Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set Review

Tommy Bahama offers a versatile luggage set with the Mojito range. Ideal for all your travel needs, whether it is a road trip across the country, a night away for work, or a longer cruise, you will have the option to pick the case that is right for your trip. The suitcase set is rather casual looking, with it being suited more for personal trips than professional. This stylish and unique luggage features a telescopic handle, a two-tone fabric, and a number of pockets to make traveling easier for you. Each of the three upright suitcases are expandable, allowing you to purchase souvenirs with no worry about how you will be getting them home. This luggage set will be ideal for any travel destination. Get the complete Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
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The Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set has been designed with style and convenience in mind. It is a very stylish and laid back suitcase set, similar to the Nicole Miller Taylor Set of 4, which is also classic in style and not too eye-catching. The set has been designed to give you four cases to take away with you. The first being a duffel bag, which will be able to come on board with you. The second luggage is a carry-on suitcase, along with two bigger suitcases designed to be taken as hold luggage. Each of the three upright cases comes with four spinner wheels, allowing you to glide through the airport terminal with ease. Although it is worth noting that once the wheels come in contact with carpeted or uneven surface they come notoriously difficult to use. The telescopic handle, along with the side and top carry handles, will make it easy for you to use and store the suitcase set. There are multiple interior and exterior pockets, which give you more than enough space to keep your suitcase organized while on the go.

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The duffel bag in the Tommy Bahama Mojito luggage set gives the user the ability to take items on board with you. It has one main compartment, allowing easy access to all the contents of the bag. It does not have any side pockets, which may make it more difficult to store travel documents, as it will be harder to find if the bag is full. The three upright suitcases have two exterior pockets, allowing you to store any travel essentials, or go-to items when on the move. Inside the suitcases you will find the spacious main compartment which will allow you to store your clothing, keeping it in place with the straps that are inside. On the inside of the lid, you will find a mesh zip lined pocket, giving you the ability to store loose items, keeping your case organized and tidy. All three of the suitcases will allow you to expand them if needed, giving you an extra couple of inches of storage space inside.

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The Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set has a lot of the features that you would want in a luggage set, although it does not contain a TSA-approved lock, you would be able to purchase one separately and use it on these cases. The cases are made from a hard-wearing and durable polyester, which has been designed with a two-tone print. Each of the upright bags comes with four spinner wheels and a telescopic handle, giving you easy use of the case no matter how much you pack inside. The interior and exterior pockets allow you to efficiently organize your suitcase to make traveling easier. Along with the expander, giving you the ability to pack more items without having to worry about getting the souvenirs home. Although the suitcases are made from polyester, which is not as hard wearing as the nylon material used for the suitcases in the Steve Madden Luggage 4 Piece Spinner Suitcase Collection. Each one of the four cases has the iconic basket weave trim that we have come to know and love from Tommy Bahama.

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The Tommy Bahama duffel bag weighs in at 2.4 lbs, which is relatively light considering what you are able to store inside. The carry-on suitcase weighs in at 8.56 lbs, which is relatively heavy if compared to the Nautica Luggage Ahoy 3 Piece Hardside Spinner Set, where the carry-on is considerably lighter at 7 lbs. The medium suitcase weighs in at 9.85 lbs, and the large at 11.64 lbs. The suitcase set is quite heavy compared to what is on the market today, although if you are not weighing the suitcases there really isn’t too much in it to notice.

tommy bahama mojito luggage reviews tommy bahama mojito luggage reviews


The Tommy Bahama Mojito Luggage have been designed to handle the abuse given to them by the airport baggage handlers. Many bags fail and fall apart when coming into contact with this level of stress and strain, however, the Tommy Bahama Mojito Luggage Set has been designed to thrive in these conditions. The zips have been constructed well, along with the wheels and handles. Allowing you to pick up and throw this bag around, safe in the knowledge that it will stay in one piece. The fabric does show wear when mishandled, although unless there are sharp objects it should not tear. If you overpack this suitcase, like most others, it can come apart at the seams, so if you do pack heavy, handle with care.


The Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set is all about signature style. Featuring the signature bamboo interior that is commonplace for all Tommy Bahama luggage, along with the iconic basket weave trim. It really is a suitcase set designed for personal travel and not professional. The set comes in three different colors, brown, a darker brown, and blue. They all will stand out on the baggage carousel from the sea of dull and dreary standard black soft-sided luggage, making it easier to pick up and be on your way. Unlike the Kathy Van Zeeland Croco PVC Luggage Set 4 Piece, this is not necessarily a bag that will attract compliments on the way that it looks.

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The Tommy Bahama Mojito duffel bag measures in at 12 x 20 x 12 inches, giving you a lot of room to store travel essentials while being able to squeeze under the seat in front of you. The carry-on measure in at 20 x 14 x 8.5 inches, which is well within the regulations set by most airline carriers. As it is able to be expanded, it is worth checking with your airline carrier before arriving at the airport with a packed and expanded carry-on suitcase, as you may be disappointed and be asked to check it. The medium bag measures in at 24 x 17 x 9.5 inches, and the large at 28 x 19 x 10.5 inches, both of which can be expanded to give you an extra couple of inches of storage space.


The Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which will cover defects in the manufacturing process or materials. It does not cover the misuse, mishandling, or general wear and tear. This is common for a luggage warranty, with 5 years being a considerable length of time.

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Expandable Leisure Luggage Set!

The Tommy Bahama Mojito Four Piece Luggage Set is a set designed to make you want to go on holiday, it is stylish, sleek, and has that holiday vibe about it. You will be excited to pack your suitcase and get on the plane, destined for the palm trees you see in the interior. If overpacked, it may tear, but like most suitcases, if overpacked, they will not work as well as intended. Ideal for those passenger who are looking for a suitcase purely for pleasure, as it would not seem to fit in a meeting room, or on a business trip.

  • Well constructed
  • Expandable
  • Casual style
  • 5-year warranty
  • Heavy
  • Can expand to exceed size requirements
  • Can tear
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