Timberland 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage Set Review

Timberland Luggage is not just a brand, it’s a movement, and it represents giving back to the community and giving back to nature; owning a suitcase, or better yet a Timberland luggage set, makes you part of this movement. Their design goals are lightweight products which not only help you beat the costs of travel, but which also ensure less weight goes onto a plane and therefore less gas gets used traveling any Timberland suitcase across the globe. Influenced by their New England Heritage, this brand has a unique culture surrounding it and their designs are founded on light packing for the outdoor on-the-move lifestyle. Timberland’s 3-Piece Hardshell Spinner Set advances this brand goal with truly lightweight suitcases all featuring the Timberland tree logo in over 8 different colored design options.

Design: 92 out of 100
Storage: 93 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
timberland luggage set


This Timberland favorite collection features the standard 3-piece design with a 20-inch carry-on suitcase, 24-inch medium suitcase, and 28-inch full with 10% more space than you’d get just traveling with the medium and carry-on. Each suitcase is designed around the convenience of 360-degree spinner suitcase wheels for rolling alongside you, behind you, or in front of you in thick crowds. The security of each bag is marked by hardshell durable materials that are easily more protective than lightweight nylon, polyester, or cotton canvas materials. Additionally, each suitcase features a unique textile look with raised surfaces that add to the design overall durability and are one of the most important design features for setting this hardshell luggage apart from similar designs like Samsonite’s Winfield 3 DLX Hardside Set which is not only more expensive but also much less durable.

timberland luggage set


At just face value the suitcases in this set include a carry-on item with 35 liters of packing space, a medium checked bag with 65 liters of packing space, and a large checked bag that is close to 95 liters of packed space. Just considering the carry-on item and using it for short weekend trips you get enough packing space to fit clothing up to 3 days, and that’s before you find out that every luggage piece in this Timberland luggage set is fully expandable up to an additional 2 inches (or 15% more packing space). When traveling together with all three expanded bags, that’s well over 245 liters of packing space for up to a month of travel depending on how you pack. Other storage advantages are brought to the table by the unique interior design which includes a full roof zippered divider for two separate sections, and elasticized valet straps for keeping your clothes tightly packed together. Some might argue that without added pockets you have less organization and therefore less storage space, but if you’re the type of traveler who packs individual small bags into a larger suitcase – like travel sized toiletry kits – than this suitcase gives you all the room you need to pack the way you like to.

timberland luggage set


Included with this case are 360-degree spinner wheels screwed into the frame of the suitcase rather than riveted, meaning these are less likely to break and easier to move around when the telescopic handle is fully extended. The handle operates on a push-button extending system and is designed to be ergonomic and support the weight and frame of each suitcase even when they’re expanded. Each suitcase comes with a strong expansion zipper which expands with stretch nylon materials up to an additional 2 inches for 15% more packing space. As far as packing space, this suitcase knocks other hardshell designs out of the ballpark since many sets like the Merax 3-Piece P.E.T Collection are storage limiting without expanding options. Interior face value features include a water tight lining, zippered divider, and elastic tie-down straps; exteriors face value features include the textile thick contouring for added durability as well as strong zipper with industry standard zippered pull tugs.

timberland luggage set


At 20.5 inches the carry-on luggage piece weighs in at 7.25 pounds, not as light as competitor brand Amazon Basics Hardside Spinner Luggage Carry-On’s, but for the price matching a similar affordability with more expanding room and a higher durability overall. For this Timberland luggage set, the dimensions and weight of the carry-on item have been rigorously tested to meet industry standards and size requirements for all overhead bins in national and international flights. The 24-inch suitcase is interchangeable as a carry-on item for select flights (check with your airline), but it’s starting weight value unpacked is at 8.7 pounds and harder to keep under that carry-on weight limit between 30-40 pounds; however it’s easy to keep this 24-inch medium suitcase at or under 50 pounds for a checked bag. Finally, the large suitcase weighs in at 10.85 pounds, meaning it’s just at that sweet spot where it offers plenty of packing space and can be kept under weight restrictions to avoid additional fees, but be careful not to over pack if you end up expanding your suitcase the additional 2 inches.

timberland luggage set


With Samsonite suitcases you can always expect two things: lightweight travel and high durability, the hardshell suitcases included in this set are no exception. Each suitcase is designed with ABS materials and coated in a thin layer of PC film finish, allowing these suitcases to travel with multiple different styles and color schemes while also upping their resistance against drop abrasions and scratching from collisions. Additionally each suitcase receives extra durability from its unique outer texturing which is thicker and has raised edges to rebuff harsh handling while being loaded into a plane. It is worth noting that ABS materials aren’t nearly as durable as Polycarbonate (PC) and Polypropylene (PP), however with the hybrid extra layer of PC film and this set’s unique outer design your belongings will be well protected. Other durability features include a sturdy telescopic handle made from aircraft grade aluminum, strong zipper pulls, and spinner wheels screwed into the frame of the suitcase.

timberland luggage set


For Samsonite – a brand which typically offers limited style choices – this specific collection features a wide range of style choices for anyone’s personal fashion sense. If you’re a businessman or woman, serial adventurer, fashion guru, there’s a great option for everyone which front and center features the Samsonite tree logo and sponsors their brand goal which promotes the outdoors and saving out environment. These style choices include black, blue, brown, burnt orange, charcoal truffle, sapphire, green navy, and red/black. Each suitcase has its own separate trim for added flair and additionally the interior include Samsonite’s signature water-tight lining.

timberland luggage set


The final size measurements for this set include a carry-on which measures in at 19.5″ x 14″ x 9 inches – easily making the mark for a carry-on suitcase that can fit into any overhead compartment naturally and without hassle – a medium checked bag which measures in at 24.5″ x 17.5″ x 11 inches, and a large checked bag that comes in at 28.5″ x 20.5″ x 12.75 inches. Listed dimensions include wheels and handles, but do not include suitcase widths when zipper expanded the additional 2 inches. For travel purposes it’s wise to pack these suitcases with most of the weight toward the back or bottom of the suitcase (away from the zippers) rather than in front where the suitcase expands. Additionally, if you’re trying to fly under those weight restrictions which result in extra fees, we suggest packing for your trip without using the expanders and then expanding 1 to 2 suitcases to fit anything you might pick up on your travels.


Since 1973, Timberland luggage has been committed to offering the finest products which use only the best materials for strict quality control standards that keep customers satisfied and limit the number of suitcase duds on the market. Timberland products are warranted to be free of defects in regards to their materials and workmanship, and the warranty last for up to 12 months from date of purchase. What the warranty covers is general repairs and total replacements, however this does not include standard wear and tear or any damaging that are the result of misuse, neglect, accident, or modification.

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Lightweight ultra-protective suitcases

Timberlands 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Luggage collection takes the cake when it comes to their brand promise of lightweight ultra-protective suitcases for all your travel needs. These bags are designed with ABS materials and an extra layer of PC film, additionally a vast percentage of this bags durability comes from its unique texturing and embossed tree-design. Style options vary because this collection uses a thin layer of PC film and therefore has several different unique style options (up to 9 different choices) so you can travel in style the way that best meets your own fashion sense. Downsides include a heavier weight for the medium and large suitcases; however every bag offers maximum storage space with up to 15% additional packing room from a zippered expansion.

  • ABS materials with PC film layering.
  • 12 month warranty covering all facets of the suitcase.
  • Very lightweight design.
  • Medium and large suitcases feature a heftier starting weight.
  • Spinner wheels aren’t nearly as durable as in-line skate wheels.
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