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Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set Review

The Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set offers a shiny, fashionable, durable luggage which has been constructed from a lightweight polycarbonate material. You can tell straight away it has been designed by the American fashion designer Nicole Miller due to its fun and attractive design, with shiny shell finish. You are able to travel in style, no matter which one of the three suitcases you decide to use. Get ready to be inundated with compliments on how fashionable your luggage is, as it stands out from the dull and dreary baggage normally found inside the airport terminal. Featuring the new, updated, 8 spinner wheels, you will now be able to go even faster and smoother through the bustling airport and city streets. Get the complete Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
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The Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set has been designed with fashion and durability in mind, it is no coincidence that this set is desired by many who lay their eyes upon it. Coming in eight different rainbow-style designs, you will be sure to find one that expresses the way you feel. The four spinner wheels found on the bottom of the suitcase are doubled up, giving eight 360-degree wheels to give you complete effortless mobility. The push button telescopic handle will lock into place, allowing you to push or pull this suitcase with relative ease. The shell has been made out of durable, strong polycarbonate, ensuring that your items are well protected throughout the journey. As Nicole Miller Rainbow luggage set is a hard-sided suitcase you will not find exterior pockets, giving it a smoother, sleeker finish to it. On the inside, you get multiple pockets to effectively organize your clothes and travel items.

nicole miller luggage sets


All three of the suitcases in the Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage, have no exterior pockets. This will make storing travel documents and on-the-go items a bit more difficult as you will need to open up the main compartment of the suitcase in order to access any of the items stored inside. However, once inside, you will be greeted with a spacious interior. On the inside of the lid, you will find a mesh zip lined pocket, although it does not contain extra smaller pockets like the Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set has. Here you will be able to store your loose items and anything that may mess up your clothes on the other side. In the main compartment, you will be able to neatly store the main bulk of your clothing. It will be held in place by an x-strap, which makes sure that your clothes arrive at the destination without any additional creasing or ironing needed. Your traveling is made easier when your luggage is organized.

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The Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set is packed full of useful features, all of which you have come to expect on modern hard-sided luggage. The standout feature is the 8-spinner wheels on the bottom of each suitcase, which allows for easier navigation even on rougher terrain. The push button telescopic handle will lock into place in three different positions, allowing you to select the height that is right for you. Although you have only one pocket in each suitcase, it does give you the basic amount of organization needed in your suitcase to have peace of mind. Its main function is to get your items to its destination unharmed, and this is what the suitcase performs well at doing. Being designed by Nicole Miller, one of the major features is the look and design of the suitcases. They are fashionable, fun and friendly to the eye, making them desirable to many onlookers.

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Due to the construction, materials used, and the features that Nicole Miller Rainbow luggage set has, it is not as lightweight as it could be. The carry-on weighs in at 9 lbs, which is considerably heavier than the fashionable carry on in the Lily Bloom Furry Friends 4-Piece Collection. The medium suitcase weighs in at 10 lbs and the large at 12 lbs. The bigger suitcase mitigates the weight better than the carry-on does, although it is understandable, as it does contain many more wheels than most other cabin luggage. If you are conscious of the weight allowance that your airline carrier imposes, then make sure you weigh the suitcases with the contents and check that it is under the weight limit.

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The suitcase itself is strong and durable, being made from a lightweight polycarbonate material it will protect your belonging and not crack under stress. It has been known to scratch easily when being handled aggressively, so be prepared for a few scratches to appear once it gets in the hands of the airport baggage handlers. Due to the design and shiny, smooth finish to the suitcases, they will show up scratches easily. If you are conscious about the scratches then opt for the Steve Madden Luggage 3 Piece Hard Case Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels, which due to its design will hide the scratches better. Previous customers have noted that the zip can be troublesome to use and break once you have overpacked the suitcase. Be aware of how much you pack into this set, as you do not want to overpack and break the zipper, as once that goes your suitcase is rendered useless. Other than that, Nicole Miller Rainbow luggage set are durable, the handles well made, and the wheels work perfectly.

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The style is probably the number one features of these suitcases. Being designed by Nicole Miller, a New York-based fashion designer, you are sure to get an attractive and beautifully designed luggage set. Available in eight different designs, all paying homage to the rainbow collection, you will be dazzled by the colorful display of whichever one you choose. Whether you would like to go for the different shades of blue, which is somewhat subtle, or, you want to be out there with a vivid colorful rainbow, you can pick the right color and design for you. Trust me on this one, you will be complimented on your stylish luggage every time you are using it, but be careful with it as you will not want it to get scratched.


The carry-on measures in at 20 x 13.5 x 9 inches, which is just within the regulations for cabin luggage for most airline carriers. As it is hard-sided, it will not expand when overpacked, giving you the peace of mind that it should still fit as cabin luggage no matter how much you manage to pack inside. The medium 8 wheel spinner measures at 24 x 16 x 10 inches, and the large 8 wheel spinner at 28 x 19.5 x 11.5 inches. They are spacious suitcases that will be able to carry a significant amount of luggage inside. Although none of them are expandable, you will be able to squeeze enough in and still be sure it will fit in the trunk of your car, or the overhead locker.


The Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set comes with a 5-year warranty, it is a worldwide guarantee that your luggage will be free of manufacturing defects for a period of five full years from the date of the original purchase. Although, this guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect of the product, or damage by a carrier.

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The Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set is a stylish, modern, and fashionable three-piece luggage set. It comes with the latest 8-spinner wheel technology, ensuring that you are able to travel effortlessly with your trusted travel companion. Although there have been instances of the zip breaking if it is a manufacturing defect, you will be able to get it replaced easily by the manufacturer on the long-term warranty. Travel in style with the Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set.

  • Heavy
  • Zips known to fail
  • Stylish
  • Many designs
  • 8-spinner wheels
  • Long warranty
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Nicole Miller Rainbow Hard-Sided 3-Piece Spinner Set
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