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The Eagle Creek Travel brand has been around for more than 40 years now with the dedicated goal and organization committed to preserving environments, cultures, and the overall planet for future generations to enjoy. Their luggage represents these long-lasting ideals, not only with some of the most ecologically friendly materials used in their bags, but also with structurally durable designs and facets to make luggage last for 30+ years with good care. Theirs is a brand that want you to buy a bag and never need another one again, and they back up this branding with an unmatched lifetime warranty including repairs and replacements due to product failure. This extra-large Rolling Duffel does not only represent sustainable travel and packing, but the commitment of community partnerships and sponsors to deliver sustainable materials and solutions to keep you traveling while adding to the preservation of our earth.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 92 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
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A bag built not only for travel but for rough conditions and adventures, Eagle Creek duffel bag features three separate haul handles made from tough webbing – sown with strategic seam reinforcements along all typical high-stress areas of a duffel – with enough tensile strength to actually tow a small car. This design does not just make for shoulder or vertical chest carrying while out in the wood or climbing a steep incline, it’s also versatile for the airport with a zipper concealed telescopic handle for immediate wheeling on kickstand stow-away wheels. If you’re looking for a design which has though of every travel concern small or large, the Eagle Creek brand hit every mark with their deployment of this high-quality bag. Last but not least, this isn’t your typical 5-year disposable duffel, instead its designed with the most durable materials for the most use and longest life (easily 30+ years). Taken care of, this Eagle Creek duffel bag could easily last you the rest of your traveling life. It’s the correct choice for adventure junkies, campers, fishermen, Olympian athletes, and even the parent who needs plenty of room for packing for all those crazy kids.

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If you think heavy weight, then you’ll be correct about this Eagle Creek duffel bag and what it can handle! This is the convenient choice for a checked bag with all of your belongings tucked inside and has an impressive 128-liter capacity with a front zipper pocket for stashing all your easy-access items and papers. On the outside it has external compression straps to tighten the grip and padded protection around your belongings, and over your shoulder the carry strap is adjustable for handling the weight for any body size.  At 128 liters any traveler can easily meet the 50-pound imposed limit for most national and international checked bags, and then comfortably go over it (so long as you’re ready for those additional charges). This duffel also stores itself with a simple roll and stash ability of compressing and stuffing (wheels included) into an included storage pouch. For college dorms, road trips, and camping, this Eagle Creek duffel bag will not only stash all your gear and books and shoes, but it will keep everything clean and dry during all your travels. Few other bags give you this much storage.

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What looks like a regular travel duffel with a shoulder strap, side handles, and center looped carrying handles is actually also a wheeling duffel for ease in an airport when you’ve got a heavy load packed for your adventure. The wheels are unique in-line skate wheels with extra treading; they are oversized, heavy duty, and come with a durable kick plate that even stores them away. Rolling along this bag can handle any airport or hotel lobby and carpet, while also being capable of unpaved, bumpy, and muddy surfaces. All facets of the handles – one a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, another a no-slip central haul handle, and the third offering side grab handles – are made from strong webbing that will not break on your travels. Included with your purchase is an easy storage stuff bag that your collapsible and folded rolling duffel can actually be stuffed inside of. The telescopic handle and all exterior zippers are made from airplane grade aluminum, and the zippers have the added security of being lockable. As you can clearly see, this Eagle Creek duffel bag is no joke, it’s prepared for everything come sun or rain. Speaking of rain, did we mention it comes with storm flap shields? It does.

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This Eagle Creek duffel is actually a fairly lightweight bag unpacked and would be decent as a checked bag if not for its overlarge size. Unpacked it weighs 4.19lbs with an available interior space of 128 liters for all your packing. That’s enough room to easily meet any airlines checked baggage limit of 50lbs, and if you have to you can go over without stretching the bag or even using up all the extra room it will still have. Keep in mind that any extra weight over 50 pounds will typically result in overage charges while checking your bag! If you’ve really loaded your bag consider only wheeling it so as not to damage your shoulders or back. When getting this duffel out of the luggage conveyer, haul it off using the side handles.

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The Eagle Creek duffel bag exterior is made with Bi-Tech fabric that not only gives you added abrasion resistance but also added weatherproofing. All seams are designed with extra seam reinforcement in all the high-stress areas, with all the side, central, and shoulder hauling handles made from hearty webbing. Exterior zippers are made from aircraft grade aluminum – one of the strongest choices for both zippers and handles – and they are all lockable for peace of mind. Additional durability comes from this duffels water repellent fabric that will protect you belongings on a rafting trip, during a monsoon or heavy snow, and are attached with an included storm flap shield for even more protection. The handle is made from airplane grade material and also easily stores away into a zippered compartment; stow-away wheels also have a compartment of their own and are made from polyurethane with added treading. One of the only drawbacks we can see are that the wheels are riveted to the kickstand, rather than screwed tightly into place, though this is the only noticeable flaw in this otherwise insanely durable duffel.

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The style of this Eagle Creek duffel bag is that of a rugged and outdoorsy duffel. It’s not really the choice if you’re looking to move fashionably through the airport and the streets. For the mountains, deep woods, and other back country trips this duffel will lend you the durability and low-key adventurer look. It comes in three styles: slate blue, red clay, and black. If you’ve got friends or family who are retired or even active soldiers, this is the kind of bag they would love. Eagle Creeks brand represents a style that’s hardy, long-lasting, abrasion resistant, and practical for hard environments and even harder traveling.


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This is an extra-large bag that will easily fit your instruments, sporting gear, rock climbing gear, as well as your clothes and thick jackets. Its full dimensions are 36 x 14 x 15 inches, giving you around 128 liters of packing space. In any airport this will classify as a checked bag because of its large size, therefore make sure you check it before security so as to avoid additional fees you might have to pay from checking your bag at the gate.


Customers who purchase all their luggage through Eagle Creek do so for two reasons: durable sustainability and the ‘No Matter What Warranty’. This unique warranty includes a lifetime warranty on your bag guaranteed for all repairs and replacements that are the fault of product failure during a products lifetime, regardless of the cause. This brand doesn’t want you to use your bag until it rips and then have you throw it away, instead they want you to send it in for free repair and an extended life. In their own way Eagle Creek is trying to save the world one bag at a time, hoping that their customers never need to buy or waste luggage ever again.

eagle creek duffel

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Duffel bag that is made to last!

The Eagle Creek Travel Gear X-Large Rolling Duffel is designed with all of their brand signature high-quality features and durable materials. This is a bag which is specifically made to last you the next 30+ years of your life, and even includes a warranty that will cover all lifetime repairs regardless of what caused the damage. To make things clearer, this is guaranteed to be the rolling duffel that will permanently end your need for any other luggage.

  • Four methods of portability: side haul handles, a telescopic wheeling handle, one adjustable shoulder strap, and a reinforced center hauling handle.
  • Bi-tech waterproof material with added storm shield flaps.
  • Bi-tech extra durable material for hard environments.
  • Kickstand wheels with extra treading.
  • Lifetime repair and replacement warranty regardless of what caused the damage.
  • Wheels are riveted to the kickstand rather than screwed.
  • Not a carry-on bag; must be checked.
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