COTRUNKAGE Vintage Travel Luggage with TSA Lock VS. CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage with TSA Lock

Product Overview

COTRUNKAGE Travel Luggage Trunk Vintage Women Suitcase with TSA Lock
CO-Z Premium Vintage Luggage Sets 24`` Trolley Suitcase and 12`` Hand Bag Set with TSA Locks

Brand Comparison and Product Review

COTRUNKAGE is a company which appreciates the beauty of a combination of contemporary and vintage styles for a wide range of women all across the globe. Their luggage sets, carry-on’s, checked luggage, and travel bags are designed with a range of style options based on old fashioned sense. Likewise, CO-Z Luggage is a women’s brand known for their solid vintage suitcases which are made with outstanding quality materials. Together these brands vie for the top spot in women’s vintage travel accessories, and in comparing them we’ve taken aside their combined set pieces to get a broader look at each brand as a whole.

How we Organized our Reviews

The following review takes specific articles of luggage from two different brands and compares these products side by side. In order to compare these products in a way that readers will understand and learn the most information to make an accurate and educated decision, the following individual product reviews have been organized into four categories that compare: Suitcase Storage, Materials/Durability, Additional Features and Size/Style Options. It’s our belief that the only important review which matters is the final review of the traveler/reader, after all different travel needs vary per person and it’s important to get exactly what you need.

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COTRUNKAGE has a massive collection of vintage-contemporary original suitcases, but from that large selection almost nothing is more popular than this brand’s two-piece combination of carry-on suitcases and 12-inch trunk cosmetic case. Together this pairing makes for a very stylish traveling collection that gives you the perfect carry-on and personal item for any national and international flight.

Suitcase Storage

Starting with the basics we take a look at the 12-inch cosmetic kit; this suitcase is designed like your average trunker-vintage suitcase, but with secure top handles, a long strap carrying handle and a TSA lock. The interior storage of this particular case includes a main space with a capacity of around 15 to 20 liters (one outfit or your cosmetic stuffs). The next piece is the 20-inch carry-on with your full trunk shape and an opening which offers a single-bottom interior with a ceiling zippered pocket. The bottom of the carry-on includes a unique top lining which holds your clothing down and includes a secondary section with two extra mesh pockets.


Both suitcases are lined with padded polyester for extra protective support of your valuables, as well waterproofed protection. The main body of each vintage trunk is designed from genuine leather with Oxford leather corners that are easy to wash. Each suitcase is made with a reinforced interior board and all metal materials are made to resist rust around the rivets; though their coloring for most style options is scaled mixture rose gold. Each suitcase comes with the company embossed leather logo and strong TSA locks with tri-combination wheels. The carry-on is designed with a full aluminum telescopic handle as well as four spinner wheels for 360-degree motion wherever you go; the wheels are designed from strong polyurethane and are screwed into the body of the suitcase rather than weakly riveted.

Additional Features

The 12-inch trunk cosmetic kit comes with two top haul handles for carrying in your hands, additionally this extra luggage also includes a long strap with all metal hardware for hanging from your shoulder or securing to the telescopic handle of the carry-on.

Size/Style Options

The carry-on suitcase for this collection measures in at 23.6 X 14 X 7.7 inches and is not expandable, while the cosmetic case addition measures in at 7.9 X 12 X 4.5 inches. Style options for these suitcases include 5 different color schemes with leather accents and full metal hardware; our favorite color being sky blue.

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The next luggage combo on our list is the vintage trunk collection from CO-Z which includes a 24-inch carry-on/checked suitcase (depending on your airline), along with a 12-inch handbag or cosmetic bag. Each suitcase is designed from the same high-quality materials and matched perfectly to one another for one-of-a-kind luggage that won’t get mixed up with other passengers or easily lost in an airport. The style options for these bags vary more than those from the COTRUNKAGE collection, with the upside of greater affordability for the average vintage traveler.

Suitcase Storage

At 24 inches the vintage trunk checked suitcase offers approximately 40 liters of packing space – or 6 outfits with room to spare for shoes (depending on how you pack). The 12-inch handbag comes with around 5 liters of volume, and together they offer enough packing space for a 5 to 7-day trip with perfectly organized interior suitcase pockets that offer better storage and security.  The first pocket inside the 24-inch checked suitcase is a long mesh zippered pocket ideal for shoes and other accessories; this pocket is situated into the trunk lid with the main massive storage compartment located below. A middle divider separates the clothing from the lid, and this divider includes two additional zippered mesh pockets for toiletries and the like. Additionally, the 12-inch over-the-shoulder trunk also offers a space-maximizing rectangular interior along with a single toiletry-kit sized pocket for the best utilization of space on your adventure.


Both of the trunks that are part of this collection are made from PU leather with hand-crafted stitching that’s both sturdy and elegant. Compared to other hard-shell materials this luggage is quite a bit weaker than regular leather, PC, and ABS, though with added support from an interior rigid board. Speaking of interiors, the inside of each suitcase is equipped with high quality polyester water tight linings which provide additional padding as well as water protection. The 24-inch suitcase comes with 4 heavy duty spinner wheels for effortless mobility that is screwed into the frame of the trunk rather than weakly riveted; additionally, the telescopic handle is made from strong aircraft grade aluminum crafted along a two-pole system.

Additional Features

The 24-inch checked suitcase and 12-inch personal item both come equipped with TSA combination locks as well as strong haul handles for easy and safer lifting to and from luggage carousels and overhead bins. Other extras include additional corner leather bracing with all chrome components; this adds to the strength of the suitcase collection while also creating a stylish look from the added darker accents. Finally, when you’re really on the move, these suitcases stack easily and roll as one, making it simple to get through a crowded airport and on your way toward new adventures.

Size/Style Options

The medium suitcase measures in at 23 X 14 X 9 inches with 10.7 pounds of weight unpacked; the over-the-shoulder tote trunk measures 12.4 X 5.1 X 8.2 inches and only weighs 3 pounds. Other dimensions include the trunks maximum handle extension height at 41 inches; ideal for hanging the tote from while you’re rolling along. Style choices are limited to three semi-basic colors, however each of these is very striking with the added leather accents and certainly makes for a one-of-a-kind traveling accessory right at your side; these colors include a traditional white, sassy blue, and girly pink.

Best Vintage Women’s Suitcases:

One thing which might make the collection from COTRUNKAGE more valuable both in look and durability than the pick from CO-Z is the fact that the first product uses genuine cow-tanned leather rather than PU leather. In one way this makes it so that the pick from CO-Z is more affordable, but it also lowers the products durability and look overall; especially when we consider that COTRUNKAGE’s product offers more style options for a wide range of eclectic vintage travelers. However, where storage counts the 24-inch checked suitcase offers much more packing space than the 20-inch carry-on, though by way or organization and pockets the two are equals. In the end, the best pick comes down to the needs and price range of the traveler, because in many ways these two vintage trunk collections are neck in neck for being the best women’s luggage where old-fashioned style counts.

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