Nicole Miller Paige 4-Piece Luggage Set Review

Nicole Miller’s Paige Collection features 4 strikingly business-forward bags with a sophisticated fashion sense that matches the brand’s familiar sexy yet classic attitude. This womenswear company first started from a single shop on Madison Avenue in 1986, it has since grown to encompass 20 boutiques and produce fantastic luggage as well as fantastic clothes for their own stores as well as larger brands like J.C. Penny. Credited for popularizing many futuristic fabrics and modern feminine looks, you can expect any Nicole Miller bag to give you that classy sense of self wherever your travels might take you. This collection in particular catches the eye and makes any traveler curious about just how far around the world they could go with all bags packed. Of course, there’s no sense in buying yet, not until you know all the information:

Design: 97 out of 100
Storage: 97 out of 100
Weight: 99 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
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Every bag in the Paige collection screams sophistication, so much so that we guarantee the designers at Nicole Miller were thinking of the professional woman when they planned these suitcases. Made from a cotton canvas material, each bag is impressively light weight and great for quick business travel with extra stretch for additional packing space. Perhaps not suitable for all the rigors of travel like hard-sided or nylon bags are, this collection still has a moderate amount of durability and its quite water resistant. At just a glance this collection includes three travel suitcases – carry-on, medium, and large – as well as a tote; all upright bags include two exterior pockets (one which is recessed and shallow). Beneath the surface this design includes interior organizational pockets which are not only water-tight but also feature the signature Nicole Miller interior with high quality lining material and a tie-down strap for your belongings.


For your storage convenience this collection features matching suitcases with a 28-inch large size comfortable enough for most travels up to 1½ weeks (depending on how you pack), a 24-inch medium which can be substituted as a carry-on for some national and international flights, and a 20-inch carry-on which has been rigorously tested to meet the requirements of airplane overhead storage bins. Each of these bags include a zippered expansion for up to 2 inches of additional packing space, around 15% more space than your average soft-side suitcase. For the 28-inch bag fully expanded, that’s a capacity of around 90 liters packing space. For extra organization the exterior of the suitcase includes two zippered pockets, the top pocket being the deepest and fitting up to two sweaters or two shirts and a pair of pants. Interior storage space includes a mesh zippered pocket for cosmetics and toiletries, and a stretch pocket for shoes or just extra organization. Unlike the 28-inch suitcase from the Nicole Miller New York Expandable Luggage Spinner Collection, none of the bags in the Paige Collection include a plastic attach-in cosmetic kit, however the Paige collection does come with a handy 17-inch tote bag offering extra storage space in the form of a personal item.

nicole miller luggage


Every suitcase in the Paige collection comes with 4 spinner wheels integrated with screws into the main frame of the suitcase, making them much more durable than riveted spinners and equally more dependable on rough terrains like cobbled streets. Additionally, for easy-traveling purposes all Nicole Miller luggage includes telescopic push button handles along with side haul handles to assist with pulling them from luggage carousels and overhead bins. Likewise, the tote bag includes two velcro haul handles or a long strap for carrying it sidelong. Each of the three suitcases include a central zipper for the main compartment along with a zippered expansion for up to 15% more packing space; interiors include tie down straps, a zippered mesh pocket, and a stretch pocket for shoes. All interiors are fully lined and watertight; however, they do not include a middle zippered-divider for extra orderliness. Finally, design features offer extra durable stitching along with the stitched in Nicole Miller brand logo which shows everyone you meet that your bag is one-of-a-kind from a trusted fashion genius.


Lightweight cotton canvas materials allow you to beat those pesky airline weight limits when you own bags from the Paige collection, however watch out for those zippered expansions and how much you pack, because it’s still possible to just go over your limit and pay more in travel costs. The medium bag at 24-inches weighs in at 8.2 pounds unpacked, giving you leeway of around 30 pounds if you’re using it as a carry-on and 40 pounds if its traveling as your checked bag. Our advice, pack medium-light for your trip without using the expanders until on your way home, then you can further expand the bag to fit anything you pick up on your travels. For weekend excursions and quick business meetings nothing beats the carry-on size which weighs in around 5 pounds unpacked, fits all the carry-on requirements for national and international flights, and pairs stylishly with the tote bag which can be tucked under your seat. When the flight is over, the carry-on bag is so light that not even old age will keep you from comfortably lowering it from above your head, though still too heavy to carry with the haul handle and better rolled through the airport. The largest suitcase at 28-inches must be checked before security as this bag weighs in (unpacked) at 12.1 pounds.

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For lightweight collections there is often going to be trade off which lowers the durability of the suitcase to decrease the weight of the bag, this is the case with the Nicole Miller Paige collection. These suitcases are made from cotton canvas materials with a low denier rating, meaning they’re much more durable than polyester bags, however fairly weak compared to most other cotton canvas designs. General travel in highly populated areas with smooth roads and casual traveling will be best for these bags, even some medium bumps and drops won’t be a bother; however, harsher conditions are more likely to scratch the material or cause small tears. Sitting outside on an uncovered trolley in the rain, the material is quite dense and therefore water resistant, additionally it includes an extra strong water-wicking lined interior so water damage shouldn’t be much of a concern. All four spinner wheels are screwed into the frame of the suitcase rather than riveted, making them extra durable for harder conditions, however they are somewhat weaker than in-set skate wheels. For the suitcases all zippers are extremely durable and self-repairing, they also include strong metal pull tabs which have the bonus of being extra stylish; however, customers have complained that the tote bag is rather on the cheap side when it comes to the zipper and tote handles. Last but not least, these suitcases include extra durable telescopic handles made from machine aluminum, these are very unlikely to break and they slide smoothly in and out without shaking back and forth.


At just a glance you get style and sophistication with any bag from in this Nicole Miller Luggage Collection. All three suitcases and tote come in a formal navy-blue color which is very fashion forward but not obtrusive and distracting, a look which is both professional and business-friendly. It is unfortunate that the style options for this collection are just limited to navy blue, especially since previous Miller collections, like the New York Coralie 4-Piece Collection, have included multiple color options. However, for the business woman on a budget, or the professional wanting a travel look which reflects their personal brand every time, we think that the Paige Collection offers a style which is sleek, sexy, and impressive.

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From smallest to largest suitcase sizes, the carry-on measures in at 20 x 12 x 8 inches, the medium bag’s dimensions are 24 x 16 x 10 inches, with the large coming in at 28 x 18 x 11. Additionally, each bag has approximately 2 inches of extra width when expanded for more packing space. For fast business travel, cutting down on costs, or short weekend trips, you can use either the 20-inch or 24-inch for your carry-on needs; however, if you go over your flight-imposed weight limit they may have you check the bag at the gate. As a personal item along with your luggage, the fashionable tote measures in at 17 x 11 x 8 and offers plenty more packing space for your electronics, snacks, or an extra outfit.


Nicole Miller luggage offers a 5-year warranty on all their luggage products, just double check with the seller to make sure you get it! The Nicole Miller Warranty Policy is a worldwide guarantee which covers all manufacturing defects for up to 5 years from your original purchase. However, the warranty does not cover damages from personal neglect, natural wear and tear from being dropped or banged into a wall, and other misuse or neglect. For any warranty questions call Nicole Miller customer service or the seller, this includes information for repairs, total refund, or partial refund. Once again, make sure you pay for the warranty policy or that it comes with purchase, otherwise all repair costs in the event of unlikely manufacturing errors will be on you.

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Great Companions!

The Paige Collection from Nicole Miller’s travel and luggage line includes 4 business friendly bags with a sexy but sophisticated navy-blue design. With purchase you get a small 20-inch carry-on along with a personal item tote, a 24-inch medium suitcase, and a 28-inch checked suitcase. These bags are made from ultra-light cotton canvas materials which cut down on your travel expenses and make business a breeze. One down side is the medium-low durability; however, for the money, these bags make great companions and add that professional flair which makes a corporate woman stand out.

  • Ultra-light materials help you avoid extra luggage charges.
  • 5-year Warranty Covers all Manufacturing Errors.
  • Zippered Expansions for up to 15% more Packing Space.
  • Durability is on the low side.
  • Customers have mentioned that sometimes the tote bag’s zippers and handles break easily.
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Nicole Miller Paige 4-Piece Luggage Set Review
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