Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 8-Piece Luggage Set Review

The Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 8-Piece Luggage Set has been designed to suit any type of traveler, whether you are packing for an overnight stay, or getting ready for a couple of weeks away, you will find packing and getting ready for your journey, easy and efficient with this diverse set. The set contains three upright suitcases, which consist of a carry-on, a medium, and a large suitcase. Along with a tote bag, and four packing cubes of varying sizes. You will be able to keep your luggage neat and tidy while on the go while staying fashionable and stylish with the two-tone polyester fabric. Each of the three upright suitcases contains a retractable push-button handle and inline skate wheels to help you easily navigate the crowded airport terminals. Get the complete Travelers Choice Luggage review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 85 out of 100
Storage: 85 out of 100
Weight: 80 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100
travelers choice luggage reviews


The Traveler’s Choice Luggage Set has been designed with the organized traveler in mind. It is definitely for those who like to stay in control of their luggage on the go, with it complimenting their already organized style with four packing cubes, enabling you to pack more inside the suitcase. Packing cubes have become more and more popular in recent years, they allow you to pack even more items inside your suitcase, with them fitting neatly together. The cases are made out of a luxurious 1200D two-tone polyester fabric, which is strong and durable. Each of the cases contains numerous interior and exterior pockets, allowing you to store more items in easy to reach places, so when you are on the move and need quick access to your belongings, it is easy and efficient.

travelers choice luggage reviews


The tote bag in Travelers Choice Luggage Set gives you the ability to carry a few of your essential travel items on board while keeping them with you at all times. It has a spacious main compartment with a top center zippered opening. Although with it being a top center zipper, it does not allow you to open the case up fully, therefore you may struggle to pack efficiently inside. It has one external pocket, giving you easy access to any items you place in there. The three upright suitcases are expandable, allowing you to take those extra items with you without having to worry about not being able to fit your souvenirs in for the return leg of your trip. On the outside of the three upright Travelers Choice Luggage cases, you will find two external pockets, giving you the ability to store your travel documents and travel essentials, without having to open the main compartment of your suitcase. Once inside you will find a large zippered mesh lined pocket, with has dual shoe pockets attached to it. This gives you easy access to shoes that you wish to bring along with you, as well as a large zippered pocket to place any loose items, keeping your luggage neat and tidy while you are on the go. On the other side of the interior, you will find the main compartment, where you will be able to store your clothing. There are two elastic tie-down straps, which help compress and keep in place any clothing that you have. The four packing cubes help to keep your belongings secure and tidy while traveling and can be used with any of the suitcases.

travelers choice luggage review


The Travelers Choice Luggage travel tote bag has an adjustable shoulder strap with rubber padding, which allows you to easily carry it on board. Along with a piggyback strap on the rear panel to slide over the upright handle of any larger suitcase. Making it easier and simpler to carry the tote bag with you on your trip. There are four packing cubes, each of differing sizes, allowing you to efficiently organize your suitcase for any length of travel. They are removable and can be used with any of the suitcases, whether you want to use one or all, you will find traveling much easier if your suitcase is packed neatly. The three upright suitcases have most of the modern features that the modern traveler has come to expect, the main negative being the inline skate wheels. They are not as smooth or maneuverable when in use, making it that bit harder to travel with, as the weight of your suitcase will be all on your shoulder, arm, and hand. In comparison to the Fochier 6 Piece Luggage Spinner Set where the eight 360-degree spinner wheels allow you to breeze through the airport, without a consideration on the weight of your suitcase. They are made from a strong and durable polyester, with a PVC backing, giving extra protection to your belongings inside. On the back panel of each case you will find an ID panel, so if your items ever go out of your possession, they will be easily identifiable, ensuring your suitcases get back to you.

travelers choice luggage reviews


The small tote bag weighs in at 1.8 lbs, which given its size is a reasonable weight. The carry-on suitcase weighs in at 7.75 lbs, slightly heavier than what you would expect from a soft-sided suitcase, especially given that the extra features are not there. You will not be able to take on board with you all those extra items, especially if your airline carrier has a strict weight allowance on cabin luggage. The medium suitcase weighs in at 8.95 lbs and the large case weighs in at 10 lbs. Given the sizes of the Travelers Choice Luggage, they are all relatively heavier than what you would expect. Although, this could be attributed to the high-density polyester fabric and numerous zippered pockets that this suitcase set has.

travelers choice luggage reviews


The Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 8-Piece Luggage Set has been designed to balance price, weight, and durability. It seems that they have leaned towards the price than anything else. Although for general use the bags will last, especially if there is no strain on the cases. It seems, however, that once the excessive stress is placed on the bags, they will begin to fail. Previous buyers have noted that the telescopic handle does feel flimsy, and is prone to fail if you pull too hard, or place excessive force on it. Although this is never done intentionally, we all know what bags go through when they come in contact with the airport baggage handlers.

travelers choice luggage review


The Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam Luggage Set is fairly standard looking in terms of luggage sets, it will not win any awards for style. It is similar to TravelCross Dublin 5 Piece Luggage Set, in that it has a two tone fabric, giving it a classic luggage look. It will do its job of carrying around your luggage, and it will not stand out or draw any attention to itself, which is great if you are looking for a suitcase set that blends in and does not bring any unwanted attention. Available in three colors, all of which are fairly standard, you will be able to find one that blends into your style and acts as just that, a suitcase set.

travelers choice luggage review


The Travelers Choice Luggage comes with a 6-year manufacturers warranty, ensuring that your set is free from any manufacturing or material defects for a full six years. This does not cover and excessive use, wear and tear, or mishandling.


The Travelers Choice Luggage set does come with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty, which protects the luggage from material or manufacturing defects. It does not, however, cover misuse, wear and tear, and mishandling. This is the most popular warranty that you will find from luggage manufacturers.

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8- Pieces Expandable Set!

As with all the travelers choice luggage reviews, it is a suitcase set that has been designed for those on a budget. It is a set that does not stand out from the crowd, it will do its job and you will be happy with how little you paid for it.

  • 8- Pieces
  • Long warranty
  • Packing cubes
  • Expandable
  • Heavy
  • Handle known to fail
  • Not the biggest cases
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