Lucas 22-inch Printed Rolling Duffel Carry-On Bag Reviews

In regards to luggage, Lucas bags are an American staple, famous for their ultra-lightweight designs coupled with durable materials both inside and out. This rolling duffel is no exception, as you’ll see in our review. For your carry-on needs, this model doesn’t just give you basic packing space on wheels, but also a stylish look, an ergonomic handle, side compartments with quick access, and so much more for your dollar! This is a great bag for any traveler always on the move, and like faithful pet will get you from point A to point B on all your many adventures and stops. You won’t even need to give it a treat!

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
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This Lucas bag is designed as a rolling duffel ideal for overhead compartments in really any sized airplane. It’s not only functional up in the air however, after you exit your gate this suitcase pairs rolling in-line wheels with an extendable handle for a bag with the perfect balance between style and comfort. You’ll notice right away the speed it lends to your short runs between connecting flights, because not only is it designed to be naturally lightweight, but it’s compact enough to be flexible in between other moving traffic (i.e. those other running people with their own bags). Additionally, this lightweight construction is purposefully designed to help you avoid those extra airline fees, and to allow you bag squeezing room into those nearly full overhead compartments. Finally, just at a first glance, this bag features a stylish polyester print with added water resistance while waiting out in the rain for a cab.


Your average amount of storage for any carry-on suitcase can be expected with this Lucas bag. While it does have a fair amount of space in its large central compartment, the soft construction has a firmer hold and therefore the bags capacity isn’t very expandable. It main holding space feature around 35-40 liters of space (that’s about 3-4 days’ worth of clothes); emptied, this bag is easily collapsible for simple storage in your home, at a hotel, or even in a small box. Additional room can be found in the long zippered exterior side pocket, and it’s also a great location for your travel papers and snacks while on the go. Unfortunately, there are no interior pockets, so be careful what loose items you pack and avoid any which might spill and stain or otherwise end up breaking.

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Besides the stylish outer print, this bag features the Lucas standard black and yellow colors in the logo and around the zippers. There are three zippers, one for the long side pocket, another for the main compartment, and the third to uncover the telescopic handle; all zippers are reinforced with the pull-padding around their frames, ensuring you wont easily break them as you tug. The handle itself is made from high quality aluminum and sprayed black for added style, it’s ergonomically built but the main perk here is that aluminum is one of the stronger materials used in handle design and you can rest assured that this feature will neither break nor bend while in use. When done wheeling around, the handle can be pushed back into the suitcase with the touch of a button and then zipped over to keep it from accidentally poking out. Again, there are no interior pockets, but the zippered side area provides plenty of room to fit a phone, Ipad, and even a laptop computer. While wheeling around the in-line skate wheels perform much better on rough surfaces than spin wheels, and are made from extra strong polyurethane. These wheels will also allow your bag to stand vertically without falling over while you’re pausing for a drink of water or waiting in line.


How many times can we say lightweight? Unpacked, this Lucas bag weighs 4lbs, and at this size can even be folded for easy storage. It’s made from very light polyester materials and designed specifically to avoid airline fees and back pain while lifting and placing it in those pesky overhead compartments. Fully packed it should only weight around 40lbs, depending on the weight of your belongings, which means it should easily meet the common 50lb limit airlines place over carry-on luggage. This only works, however, if you try to avoid packing really heavy gear in this carry-on, so maybe reserve checked luggage for ski equipment, sporting gear, and other bulky items. Also keep in mind that this bag isn’t expandable, so don’t try overpacking it or you might break the zipper seams.

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Unfortunately, this Lucas bag is less durable than suitcases which utilize aluminum or nylon materials for their frames. Against minor drop damage and small collisions (such as bumping around and shifting during the flight) it will hold perfectly well, but be careful of major abrasions and packing sharp objects. This bag also doesn’t have any interior pockets for holding your sharp or breakable belongings, and although it has an inner lining which will repel most outer water, it won’t sop up any spills from leaky bathroom stuffs. However, the in-line skate wheels are easily more durable than spin-wheels and they can handle rough surfaces and even carpet. Both the side-carry handles, sown strongly into the seams, and the telescopic aluminum handle can hold up against any damage and will last a very long time without breaking, ripping, or bending. All zippers for this bag will also withstand the regular hassles of breaking or bending, and it’s extremely unlikely that they’ll snag or stick while in use. Finally, this bag will resist most any water (while walking in the rain or quickly wheeling it through a puddle) but it is not water-proof, although since it’s a carry-on it really won’t ever be sitting outside on an uncovered luggage trolley, instead you’ll have it everywhere you go!



Lucas designed this bag for carrying – with two black handles sown into the bags’ seams – as well as rolling with a handle extension. It’s a duffel bag design with a fair amount of available space compared to most carry-on designs. The bags outer style is what makes it so fun and fashionable, with excellent prints that keep you styling along and make you stand tall in a crowd. Additionally, this bags very flexible structure allows you to get in and out of crowds without any trouble. Depending on the print, with an array of sophisticated looks this bag will easily suit the young entrepreneur, or be chosen with a fancy or glitzy look for any fashionista.

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No need to check it before security, this Lucas bag easily classifies as a carry-on bag and won’t cost you any extra fees at the gate (so long as its generally packed lighter than 50 pounds). This bags’ exact dimensions are 22 x 14 x 10 inches, which is about 35-40 liters of packing space. It’s been tested to fit into nearly all the compartments of national and international airlines while also meeting size and weight requirements. So, if you’re riding American Airlines, United, Jet Blue, etcetera, there will be no added hassle and no stress from extra fees.


As with most Lucas luggage, this 22-inch rolling duffel is covered by a fantastic 5-year manufacturers warranty. It should cover you in the event of any loading damage, defects you spot upon delivery, and will cover any repairs to the exterior of the luggage.

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With the airline becoming the number one method of traveling place to place, wheeled duffels have also become one of the top luggage models for quick carry-on ...

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This is the choice for the light-packing traveler

The Lucas 22-inch Printed Rolling Duffel Carry-On provides plenty of lightweight space and in-line wheels for portability to keep up with any pace. It’s stylish and sophisticated with extra quick-access room from a lengthy zippered side pocket, and the central space provides plenty of packing room for a 3 to 4-day trip with no checked bag needed! This is the choice for the light-packing traveler always on the move and trying to avoid those pesky extra fees.

  • This luggage is very water-resistant with outside fabric that’s easy to clean.
  • Typically, it comes in a large range of colors and prints.
  • With added padding for a better grip and easier pull, the zippers are quite durable.
  • Two side handles make for easy carrying with an extra top telescopic handle for wheeling.
  • Polyester fabric isn’t nearly as durable as bags which feature Nylon materials.
  • This bags interior lacks a divider or even interior pockets.
  • Currently on Amazon only one print design appears to be available.
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