping your packed belongings under the weight restrictions most national and international airlines impose for their flights and overhead bins, additionally even when expanded you can keep this well below the 30-40-pound limits with smart and strategic packing. Having the large checked bag at 29-inches also means that clothing you don’t need on hand, along with heavier objects like shoes and books, will fit comfortably in your checked bag with room to spare. The checked bag comes in at 9.4 pounds, meaning you’ve got a little leeway before approaching that 50-pound maximum most airlines impose, so it’s our suggestion you skip airline fees by packing regularly and not expanding this suitcase at first and only do so for the belongings you pick up on your trip.

Mia Toro luggage review


Typically, hardshell suitcases are made from one of three different materials: ABS which is the least durable shell type, Polycarbonate (PC) which is more impact resistant, and Polypropylene which offers perhaps the highest durability. Mia Toro is one of the only brands with hardshell luggage that uses their own unique component called Lightweight Armor Flex Composite, and true to its name this material offers the lightweight nature of Polycarbonate without being rigid, while also providing the added protection of Polypropylene. It’s scratch resistant and rebuffs hard drops and contact with abrasive surfaces quite well, with the only downside being that its still about as expensive as polypropylene suitcases. Other durability features include in this Mia Toro luggage review are the aircraft grade aluminum telescopic handle – which is ideal since handles are typically the first thing to break on a cheaper suitcase – quality long zipper pulls, and spinner wheels made from polyurethane and screwed into the frame of the suitcase rather than weakly riveted.

Mia Toro luggage review


This Mia Toro Luggage original offers an industrial design with unique raised styling that’s shiny and a little bit metallic but still very fashion forward if you’re going for that modern look. Style options available for this suitcase include black, blue, burgundy, brown, silver, and orange. Each suitcase features the embossed Mia Toro logo on the face of the suitcase, and this insignia includes the Italian colors to truly mark your fashion accessory as an original Italian design. Interiors include the watertight signature Mia Toro lining, and a contained split compartment look. All in all, our review finds this bag styling but serious enough for business trips as well as general fashionable travel; these suitcases would be hard to mix up with another travelers, and together they look great and don’t leave you wishing you had a third bag.

Mia Toro luggage review


With no non-essential suitcase, the dimensions of this Mia Toro Luggage set include two main cases, the carry-on measuring in at 22 x 14 x 9 inches and the large suitcase measuring in at 29 x 15 x 9.4 inches. Dimension measurements include the spinner wheels and telescopic handle but do not account for the additional width when a suitcase is expanded 2 extra inches. For the ideal packing solution that won’t overweigh your suitcase to one side, always remember to pack your luggage with the heavier objects on the opposite side of the expander, this way each upright luggage item will wheel behind, in front, or to the side of you without being too heavy where you’ve stretched it wider.


All Mia Toro products come with a 10 Year guaranteed protective warranty no matter where you are in the world, for luggage they cover all repairs in the unlikely event of manufacturing or workmanship defects. However, this warranty does not cover the unfortunate damages that are the result of airline abuse/mishandling, or those of natural wear and tear through rigorous travel. For registering your warranty with Mia Toro, make sure you keep your original receipt of purchase and that you’ve purchased the suitcase from a verified vendor approved by the Mia Toro brand.

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Two sleek suitcases

Influential, innovative and progressive, Mia Toro is reinventing a wholly modern approach to fashion. Under the vision of creative director/CEO Harry Sheikh the House has redefined luxury for the 21st century, especially when it comes down to their Moderno Hardside Collection with two sleek suitcases – a 22-inch carry-on and a 29-inch full – each made from the smartest durable materials and with a unique and fashionable design. Who needs a third suitcase when you can get the same storage space with two suitcases as well as innovative packing interiors and unmatchable durability? Mia Toro outdoes itself with this one-of-a-kind designer 21st century original.

  • Suitcases uses a unique Lightweight Armor Flex Composite.
  • No non-essential third suitcase.
  • 10 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Limited organizational space; not many interior pockets or clip-in toiletry kit.
  • Spinner wheels aren’t as durable over urban city streets as in-line skate wheels.
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