Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage vs YODO Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels or Little Kids Rolling Luggage : Reviews

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Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage
YODO Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels or Little Kids Rolling Suitcase Luggage

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Character-Luggage is becoming much more popular, especially as a choice for children’s suitcases; these suitcases are designed to travel in style and with a little fun while looking like different animals, characters from Disney movies, even just little made up creatures! Don’t just take our word about it, parent reviews of these suitcases are through the roof because they keep travel interesting and get kids excited. In our review today we’re looking at two such luggage options from Stephen Joseph Kids and YODO Kids, both of which are traveling carry-ons with a fun twist!

How we Organized our Reviews

It’s our goal to write about luggage with nothing but the facts so that parents can judge for themselves which brand and which suitcase is the best suitcase of choice. Now, of course this final judgment can be based more on a parents and child’s needs more than anything else, and for that reason we’ve designed our review into a side-by-side comparison detailing the facts into four important categories: suitcase storage, materials/durability, additional features, and size/style options. Compared against each other in this way we believe the luggage pick with the most value or usability for your needs will be apparent, as will the best suitcase overall based on the value of all the listed factors.

Stephen Joseph is well known for its kid-friendly travel solutions which target their luggage at a loving audience of both boys and girls between the ages of 5 even up to 12 years old. These suitcases are instantly recognizable for their fun prints, typical bright colors, telescopic handle’s as well as backpack capability, and even storage capacity! That’s right, many parents who pack a Steven Joseph always comment that they’re very impressed with how many diapers, pajamas, and even different onesies they can fit into just a single bag.

Suitcase Storage

With multiple pockets and plenty of space to pack, this luggage is carry-on sized and ready to roll! Measuring in at 14.5 inches it’s the ideal sized suitcase for kids 5 and up to travel with easily, while parents will also find it simplicity to manage when their little ones are tired. Laid flat and opened the interior immediately offers a maximum of uninterrupted flush space for stacked outfits – easily 7 to 8 different kid’s outfits, with room to spare. The ceiling of the suitcase also includes a mesh zippered pocket for added organization, keeping nice kids’ clothes wrinkle free, packing diapers and other necessities, or even just organizing kids’ toiletries and medicines. Exterior storage offers two unique zippered side pouches for snacks, a small electronic device, crayons, and other entertainment; attached to these side pouches are include mesh stretch pockets for water bottles/etc. The front of the suitcase also includes a large zippered pocket – ideal for fitting an IPAD device or extra sweater – and even this includes an attached mesh stretch pocket for even more storage.


With a sturdy construction and a durable polyester exterior, you can be assured this bag is made to last through plenty of wear and tear that might occur to your average carry-on suitcase. However, with these materials this isn’t a great bag to check with your airline; the ideal lightweight suitcases for checking should be made from either cotton canvas (medium durability) or nylon (highest durability). This suitcase also features sturdy in-line skate wheels (made from strong polyurethane) and exterior hardware such as thick zipper pulls and a telescopic handle made from machined aluminum.

Additional Features

This suitcase mainly features added storage with its exterior pockets – of which there are a total of 6 unique pockets (three of them mesh stretch pockets). Other added features include bas stand legs so the suitcase bottom doesn’t drag against the floor while rolling, a multiple-stage locking telescopic handle (reaching a suitable enough length for an adult to roll), and a top haul handle for easier and safer lifting into/from overhead compartments.

Size/Style Options

Measuring in at 14.5 x 18 x 6.5 inches this suitcase has been rigorously tested to fit into all overhead bins in both national and international airlines. At this size the style options included are limited to a shark animal print. This print features a main snapping shark on the face of the suitcase with a water background and other shark outlines. For your little girl or boy who loves the ocean and the swimming predators in it, this is a fun pick for making travel easier and more entertaining.

Although Lucas Luggage is an American brand that is strongly preferred, at a comparable price range and with equally fantastic materials, IT Luggage might just surprise you. When it comes down to Lucas Luggage vs. It Luggage, this second brand began designing suitcases specifically for business and leisure; today they provide full sized bags and carry-on options. Each design also follows the IT brand motto of ‘innovation and imagination’, especially this specific 22-inch expanding beauty. Although, before you make up your mind about what we’re saying, let’s compare the facts:

Suitcase Storage

YODO Kid’s Luggage is dedicated to producing children’s designs which are multifunctional and grow up/change with a kid for plenty of use as they age. After all, what’s the point of purchasing a suitcase your little one can only use when they’re 5-years-old? The YOD Zoo Suitcase is specifically engineered to provide a unique 3-way experience so that it can be used hundreds of times throughout the oncoming years as your child ages and their interests change just as much as their separate travels. At 11.8 inches this is a very unique pick for both parent and child; let’s take a closer look!


Made from a blend of polyester and cotton canvas materials this unique suitcase features a fun dinosaur character print/design for the perfect traveling companion. It’s a durable enough suitcase for use as a carry-on, includes a strong aluminum two-pole telescopic handle, strong backpack straps, and even highly durable polyurethane in-line skate wheels. Your kid won’t be disappointed with this long-lasting design, as its crafted to stay strong for years of travel.

Additional Features

For use as a hand bag, carry-on luggage/personal item, or even as backpack, this suitcase is designed for use anyway you and your kid want it. Its multifunctional design allows this suitcase to grow in use with your toddler for years. It can be used as a diaper bag, travel luggage, and eventually even a school bag. It includes side pockets for plenty of extras, as well as a deep front pocket. The overall structure offers standing legs so the suitcase can rest upright, as well as wheel without dragging its bottom against the floor. Of course, for use as a backpack only, this suitcase even includes a pull-around flap for hiding the wheels.

Size/Style Options

Measuring 11.8 x 6.1 x 15 inches this suitcase isn’t nearly as large as our Stephen Joseph Kids example, however it is much more durable and offers plenty more style options. Style choices listed with this product include the fun and friendly Dinosaur character (which makes a great school backpack!), the small owl character, and the small shark character. Each of these is crafted with loving and long-lasting quality for your son or daughter to enjoy for years to come.

Luggage for Your Little One’s; Making Traveler Easier for You and More Entertaining for Them:

Space matters greatly when it comes to travel, especially when parents don’t want to be carrying their own luggage as well as their kids, for this reason Stephen Joseph comes out on top in our estimate. The Stephen Joseph suitcase offers more storage space than any of its competitors, include YODO Kid’s Backpack-Suitcase, and this storage also includes a unique design with 6 different organization exterior pockets and one zippered interior pocket. Compared against Stephen Joseph, however, its competitor YODA Kids design offers a unique backpack/suitcase combo which is ideal for the shorter trip to Grandma’s, or even for school use. In the end though, the final most important review and opinion is that of the parents! Choose the suitcase which is best for your kids needs, and even the one which best represents their interests and personal sense of style.

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Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage vs YODO Zoo 3-Way Toddler Backpack with Wheels or Little Kids Rolling Luggage
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