Tumi Voyageur Carson 15” Laptop Backpack for Women Reviews

Tumi’s Voyageur collection features three top of the line suitcases for travel to every corner of the globe – and also one fantastic Laptop backpack for extra packing space, or for purchase on its own as your next college campus original. The 15-inch pack is purposefully designed for quick and easy access with a slim manageable profile that any student could get the most use from. It also fits laptop up to 15 inches, making it the perfect pick for protecting and transporting your electronics.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100


The Tumi Backpack offers a practical design which doesn’t compromise when it comes down to either style or capacity. It’s a backpack which features very versatile elements and modern additions which help assist you throughout your daily activities – from class to class, or even just transferring flights. Tumi designed this bag to be lightweight, highly durable, capacity-centered, and stylish for women with a metrosexual frame for those guys confident enough to pull it off. Throughout the remainder of our review we’ll delve deep into the specifics in order to give the facts and nothing less about this Tumi original.


At 17 inches high with an interior 14.5-inch shoulder drop and 15-inch interior length, the Tumi Backpack offers a slim profile with a surprising volume and extra amount of nylon stretch. The main pocket zipper pulls back and opens the bag like a doctor-style bag, giving access to a 12-liter interior that features a main packing space along with a zipping tablet pocket. To the rear of this top main opening is a secondary zippered enclosure with extra padding – this pocket is designed specifically for your laptop at or under 15 inches. Other storage features come in the form of two side exterior pockets, a secret easy-access exterior hidden phone pocket, and a front-facing shallow zipper pocket. Unfortunately, the side pockets, though deep enough for a water bottle, don’t offer stretch pockets for keeping the bottle in place – compare to the ASPENSPORT Laptop Backpack.


Features unique to this particular bag are the hidden phone pocket, padded straps, a leather key ring, and a top locking zipper pull. The bags interior pockets feature two specially padded areas for your laptop computer as well as a kindle or iPad device. Both of the shoulder straps are fully adjustable, and the backpack features a leather haul handle. Unlike other zip-open bags which compromise space with the design of the main opening – for instance the Tocode Laptop Backpack – this Tumi Backpack offers a unique shape and zippered opening with the added space of your average doctor-style pack. The doctor style makes it easier to pack your backpack, and easier to retrieve your belongings when you need them.


At 0.8 pounds this backpack is both lightweight and chic; it’s a fashionable addition to your travel wardrobe that won’t weigh you down when full and is slim and stylish on your back. This is also a great lightweight pick for your airline and can accompany you onto any plane as your personal item in addition to a wheeled carry-on; it fits easily into any overhead compartment and leaves plenty of space for other travelers’ belongings. It can even be tucked out of sight under your seat or in the top of your suitcase.


Made from fashionable and durable nylon, which will withstand all the rigors of travel and hold its shape better than a fold up polyester fabric could, this backpack is more water tight and therefore greater at protecting your electronics. Other durability features include locking zipper pulls and all true-metal hardware with long pull tabs. The straps are made from nylon and feature thick padding for a more comfortable fit, while the top haul handle and side key chain are both made from durable vegetable-tanned leather. Exterior side pockets are additionally more watertight, as is the hidden phone pocket with a fold-down invisible seam that makes it easy for your personal access, but protected from others.


The overall style of the 15-inch backpack is a little more metrosexual, though still somewhat for feminine than masculine. However, it’s still a great fit for any traveler wanting to go in style, and its purchasable with over 8 different style options, our favorites being Black-Nylon and Mink/Silver. It is worth noting, however, that certain style choices are made from full leather rather than just nylon – these backpacks are still very stylish and offer all the features listed before, however they’re also more expensive.


Measuring 17 X 12 X 5.6 inches, this backpack is a great fit over the handle of your suitcase while waiting around in a crowded airport or traveling to your next gate. It’s slim and fits firmly and comfortably on your back.


Tumi offers a 30-day return along with a fantastic 1-year warranty on their backpacks and luggage products. This warranty covers any damages from shipping, or damages that are the result of manufacturing error. For further details contact Tumi directly.

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designed for quick lightweight travel at a low cost and with lots of packing room

Tumi’s 15-inch Laptop Backpack is part of a larger professional luggage set, each facet of which is designed for quick lightweight travel at a low cost and with lots of packing room. On its own the Tumi Backpack makes the perfect school companion, especially for college students on a large campus and with lots of classes. The backpack offers tons of packing space along with a padded laptop vault and exterior hidden phone pocket; it’s also a very well-designed backpack with high nylon durability for protecting your belongings.

  • Padded iPad and Laptop zippered pockets.
  • Over 8 different unique metrosexual styles and colors.
  • 12 liters of interior packing space with 5 exterior body pockets.
  • Shallow water bottle pockets; don’t offer stretch linings.
  • Some select styles are made from more expensive materials.
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Tumi Voyageur Carson 15” Laptop Backpack for Women
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