Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review

The Rockland Melbourne luggage is a very affordable bag. The small case is a great size for short trips abroad where you just need to take a carry-on, or a short trip close to home and you only need a few items. It holds lots of clothes, shoes, etc in both the medium and large suitcases. Made from lightweight polycarbonate, this hard-sided suitcase will protect your belongings from damage and make you confident that the bottle of wine you packed will still be intact when you arrive at your destination. Being a low-cost option, it does not have all the features of higher priced baggage, however, if you are not worried about integrated locks, fiberglass handles, and exterior pockets then you may have found a no-frills suitcase that fits you. Get the complete Rockland Melbourne Luggage review in detail from every aspect:

Design 80 out of 100
Storage 80 out of 100
Weight 85 out of 100
Durability 78 out of 100
Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


The Rockland Melbourne luggage does have a boxy and plain design, although it is available in a multitude of colors, whether you want pink, red, grey or black, you will be sure to find the right color for you. The chrome extendable handle will lock into place, allowing you to confidently push or pull the luggage without thinking about it retracting on you when you need it most. With four spinner wheels, they are normally the best wheels for traversing the hustle and bustle of the airport and only struggling on carpets or uneven ground, however, customers have noted that they have a mind of their own. It may be difficult to get all four working together to get your luggage quickly and safely around the airport. The Rockland Melbourne luggage is made from lightweight polycarbonate, meaning it is hard-sided and will protect your valuables more than a soft-sided equivalent. If you do want to take a few extra bits on your way back, don’t panic as it is expandable.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


The Rockland Melbourne luggage is made up of two sections in a standard 50/50 split. The first section has a zip pocket, ensuring that your items stay organized on one side, with the other side having an x-strap which helps hold your clothes down and in place when traveling. The construction of the suitcases, however, does not seem to give much hope of your clothes coming out crease-free. If you need those business shirts to travel with you, without the need of an iron then you may be disappointed. It is handy that it will expand roughly an extra 1.5 inches, this allows you to pack a few extra bits, an extra pair of shoes, a dress, or a suit.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Carry


Being a low-cost option for budget travelers, Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set is not expected to contain some of the features that the high-cost luggage has. Rockland Melbourne luggage set does come with 4 spinner wheels, a lightweight shell, a telescopic handle and a zip-lined interior, you may find that it is all you require when traveling and the extra features are not worth the money that you pay for them. You are able to purchase your desired TSA-approved lock and use it to secure your suitcase, although it may be a pain to try to find it moments before you leave to the airport.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


The Rockland Melbourne carry-on weighs in at 6-7 lbs, and the 24 inch and the 28 inch checked-in luggage weigh at 8 lbs and 10 lbs. This Rockland Melbourne Luggage Set is not the lightest bag you can purchase, however, it is still fairly lightweight, with some airlines starting to further restrict the weight allowance, you may find that lightweight bags are ideal not only for the sake of lifting and dragging around, but also to stay within the ever-tightening restrictions of airline carriers. If you are very conscious about the weight, a soft-sided lightweight option will definitely be lighter although possibly not as safe for the contents inside.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


Made from a lightweight polycarbonate, the hard-sided Rockland Melbourne luggage should be fairly durable. It seems that the shell is, especially with the design, scratches, and knocks will not show up as much. The wheels have been an issue to some buyers in the past, going wherever they want, when all you want is them to follow you around. The handles are flimsy, along with many cosmetic parts not really being up to scratch, bits falling off and breaking, but you get what you pay for, right? If you are not expecting to put it through a hard time, or really care about it lasting long, then a low-priced suitcase may be suitable for you.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


Available in a multitude of colors, you will be able to match the Rockland Melbourne luggage with your own style. The interior seems unique to each color, so check it out and make sure you will be comfortable opening your suitcase up in the middle of the airport when looking for your cell phone charger. The style and design of the suitcase, do help it look newer for longer, as scratches seem to hide into the rough surface of the suitcase, meaning it doesn’t really matter that much if it gets scuffed on the first trip.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Review


The Rockland Melbourne carry-on luggage measures up at 20 x 13 x 9 inches, the 24 inch Rockland Melbourne has a size of 24 x 15 x 10 inches and the 28 inch is of  28 x 17 x 12 inches.  The Melbourne carry on fits into some of the major airline carriers size requirements. If you expand it an extra 1.5 inches that are available, then you may have to check it and wait at the baggage carousel at the other end. Check with your airline carrier to make sure that it does fit, although with the tightening restrictions it may not be your carry on for too long. As with all hard-sided suitcases, it will not expand if you overpack it, meaning at least you have some peace of mind when using this suitcase.


The Rockland Melbourne luggage comes with at least 3-year warranty, it is not as long as other, more reputable brands although if the suitcase lasts three years for the price you pay, it isn’t all that bad.

8 Total Score
Affordable Piece!

If you are looking for luggage that will last you a few trips, not too bothered about the features and don’t mind struggling a bit when it comes to getting it to go in the direction that you want, all at a very low cost, then Rockland Melbourne Luggage may be the best for you. If you are a serious traveler, want it to reliable and easy to use, then you may want to consider investing more in your luggage and get the right one for you. At the price point, it is available at, you cannot expect too much from it.

  • Low Price
  • Expandable
  • Available in many colors
  • Rough style hides scratches
  • Flimsy handles
  • Wheels have their own mind
  • Clothes will get creased
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