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Olympia Luggage was founded over three decades ago and today this manufacturer carries an impressive catalogue of products dedicated to every aspect of travel – bags, luggage, totes, purses, anything which will pack those essentials for your next trip. With this 22-inch Olympia rolling duffel they’ve included their signature 8-pocket design, as well as the guarantee of traditional high-quality materials with unparalleled durability and increased traveler dependability. They’ve recently risen to the top of the luggage line – as far as storage space is concerned – and have stayed there because of their unique designs with innovative technologies that constantly improve the quality of their older classic models.

Design: 85 out of 100
Storage: 85 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 88 out of 100
olympia luggage reviews


Olympia 22-inch rolling duffels typically feature an 8-pocket design with four side pockets (about the size of a tablet device) two pockets built into the roof of the suitcase, and one pocket zippered near the top (while propped up) beside the telescopic handle. These designs are more compact, offer durable polyester fabrics – with a high denier rating close to the durability of many cotton canvas bags – lightweight, wheelable, and have trim pockets with sleek custom zipper pulls. For your needs this is the ultimate on-the-go suitcase with quick access to everything you need in at-hand organized pockets. Besides the additional storage space on the sides and front of the bag, the main compartment features a convenient zippered u-shaped opening into a spacious cavity. This cavity is lined and very water resistant, though has no inner dividers or pockets of its own. The rest of the bag offers a hideaway retractable handle, recessed in-line skate wheels on a ball bearing system, and even self-repairing zippers.

olympia luggage reviews


From just a glance this Olympia Duffel Bag looks rather bulky, but believe it or not it fits right on the line for being a carry-on item. At about 90% full few airlines will have trouble stowing your suitcase, and you’ll be able to fit it quite snuggly in any overhead compartments. In a bag this large, you should easily be able to fit around 2 weeks of clothes, especially since the u-top main compartment offers so much room for bulky bottom packing up to clothing which can even stretch the lid a little and still be comfortably zipped closed. Unpacked there is an approximate storage space of around 3200 cubic inches, and that’s not even counting the added space provided by 4 tablet sized side pockets on the outside, two deep pockets on the front roof of the suitcase, and narrow top pocket near the telescopic handle. Each of these is capable not only of organizing all your packing odds and ends, such as makeup and other bathroom stuffs, but they’re also great for keeping the on-hand devices, snacks, and travel papers you might need during a journey. If you’re searching for a single carry on that will double as a space to stow important items (like different medications) for a large family traveling together, this is the rolling duffel for you. Remember though, 90% full you shouldn’t have a problem carry this bag onto the plane, but overstuffed and your airline attendants may want you to check it at the gate.

olympia luggage reviews


We could go on and on about the added storage and organization provided from having eight extra pockets, but there are so many other fantastic features to this Olympia Duffel Bag which need to be covered. For instance, the telescopic handle is made from high-quality aluminum materials and it’s not only extends at the push of a button, but locks upward for the firmest pull and then can be stored in a hide-away compartment before lifting into the overhead. Next, the in-line skate wheels not only use extremely strong polyurethane materials, but are also recessed for added durability on a ball bearing system for maximum travel mileage. All pocket zippers are self-repairing and the main compartment zippers are lockable; stylish pull tabs are included to reduce the risk of breakage and increase your ability to unzip a suitcase while in the dark.

olympia luggage reviews


Unpacked, this Olympia luggage only weighs 5.1 pounds (easily only 10% of the 50-pound imposed limit on carry-on luggage). Fully packed you can get comfortably close to this limit, and most airlines wont notice if you go over a little bit (though be aware of those pesky additional fees for extremely overweight bags). For the best weight distribution that will make traveling easier on your back, legs, and arms, pack bulky and heavyweight items near the bottom of the bag with lighter clothing on top. All loose items would be best protected and organized in the eight attached pockets, and shouldn’t disrupt the bags weight ratio by much.

olympia luggage reviews


As far as a polyester-made suitcase goes – and typically they’re weaker than products which use cotton canvas or nylon – this Olympia rolling duffel is actually rather durable. It’s made from a technological blend of polyester called Protecflon, which has a denier rating of 1200. What’s very rare is seeing any polyester bag which has a durability on par with cotton canvas, but this Olympia Duffel Bag will not only hold up well over time its will also repel most abrasion and ripping damage from drops and other hard contact while traveling. The metal ball bearing wheel system is also very durable and can easily handle rough city streets, unpaved roads, and rocky approaches to out of the way hotels, etcetera. With so many pockets and openings, one major fear with a bag like this is that its zippers will be rather weak and easy to break, however the zippers included with this product not only come with strong pull tabs, but they’re also self-repairing excel zippers which will keep your bag strong over time.

olympia luggage reviews


What should immediately catch the eye when it comes to Olympia Duffel Bag is the unique pattern stitching around all zipper openings for pockets and the main packing compartment. This signature stitching is not only eye catching and stylish, it also increases the durability of the bags many openings and increases overall water resistance. Unlike the exterior, the interior style is rather plain and contains no pockets, only a water-resistant slick lining. Outside colors and styles come in 21 different designs, some of them more business friendly and others more eclectic so you never lose your bag or mix it up with another passengers. Our favorite and suggested colors are black/chevron – a very professional but still stylish design – and dark lavender for our fashion-conscious female readers who want something unique that will stand out.

olympia luggage reviews


The maximum dimensions of this Olympia luggage bag are 22 x 12.5 x 12 inches for around 3,200 cubic inches of packing space. Now, overpacked you may risk going over the imposed national and international airline weight limit of 50 pounds, but this suitcase in no way breaches the typical airline limit for length (which is usually between 18 and 22 inches). This is a great carry-on if you want plenty of room for clothing with extended organizing space (8-pockets) for all your extra travel odds and ends. On the odd chance the overhead compartments in your airplane are full, an airline may have you check this bag at the gate – usually packed to 90% capacity this shouldn’t be an issue – but if they do, it shouldn’t result in any extra charges for your travel.


Olympia International, Inc. warrants each of its products’ materials and workmanship for a number of years (though this depends on each specific product – ask the seller for more information). In the event of any defect or damage during shipping or while you’re traveling, this warranty should cover replacements and repairs, although you’ll have to cover the shipping price to their repair facility. For a consultation visit their website and look under warranty for a phone number, email, and contact address; all replacement parts are provided at the discretion of Olympia International, Inc. and they may request a check or card payment for any high-expense parts and repairs (though not for entire luggage replacements).

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Durable luggage with more storage space!

Olympia International has been provided durable luggage with more storage space than any other brand for the last 3 decades. This 22-inch 8-pocket Rolling Duffel bag not only delivers on the brands added storage, but allows this bag to outcompete almost all other rolling duffels with its highly durable technologically designed materials, self-repairing zippers, strong wheels, and beyond high-quality telescopic handle. For even more fun and personality, this bag comes in over 20 unique styles.

  • Protecflon polyester material has a denier rating of 1200; equally as strong as some cotton canvas bags.
  • 21 different styles to keep you rolling in style.
  • 8 zippered pockets and one very large central compartment.
  • Self-repairing zippers with pull tabs
  • Filled over 90% capacity, airline may have you check this bag at your gate.
  • Pattern designs only feature 6 pockets.
  • Lots of unzipping if you don’t remember what things you packed into which pockets.
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Olympia 22-inch Rolling Duffel
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