Nicole Miller New York Madison Collection Hardside 3-Piece Spinner Luggage Set Review

This womenswear company first started from a single shop on Madison Avenue in 1986, it has since grown to encompass 20 boutiques which produce fantastic luggage as well as fantastic clothes for their own stores as well as larger brands like J.C. Penny. Credited for popularizing many futuristic fabrics and modern feminine looks, you can expect any Nicole Miller bag to give you that classy sense of self wherever your travels might take you. Their New York Madison Hardside Collection, for instance, is one of their first suitcases to use a superior material for durability as well as unique design which offers double the protection of a regular suitcase with a unique style flair that is both edgy – pun definitely intended – and offers that one of a kind look for the modern woman. Of course, style options aside – of which there are three separate colors – these suitcases are so much more than just bags, and this is more than just another Nicole Miller Luggage Set. So take some time and keep reading, because we’ve taken a hard look in our review at this one of a kind traveling fashion accessory.

Design: 97 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
nicole miller hardside luggage set


The New York Madison collection is designed with a unique exterior shape which is plated and edgy (literally full of multiple edges) not only is at immediately striking and sexy-looking at a glance, but the contouring adds to the suitcases overall durability and influences every feature of the design. Other design features include your typical 3-piece set items, which means you get your smallest size 20-inch carry-on, 24-inch medium, and 28-inch large checked suitcase. One of our favorite features about 3-piece designs like this is that for many select national and international airlines the 24-inch and 20-inch suitcases are interchangeable as your carry-on; for you traveling businesswomen out there, this means more space for your longer trips away from home, or just enough space when it’s only a weekender. And the fashion which you wheel at your side in no way limits the fashion you can travel with, these bags have tons of interior packing room and plenty of extra pockets for more organization on the go. The entire suitcase is also designed with speed in mind and each bag is built on an 8-wheel 360-degree spinner-wheel system, much like the Coolife Luggage Expandable 3-Piece Set but without the added durability. These suitcases can wheel beside you, behind you, and in front of you whenever the crowds are thick and speed is a necessary for catching that connecting flight.

nicole miller hardside luggage set


First and foremost what you can fit was Nicole Millers top priority in building their New York Madison collection, and therefore these suitcases come with a roomier shape that equals a massive interior; the 20-inch carry-on alone features a maximum capacity of 35 liters. Depending on how you pack, most travelers can get 2-3 days of travel out of clothing packing in a 35 liter suitcase, of course if you’re moving around with all three bags in this fantastic collection than your lengths of travel can be even longer. The medium checked bag (which can also be used as a carry-on for select flights) offers 65 liters of space, while the large suitcase comes with a maximum of 95 total liters. Together that’s close to a whopping 200 liters for the longest business trips or those much needed vacations with your family, fiancé, partner, or just out taking on the world by yourself. After all, what’s better than being an independent traveler? That’s also not all when it comes to storage, because this Nicole Miller hardside luggage set has maximized their storage with interior features such as thick crossbeam tie-down straps, a zip-in toiletry kit, massive shoe pocket (more high-heels ladies), and a mesh zippered organizer built into the lid.

nicole miller hardside luggage set


At this point we’ve only touched on some of the features. Alas, these suitcases do have to be opened for gaining access to your belongings, which is one minor downside when compared to softside bags like Steve Madden Suitcases with multiple exterior pockets. However, what this bag might lack in immediate access it makes up for in its rigid diamond-shaped design which will protect everything you’re porting around. This design also includes a sturdy telescopic handle which is both ergonomic and operates on a push-button smooth operating trolley system, as well as two haul handles – one at the top of the suitcase and one on the side, making it easier and safer to remove your luggage from a carousel or down from the overhead bin. Spinner Wheels add to the convenience of travel above all else, even though they’re not as durable as skate wheels, these 8 spinners allow you to travel with bags at the side, behind, or in front of you whenever the need demands it for the fastest and smoothest travel (especially over urban streets). Interiors include a full polyester water-tight lining, stretch shoe pockets which could easily fit up to two pairs of shoes or one large pair of boots, a mesh zipper pocket (narrow), and an attach-in toiletry kit.

nicole miller hardside luggage set


Starting with the heaviest suitcase – as these are slightly heavier starting weights than your average semi-durable suitcase – the 28-inch full weighs in at 12.15 pounds empty. This does somewhat limit how you’re going to pack if you want to stay under the typical imposed national and international weight limit of 50 pounds, but if you have no problem with extra airline fees remember that you’re going to be paying extra anyway if you travel with all three bags and end up checking the medium as well. The 24-inch number weighs in at 9.5 pounds, which is again a little heftier for a polycarbonate suitcase but necessary as the bulky design of the diamond-exterior-styling creates that necessary durability. This leaves the carry-on which clocks in at 6.8 pounds and needs to stay under the typical limit of 30-40 pounds for a carry-on item so pack smartly and remember that often distributing your weight evenly across a suitcase will give you more packing leeway while staying under airline weight benchmarks. For Nicole Miller these bags are heavier than some of their other set designs like their Hardside Trixy 2-Piece collection, but if durability above all else is what you’re looking for, the New York Madison collection will not disappoint.

nicole miller hardside luggage set


Now we get down to the important and pretty impressive #1 feature this Nicole Miller hardside luggage set has to offer. Each suitcase in this collection is designed from 100% polycarbonate (PC) materials, which is easily more durable than ABS and also much lighter. This material is impact resistant, and the shell allows for printing of more stylized colors and patterns. Of course, not to be outdone by other polycarbonate hardside options on the market, Nicole Miller’s unique design of the New York Madison collection includes a one-of-a-kind diamond outer texturing which creates double the protection for your belongings in the event of drops or collisions with your suitcases. This unique texturing is smooth and shiny and very business friendly, no matter the style option you go with.

nicole miller hardside luggage set


Speaking of style, these suitcases are a fashion travelers dream. Style options include three different colors during purchase, from Black to Burgundy to Peacock, with our personal favorite being black. After all, you can never go wrong with that black number and it always matches whatever you’re wearing. In black these suitcases feature brown plating around the edges and wheel bumpers, as well as a brown edged telescopic handle and brown edged zippering. The overall look is striking and very attractive, ideal for business travel, personal travel, walking down the street to spend the night at a friend’s, or meeting that special someone at the end of your flight. Each suitcase includes the embossed Nicole Miller plaque embedded near the bottom of the suitcase, making you part of Nicole Millers moving fashion industry and marking your bags as Nicole Miller classics. You’ll never mix up these one-of-a-kind treasures with another travelers average rollers.


The carry-on suitcase for this set measures in at 20x13x10 inches, with the added width from texturing rigorously tested to meet the limitations of all overhead bins for national and international airlines. The medium bag measures in at 24x16x10.5 inches, with the large coming in at 28x19x10.5 inches. These measurements include handles and wheels and do not limit a traveler’s ability to check a bag, in fact it’s pretty easy to make these suitcases skirt under imposed weight limits so long as you pack smartly; this means no more airline fees unless traveling with all three options on the same trip. For select flights the size of your medium bag can work as a carry-on, just check with your airline beforehand.


Nicole Miller luggage offers a 5-year warranty on all their luggage products, just double check with the seller to make sure you get it and have a receipt to prove it! The Nicole Miller Warranty Policy is a worldwide guarantee which covers all manufacturing defects for up to 5 years from your original purchase. However, the warranty does not cover damages from personal neglect, natural wear and tear, and other misuse or neglect.

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9.5 Total Score
Very fashionable and offers durability!

Nicole Miller’s New York Madison Collection takes the idea of durable luggage and upgrades it with a unique design that is very fashionable and offers double the durability of any other polycarbonate bag. This collection includes 3 set pieces with interchangeable carry-on options (24-inch and 20-inch) as well as a large checked suitcase at 28 inches. When traveling with all three luggage pieces you benefit from close to 200 liters of packing space, and these bags make a nice match for any outfit you wear, keeping you in the fashion know-how and part of the modern style which is sleek, fast, and very attractive.

  • Polycarbonate materials equal a high durability.
  • Unique Diamond texturing means double the durability.
  • Excellent 5-year warranty.
  • Moderately expensive compared to other hardside options.
  • Heavier unpacked weights.
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