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Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag Review

Designed by the global luggage brand, Steve Madden comes their stylish wheeled under seat bag. The New York designer takes inspiration from the catwalk and streets, designing a bag that would be fitting in either of those environments. The Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag is ready to travel with you, wherever you are going for a day trip, or overnight, there is space in this under-seat bag to take what you need. With an array of colors and designs to choose from, you will be sure to find a practical and stylish bag that you love. The bag is packed with practicality, and with a lot of zippered storage compartments. All in a size that will fit under the seat in front of you. Get the complete Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
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This under seat bag has been designed with style as the key component, which is not surprising given that it is by Steve Madden. Everything about the finishing touches, the tassels, the print, and the golden telescopic handle makes you think of it as a fashion accessory as well as travel luggage. The bag has ample storage, with various pockets allowing you to organize your items and travel with a tidy bag. The pocket on the back of the bag is fairly tight, it will not allow a lot of items to fit in there, however, it is perfect for your travel documents and passport. It has been designed to fit under the seat in front of you on the aircraft, and it will do, no problems at all. It will fit in most places, whether you are at work, having lunch, or at home, it will fit both in terms of size and style.

Steve Madden Wheeled Under the Seat Bag pockets


This Steve Madden luggage has been designed similar to the Nicole Miller Taylor Collection 15″ Under Seat Bag, with a number of zippered storage compartments, allowing you to conveniently organize your travel luggage. There are three exterior pockets on the front, one on each side of the bag and one on the rear of the bag. Be careful when you are storing valuables in the exterior pockets are they are not as protected as the interior pockets, so could potentially damage your belongings. When you open the bag by the U zip, it will open fully. Inside the bag you will find numerous zip lined clear plastic pockets, allowing you to store items and see them fully while protecting your case and the other items inside. The main compartment is spacious, with ample storage for your files or documents, if you are using it for work, or clothes if you are using it to travel.

 steve madden suitcase handle


This stylish, functional bag comes with most of the features that you would expect on mid-range under the seat luggage. It has inline skate wheels, which is common on most of these bags. Although spinner wheels normally work better on bigger bags, you may find that even though all the weight is on your arms when pulling this suitcase, its low center of gravity will make it more stable and less likely to tip over. The telescopic handle will ensure that you will be able to comfortably bring this suitcase along with you on your journey, and the comfortable grip will make sure that your hand does not hurt, no matter how long you use this for. The multiple interior and exterior pockets allow you to organize your belonging efficiently and effectively, ensuring your luggage is organized throughout your trip and everything is easily accessible.

 steve madden suitcase review


The Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag weighs in at 6 lbs, which is not too heavy considering the storage, pockets, and features that this bag has. There are many under the seat bags with these features that weigh in at over 6 lbs. So, this bag is considerably lighter, allowing you to pack more of your items without having to worry about the weight restrictions imposed by your airline carrier. If you are looking for an under-the-seat bag which is lighter, you may want to look towards the Ciao Luggage Carry On Suitcase Wheeled Airplane Weekender Under the Seat Bag, which weighs in at 4 lb.

Steve Madden Wheeled Under the Seat Bag


For such a stylish bag, you would expect it to not live too long, that’s what you normally get, right? Steve Madden Luggage has designed a bag that is stylish and will last a long time. As it is covered by a 5-year warranty, even Steve Madden believes that this bag will last you a long time. The fabric is very durable and should not fail when put under stress and strain. It has been noted that with most small bags with a telescopic handle, that it can be quite flimsy and feel unstable.

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When you first look at this bag you can tell that it has been designed by a designer. It would easily fit in place in Paris, Milan, and other fashion capitals of the world. Featuring elegant tassels that is a signature of Steve Madden Luggage, people will know straight away that your bag is the business. You can opt for a number of stylish, fashionable prints, or one of the more reserved professional styles. No matter what, you will be able to find a style that you love and will suit you perfectly.


The Steve Madden Luggage comes with a 5-year limited warranty, this covers manufacturing and material defects but does not cover normal wear and tear, misuse or neglect of the product, which is common for a luggage warranty, and neither does it cover damage by a common carrier.


The Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag measures at 15 x 9 x 14 inches. This is close to the maximum that will fit under the seat while giving you the most amount of storage space inside. Check with your airline carrier to ensure that it can be taken as a personal item, you may be able to take it on with you, as well as a cabin bag, but it will be best to check before turning up at the airport and being disappointed.

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Stylish luggage with large storage!

The Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag is a stylish, modern, and professional-looking bag. It has ample storage space, with lots of pockets allowing you to keep organized in a busy world. You are able to tuck away the telescopic handle and use the carry straps when needed. If you have an interest in fashion, you will be very satisfied with this fashionable bag.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Lots of pockets
  • 5-year warranty
  • Does not expand
  • Small rear pocket
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Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Suitcase Under Seat Bag
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    Aerolite Carry On Under Seat Wheeled Trolley Luggage Bag comes with the same bold prints and designs as some of the more fashionable suitcases such as the Steve Madden Luggage Wheeled Under Seat Bag. It is plainer and subtler.

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