Rosetti Luggage Expandable Carry On Hardside Suitcase vs Rockland Stage Coach 20 Inch Rolling Trunk: Reviews

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Rosetti Luggage Carry On Expandable Hardside Suitcase With Spinner Wheels
Rockland Stage Coach 20 Inch Rolling Trunk, White

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Vintage suitcases are always going to be popular for two major reasons: these suitcases are stylish and they’re also trusted originals known to be superiorly crafted from the best materials. Where vintage trunks are concerned there are two brands at the forefront of modernizing the classic trunk design with new twists on old classics: Fratelli Rosetti and Rockland Luggage by Fox Luggage INC. In this review of two world-wide trusted brands we’re taking a look specifically at their carry-on trunk options to compare these fantastic brands: Rosetti Luggage which is inspired by old world traditional Italian craftsmanship, and Rockland Luggage which is younger and better known for its fashion and design trends on old classics.

How we Organized our Reviews

The following review compares the two brands by their individual carry-on products, leaving the final conclusion mostly for the reader to draw for themselves. These products are laid out side by side with nothing but the facts, comparing them by: Suitcase Storage, Materials/Durability, Additional Features and Size/Style Options.

Lucas Luggage Air Cube 20 inch Carry On Ultra Lightweight Expandable Suitcase with Spinners

Rosetti vintage luggage is known for its original styling on the tried and true designs from the past; specifically, their Expandable Trunk Carry-On offers this unique trunk look and functionality along with new additions that add mobility, added packing space, and general ease of use throughout every stage of a journey. Another great perk is this trunks affordability, something you can’t often find with actual vintage luggage of this caliber. It’s design features lightweight construction along with packing expandability for the sweet spot of additional packing space without the hassle of added weight fees along the way.

Suitcase Storage

Measuring 20 inches, this carry-on is smaller than the typical standard case at around 24 inches. At a glance this suitcase offers 45 liters of packing space (which is enough packed clothing for between 2 and 3 days of travel if you don’t have a washing machine on hand. As the design is for a hardside suitcase, this trunk does lack the added benefit of exterior pockets with stretch for electronics and added packing; however, the interior includes a zipper-divided top and bottom compartment, tie-down straps, and a mesh zippered lining for additional packing of smaller belongings. In fact, if you look closer at the opening hinge of the trunk you also even get an added toiletry kit attached into the body of the suitcase. As well, beyond that first glance you also get the added storage of a zippered expansion which unzips to give the suitcase an additional 2 inches of packing space – or 15% more capacity. Where storage counts this brand pulls all the stops.


Starting with the body of the suitcase which includes some soft touch PU leather materials, we get a good look at Rosetti’s efforts to include materials that will withstand the long-term wears of travel while also adding to the vintage originality of the suitcase. The 100% virgin PU materials with chrome bolts add their strength to the polycarbonate design of the main body itself, allowing this suitcase to travel quite light without scratching or denting easily. Additionally, the luggage handles are made from aircraft grade aluminum which is manufactured for increased strength and durability that won’t bend, break, or stiffen over time. The interior includes a decorative polyester lining which offers additional protective padding and is also very water tight. While the 360-degree telescopic wheels are riveted rather than screwed into the frame – this can prove problematic on harder urban streets – but won’t age as quickly since they’re made from polyurethane.

Additional Features

Some necessary additions to this Rosetti vintage luggage include the benefits of two interior zippered compartments – one mesh and wide, the other a smaller toiletry kit design – which add to the suitcase’s overall storage capacity as well as its organizability. Its full expandability also makes it much more than just another small-capacity carry-on, and each of these zippered additions include fine self-repairing zippers which are less likely to break and include long pull tabs for operation.

Size/Style Options

This carry-on trunk measures in at 21.8 X 13.5 X 9 inches, including all four wheels and handles. At this size this is the ideal carry-on for any national or international overhead bin – additionally the trunk includes strong top and side haul handles for safe removal from overhead. Upon expanding an additional 3 liters of packing space is offered; unpacked the suitcase weighs in at 7.1 pounds. All facets of your luggage are covered by a 5-year manufacturers warranty, and the add style options for this trunk include a stylish deep burgundy with leather accents and an adventurous leaf green with leather accents.

IT luggage Intrepid 22" 8 Wheel Spinner

Although Rockland trunks are known for their vintage flair, this company is also popular for taking a particularly vintage design and packing it full with advanced modern ideas which can add to the suitcase’s mobility, capacity, durability, and even just the overall look. At first glance the look of Rocklands Stage Coach 2-inch Roller Trunk is very modern indeed, though still with that friendly shape that makes it a classic. Some of these added features further described below include added spanner wheels, polyvinyl protection, and elasticated pockets.

Suitcase Storage

Hardshell designs will typically offer less packing room than soft side suitcases will, that’s a given, but with the right additions some of these hard designs can pack quite a lot for your weekend getaways. This carry-on at 20 inches offers 38.3 liters of interior packing space along with an interior elasticized zippered pocket for added storage and organizability; the interior also includes tie down straps, a semi-divided top and bottom, and a hinge-mounted toiletry kit. The one feature which would make this suitcases’ storage capacity equal to the previous suitcase from Rosetti is expandability, which this particular carry-on lacks.


The hardshell body of this suitcase is made entirely from ABS materials, though feature PU leather accenting which does add to the strength of the hinges and stitching. ABS is a heavier hardshell material than PC or PC blends, additionally its less scratch resistant, but it is very durable against drops and denting and will protect your belongings throughout a long trip. The interior includes strong tie-down straps and a water tight lining; exterior features include a strong telescopic push-button handle made from aluminum with a ergonomic design and 4 spinner wheels which are strongly screwed into the body of the suitcase. One additional feature which adds great durability to this design are the suitcase corners, all reinforced by wrapped PVC for added support and protection.

Additional Features

The interior of this bag includes two additional zippered pockets, one deep mesh pocket, while the other is small and enclosed and best used for toiletries. All the zippers for this suitcase are self-repairing and made from strong aluminum with sturdy pull tabs. The suitcase includes both top and side haul handles for easy and safe removal from overhead compartments without placing weight on your back. Likewise, the telescopic handle features an ergonomic design and smooth two-pole extension.

Size/Style Options

Measuring in at 20 X 13 X 8 inches this trunk carry-on suitcase comes with plenty of modern extras which greatly add to the functionality of a trusted vintage original. At 20 inches this suitcase weighs only 6.5 pounds unpacked – a very impressive feat considering it’s hard side design. Color options also add to the style of this suitcase, and these styles include our personal favorite fashion-forward white with PU leather accents, as well as red and champagne. Unfortunately, this suitcase does not expand for additional sizing, though with the bonus that its just as cost affordable as the Rosetti Suitcase and with more style options.

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Storage might win out when comparing these two brands and their bags to each other. Both the Rosetti Vintage Suitcase and the Rockland Trunk are quite similar in weight and price, as well as in durability, but where they differ is in capacity. With added expandability the pick from Rosetti offers around 6 extra liters of packing space as well as better interior pockets; meaning for those business trips or weekend getaways you’ll be able to pack more clothing with a Rosetti trunk carry-on than most Rockland trunks. Not only can this save travelers more money on additional checked bags, but it’s also great for packing a smaller suitcase even when you think you’re in for a longer trip.

Though the final decision, as always, is left to the readers. Both Rosetti and Rockland have something different to offer for the particular traveler, and not all travelers pack or travel the same way; styles vary as do weight and capacity preferences. When we really boil it down, where vintage suitcases matter both of these brands have their way of standing out.

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