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The Merax Travelhouse 3-piece luggage set is made from a company with over 10 years experience in the travel luggage market. Their aim is to create a brand that specializes in day-to-day items for its customers. Given their brand aim and the fact that this 3-piece set is a relatively low-cost option in the current market, it should be durable, fashionable and full of features for their target audience. All three of the suitcases are expandable, allowing you to pack a few extra items on your return home. They all come with an integrated combination lock, giving you the peace of mind that your baggage is secure when either stowed in the overhead lockers, or checked in. Made from lightweight ABS, and featuring 4 spinner wheels, it should be a breeze to navigate the hustle and bustle of the airport. Get the complete review of the Merax Travelhouse Luggage 3-piece set in detail from every aspect:

Design 80 out of 100
Storage 85 out of 100
Weight 85 out of 100
Durability 80 out of 100
merax luggage reviews


The design of the Merax Travelhouse luggage set is one that initially seems like every other hard-sided suitcase. It is the iconic upright box shape, with a glossy finish, which has been known to stay even after a couple of trips through the airport baggage system. It is available in a wide range of colors, ensuring that you find one that suits your own personal style. Each of the three suitcases comes equipped with four-spinner wheels, which allow you to move the luggage with just the slightest touch of a finger. The wheels are smooth and silent, so no longer do you have to be the person with the loudest luggage at the airport. Each of the Merax Travelhouse suitcases are expandable, which gives you 25% more packing space, perfect for people who love bringing back souvenirs. When not in use, the three suitcases will fit inside one another, allowing you to easily store them away.

merax luggage reviews


The carry-on comes with a capacity of 42 liters, the medium 74 liters and the large 119 liters, which is great considering the weight. If you need that extra space, then the expander will give you it, allowing you to get more of your items packed in without straining the zips! One of the great things about these Merax Travelhouse suitcases is that the telescopic handle has its own storage space, meaning it will not take up part of your internal storage. This will allow your clothes to stay crease-free as no longer will you have to pack around the obtrusive handles. Inside the Merax Travelhouse suitcase, you will find a classic 50/50 split. In one side of the suitcase you have a mesh lined zip pocket, which will let you organize your contents, ideal for keeping your dirty laundry away from your clean clothes. On the other side of the suitcase you will find an x-strap, which helps keep your clothes tidy, organized and in place during your flight.

merax luggage reviews


The Merax Travelhouse 3 piece luggage set comes with some cool features. The telescopic handle that does not eat into your space is a great addition when needing to pack more. That coupled with the expander will be perfect for those who always need more space. It should be noted that the integrated combination lock is not TSA approved, although if you would like to add a TSA-approved lock, you can do so by using the zipper. The four multi-directional wheels, along with the aluminium telescopic handle will allow you to navigate the airport with no worries at all. The telescopic handle has been known to feel slightly flimsy when in use, although no reports state that it fails easily, it is worth knowing in case you need to use it to lean on or put under stress.

merax luggage reviews


The Merax Travelhouse carry-on weighs in at 5.8 lbs, which is rather lightweight for a hard-sided suitcase. If you are worried about weight, then an ultra-lightweight or soft-sided suitcase is all that weighs in less than this. The medium suitcase weighs in at 8.1 lbs, and the large suitcase weighing in at 9.7 lbs. All these are lightweight for the size, which is great for those who are normally on the edge of the weight allowance.

merax luggage reviews


Being made from ABS and PC, the hard-sided suitcases are more durable than the equivalent soft-sided alternatives. It has not been known to mark or scratch easily when being roughly handed, which is a massive positive, as your suitcases will look newer for longer. There have been reports from customers that the handle is rather flimsy and has broken in the past. Same with the zipper, it has been reported that the zipper has failed, with the customer’s clothing and belonging being thrown on to the airport floor. The wheels, however, are strong, sturdy and reliable, which is a bonus as when a wheel breaks in the middle of your journey, it is very inconvenient having to struggle with your luggage for the remainder.

merax luggage reviews


Available in a multitude of colors, you should be able to find one that attracts your attention and makes you want it. The design is rather standard for hard-sided luggage, so you will not be getting any jealous looks when waiting for your ride. If you want a luggage set that blends in with the rest, get the black one and you will not be disappointed.

Merax Travelhouse Luggage Review Size


The satchel measures in at 18 x 12 x 10 inches, so it could possibly slide under the seat in front of you if it is not packed too much. The carry-on measures in at 21.5 x 14 x 9 inches, making it on the cusp of whether it will fit in the size requirements imposed by most domestic and international airline carriers. It would be best to check before attempting to travel with it as your designated cabin luggage. The medium suitcase measures in at 25.5 x 16.2 x 11.7 inches, and the large at 29.5 x 18.2 x 12.8 inches. These are spacious suitcases, which will fit inside one another to make storage easy and simple.


The Merax Travelhouse Luggage comes with a 5-year worldwide warranty, it is a reasonable length of time for the price that you pay. Although how easy it is to claim on the warranty is yet to be said.

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8.3 Total Score
Lightweight expandable option for different sizes!

If you are looking for a luggage set to give you different size options when traveling abroad, yet you do not want to invest in a durable, reliable luggage set then this may be right for you. It will last you a few trips, or it may start breaking apart on your first, it seems like a gamble and a decision that you need to make.

  • Bright colors
  • 5-year warranty
  • Expandable
  • Does not show scratches easily
  • Very lightweight
  • ABS material is inferior to polycarbonate
  • Not TSA-approved lock
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