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From London Fog comes their latest Langley 29 inch expandable spinner suitcase. It has been constructed using a lightweight chassis, along with a polyester blend fabric, to ensure that not only is it strong and durable, it is lightweight and easy to use. On first glance, the Langley upright spinner suitcase looks smart and sophisticated, hailing from the high-end business district in London, yet is packed full of features and functionality that will help you enjoy your vacation from the moment you start packing. With a stylish pattern on the front of the suitcase, as well as a convenient and easy to use design; it will be ideal for your up and coming getaway. Get the complete London Fog luggage Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 93 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 93 out of 100
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The London Fog Luggage Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner has been made with weight and durability at the forefront of the designers’ mind. Constructed from a lightweight ballistic material, it is not only low in weight but will be able to withstand the rough handling from airport staff. The frame is made from an aluminum hollow tube, along with reinforced back plates which add to the durability and stability of the suitcase without adding too much weight. There are many pockets and storage options, in this case, giving you the ability to organize your suitcase effectively, ensuring that it is easy to pack and unpack, while also having quick access to any items that you may need. The suitcase has been designed to make travel easier, quicker, and stress-free, and the London Fog Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner goes some way to making that happen.

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One of the key features of the London Fog Luggage Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner is that there are many interior and exterior storage options, making it easier for you to travel. On the exterior, you will find two front zip pockets, one large pocket towards the bottom of the suitcase, along with one small pocket placed just on top of that. The exterior pockets are ideal for placing any travel documents or travel essentials that you require quick access to, as they are easy to open and close without having to open up the case. As opposed to the Samsonite Victory 2 Piece Nested Softside Set which has only one interior pocket, the Langley suitcase comes with integrated shoe pockets, along with 3 zippered storage pockets, ideal for storing any loose items or valuables. You will also find a large spacious main compartment where you can store your clothing and main items, along with an x-strap which will keep all of it in place. If you are running out of space, do not worry, as the suitcase comes with the ability to expand a further two inches, giving you that essential extra storage capacity when you need it most.

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The London Fog luggage Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner comes packed with some of the features that you have come to expect in modern-day luggage. You will find top, side, and bottom carry handles which allow you to easily pick up and lift the suitcase without having to strain or look for where to grip the case. To make travel easier, London Fog has placed 8,360-degree spinner wheels on the bottom of the suitcase, allowing you to easily weave in and out of people in the airport terminal without breaking a sweat, no matter how much you pack in it. One of the main wear and tear points for a suitcase is the zippers, and this has been addressed by using ergonomic signature zipper pulls on self-repairing nylon zippers, making sure that they will last a long time and are very easy to use. If you are frantically looking for additional storage capacity in this large suitcase do not worry, as the case can be expanded a further two inches giving you that sought-after storage space that normally comes with a premium price. One additional feature that this case has is the rear ID pocket, where you are able to place your name and address, so you can be sure that you have picked up the correct suitcase when waiting at the luggage carousel.

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The London Fog Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner weighs in at a very lightweight 8.9 lbs, which is much lighter than the large suitcase in the Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set, although it does not contain as many features. The Langley suitcase is ideal for those who are looking for a suitcase with fewer features yet is low in weight, giving you that extra couple of lbs in order to pack more of what matters to you, all without having to worry about the weight restrictions imposed by your airline carrier.

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One of the main focuses for the designers of this suitcase is that it is durable and long-lasting, and that is backed up by the limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This can be seen by using some of the most hard-wearing materials available, such as the ballistic polyester material, as well as the aluminum frame. London Fog has decided to look at the stress and strain points of modern luggage and has decided to add additional features to improve durability such as the self-mending nylon zippers, and the reinforced back panel which adds strength and durability. It is worth noting that previous buyers have noticed very little wrong with the construction of this suitcase and as such, you can have the confidence that it will be with you every step of the way for many years to come.

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The London Fog luggage 29″ Expandable Spinner comes in two colors, black and Bordeaux. Both are smart, sophisticated and stylish, yet are not as fun and funky as the American Tourister Ilite Max Softside Spinner 29 which comes in multiple colors. That being said, the suitcase will be suitable for both business and leisure trips, with the weave accent on the front of the suitcase adding a touch of class.

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The Langley 29 inch expandable spinner suitcase measures in at 29 x 19 x 12 inches, as well as having the ability to expand a further two inches. It is worth noting that these measurements do not include the wheels or handles, and therefore you should take this into consideration if you are looking for it to fit in a tight trunk or store in a small closet.


The London Fog Langley 29″ Expandable Spinner comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. This covers the suitcase in case of any manufacturing or material defects, although it will not cover any damage from wear and tear, misuse, or mishandling. The limited lifetime warranty is a rare find in the suitcase world, and gives you the confidence that London Fog believes in their suitcase so why shouldn’t you?

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Simple but versatile 29-inch suitcase

The London Fog Langley 29" Expandable Spinner is a well-made, highly durable, and lightweight suitcase which is ideal for those who are looking for a simple but versatile 29-inch suitcase. It can be used for all different types of trips and will continue to look sophisticated no matter what. With a limited lifetime warranty, along with a little bit of love and care, your suitcase will be good to go for many years to come.

  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Self-mending zippers
  • Only available in two colors
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