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Privately owned companies have the independence to, in many ways, operate as they see fit and in ways which will best benefit their customers. Pierre Cardin keenly follows global fashion trends without having to produce luggage based on anything but their own fashion sense, creativity, and translations of modern trends. This is why since 1998 Pierre Cardin have been producing one-of-a-kind originals and unique Pierre Cardin Luggage singles and even sets for men, women, and children. For their Signature 4-Piece Luggage Set they designed the perfect luggage quartet for the fashion forward woman; each bag from the stylish side tote to the 28-inch full strikes a sophisticated look and offers plenty of packing space for wherever the road may take you next. This diverse international brand is building a strong relationship with their customers, and this review is just one part of helping spread their message of strong fashion while also exploring deep into what one of their sets has to offer.

Design: 93 out of 100
Storage: 93 out of 100
Weight: 93 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
pierre cardin luggage


Designed as a three-piece combo with a side tote to be used as a personal item, Pierre Cardin luggage shows that they can follow the times and what’s popular while also adding their own twist. The suitcases in this set include a 29-inch full, a 25-inch medium, and a 22-inch carry-on, each with something a little extra that will make traveling a breeze. First, these bags are designed to not just fit a lot in, they’re also made to roll and transport all your belongings easily with 4 spinner wheels and a strong telescopic handle. Second, for packing purposes and added flexibility during travel, these bags feature a design with zippered expansion up to 2 extra inches; allowing travelers to pack what they need and still have room to fit anything they might pick up on a trip. Mostly though, having multiple expandable bags will leave travelers a lot of leeway while traveling to stay up to 3 weeks or longer (depending on how you pack). Included in this design is a fresh look that’s quite sophisticated, easy to keep track of, and very fashion-forward.


Traveling with three packed bags can be a hassle for some travelers, but for many a set is a wise choice because it gives you more storage space if you go on a long trip, and even for the shorter trips all your bags match and are interchangeable. For instance, the 22-inch carry-on offers plenty of room for a weekend business trip or even just a quick getaway, giving you up to 55 liters of packing space when expanded. That’s easily enough room for two days of outfits, shoes, makeup, and other little extras you take with you on your journey. Also, compared to hardshell carry-ons of the same size, like the 21-inch size from Travelpro’s Boston Collection, any soft side carry-on already helps you beat travel costs while still letting you fit more clothing for your short trip. All bags from this Pierre Cardin set include expandability and offer up to 15% more packing space, additionally these bags come with one shallow zippered outer pocket and one deep one, and all interiors include a lined interior with stretching shoe pockets and a clip-in toiletry kit and a zippered mesh organizational pocket. Total packing room when using all three suitcases is well over 200 liters, with the largest bag offering about 120 liters on its own (more than enough for a two-week trip). Last but not least, as a personal item the tote gives even more storage space, although it is more limited than most full-sized duffel totes.

pierre cardin luggage


The main feature which drives travelers to buy softside luggage vs. hardshell luggage is expandability and flexibility; there are just too few hardshell expandable designs, and even then softside bags like Pierre Cardin luggage can still fit more. Other ideal features include 4 spinner wheels – these are a bit weaker than in-line skate wheels, however they still use polypropylene and they’re screwed into the suitcase body rather than weakly riveted – a telescopic push-button handle, side and top haul handles, and strong zipper capable of incorporating TSA locks. Interiors feature full watertight lining, one stretch pocket for shoes and other bulky objects, tie-down straps, and a deep zippered ceiling pocket. Also included is a small attach-in toiletry kit, but compared to many clip-in kits its rather on the small side and limited; ideal attach in kits should be as spacious as the hanging compartments in Pathfinders’ Presidential 4-Piece Spinner Set. Last but not least, the tote from this collection isn’t to big or bulky and even includes a padded insert for your laptop.


While using all three bags you will have to pay double for two checked bags – the full and medium suitcases – but typically almost all national and international flights will wave fees for your carry-on and personal items (so pack as much as you can in these without going over the typical 35 to 40-pound imposed limit). Empty, the 22-inch carry-on weighs approximately 3.2 pounds, this is because Pierre Cardin luggage uses ultra-lightweight materials in their designs which allow their customers plenty of extra weight for heavy packing. Likewise, the largest size only weighs 11.9 pounds, with the medium bag at 9.1 pounds. For easy boarding and un-boarding before and after your flight, the tote bag only weighs 1.4 pounds unpacked and typically under 8 pounds when full; also, the carry-on suitcase comes with side and top haul handles which will make it easy for any traveler to safely pull it down from an overhead bin.


Offering medium durability, these bags are made from cotton canvas material with excellent stitching and durable faux leather attachments around the sides, top, and zippered areas for extra strength and a unique stylish look. Though nylon is the most durable material for lightweight suitcases, with a medium durability these cotton canvas bags should travel very well to almost all destinations and avoid tearing and ripping due to minor to medium abrasions/drops. Additionally, all the zippers included in this design are self-repairing and feature strong metal pull tabs, while the telescopic handle pulls out smoothly and is made from durable machined aluminum. The spinner wheels are quite a bit weaker and harder to pull than in-line skate wheels, however they’re screwed into the suitcase frame for extra strength and made from high quality polypropylene. Customers main complaints are that the inner lining is pretty easy to tear and very shoddy looking, whereas other suitcases feature a stylish lining which is thicker and equally more watertight; consider the lining material which Steve Madden uses in their fashion-forward sets such as the 3-Piece Expandable “Legends” collection.

pierre cardin luggage


Pierre Cardin Luggage offers a unique signature look which is feminine without being ‘frilly’, and therefore creates a certain stylish confidence which is appropriate for both the casual traveler and the intrepid business professional. These bags feature grey off-white coloring and black cross stitching with the Pierre Cardin logo; faux leather siding and zipper lining also add a unique sexy flair. Contrasting the grey/white against the black is a smart style decision which creates an excellent look that will add panache to any traveler, especially when rolling one suitcase white wearing the matching tote with its long shoulder strap and confident purse shape. Additionally, this style is fast and simple with push button locking telescopic handles, smart spinner wheels, and a great shape which can squeeze in and out of crowds.


Total dimensions for this stacking set include a full checked bag at 29x18x12 inches, medium sizing in at 25.5x16x11 inches, and carry-on sizing in at 22.5×14.5×9.5 inches; each bag in this set also includes an expansion zipper that affords an extra 2 inches of space (or 15% more packing space per bag). One of the smallest additions to the collection is the simple carry 13x15x6.5-inch tote bag which can fit up to a 17-inch laptop or even just your IPAD or phone. On some domestic or international flights, you might be able to substitute the medium bag and use it as a carry-on, but double check with your airline beforehand or you might end up having to check your suitcase at the gate (this can sometimes result in additional travel fees). For the most part, however, together the 22-inch carry-on and matching tote bag are well sized for fitting up to 5 days’ worth of clothing (if you pack smartly).


Pierre Cardin luggage offers a guaranteed 1-year warranty against defective workmanship and materials; this warranty is effective from the date of purchase and receipt will ensure that Pierre Cardin will repair or replace luggage based upon the issue. For any luggage damaged by neglect or the airline, however, all repairs or replacements are typically left to the customer. On checkout make sure you verify with the distributor that they have included receipt for the warranty, otherwise on the odd chance of defects you will be out of luck.

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9.3 Total Score
Highly durable while also quite stylish

Pierre Cardin blends the idea of fashion with a lightweight durable easy-travel suitcase in their Signature 4-Piece luggage set, creating something which is surprisingly highly durable while also quite stylish on the go. Additionally, these bags can fit a lot of packing, letting you take your home with you while you’re on the road for days at a time. There are also no non-essential bags in the set, each have their purpose, and many of them are interchangeable for longer to shorter stays away from home. The flaws are few and include a somewhat weak water lining along with a somewhat space-limited toiletry kit. On the whole though, this set leaves very little to the imagination; showing us that Pierre Cardin has already though of everything.

  • Extremely lightweight carry-on, medium, and full sizes.
  • All bags in this set use cotton canvas with a great medium durability.
  • The tote is both fashionable and deep.
  • The included toiletry kit is on the small side.
  • Inner lining is shabby looking and made from poor quality materials.
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