Heys America Travel Tots Kids 2 Pc Luggage Set vs Goplus 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Set: Reviews

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Heys America Travel Tots Kids 2 Pc Luggage Set
Goplus 2Pc Kids Carry On Luggage Set

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Travelers have entered the day and age where they have to take advantage of an airline’s specifications of a ‘carry-on’ and ‘personal item’ being free to bring onto a plane. For most travelers this typically means a backpack and a carry-on suitcase, but what about for most traveling kids? There seem to be very few companies who produce cute matching luggage with kids in mind, but from that small collection we’ve plucked out the top two companies to review against each other. Each of these selections has a unique two-piece luggage set for kids; America Travel Tots Kids offers a unique backpack and carry-on combo which features a smoothed round shape for awesome portability, likewise Goplus Kids offers a squared version of this backpack/carry-on combo. These products are stackable, great fun for kids and the whole family, and efficient for all your son or daughters packing needs.

How we Organized our Reviews

Unlike some other review websites which tell readers how to think, we think the best way at approaching a review is to present two cases with nothing but the facts. In the following sections we hold America Travel Tots Kids up against Goplus Kids and let their side-by-side in-depth look reveal which brand (and which suitcase) is better. In reviewing these products we’ve broken each segment down into four categories: suitcase storage, materials/durability, additional features, and size/style options. Armed with this information we have no doubt that parents will be able to pick the best suitcase, not only for the price and overall value of its design, but also based on their kids needs and interests.

Many children’s 2-set or even 3-set designs are limited to a carry-on suitcase and then extra tiny things such as ‘wallets’ or ‘purses’. Most of these ‘3-piece’ sets don’t really include an extra bag for packing more clothing or other belongings, and often that can be a big let down because that added personal item often means the difference between a few extra outfits on your travels. America Travel Tots Kids did not cheap out on their design, in fact this is a company which has created all their children’s luggage based off of a regular adult-sized suitcase. These sets are crafted with two features in mind: durability and storage space.

Suitcase Storage

Storage space is a feature which can greatly benefit children and adults, after all without added storage it means that you parents are going to be lugging around most of those children’s clothes (and even diapers) in your own suitcases. At 18 inches this is quite the large carry-on (suitable for ages 6 and up) and offers a unique egg-shaped interior with a zippered divider for organized packing. Now, due to the shape it might be difficult to keep nicer clothes wrinkle free, however if you pack strategically its possible to use the roundness of the design to easily fit between 8 to 9 different outfits with room to spare. Other storage comes in the form of the 13-inch matching backpack, and not only is this a cute addition which will excite your kid, it’s also great for fitting an extra sweater or two, some toys, and even a tablet for the airplane ride.


The backpack includes a unique back mouth made from ABS materials, this makes it very durable against any accidental falls or drops, especially when your child is carrying any electronics onto the plane. Likewise, the design of the carry-on suitcase uses ABS materials for a strengthened durability which ranks medium-low against other hard-shell materials like PC film. What should mean is that these suitcases are best used as carry-on suitcases, however if you need to these bags are still okay to check with your airline. The carry-on also includes durable in-line skate wheels made from strong polyurethane, as well as an aluminum telescopic handle. One down side is that the telescopic handle features a single-pole design, and unlike two-pole handles the one-pole is more likely to bend over time and not slide into the suitcase as easily.

Additional Features

The luggage print is protected by a layer of clear coat which also gives it a beautiful glossy shine. The design of this case also allows the wheels to protrude out keeping the case elevated preventing the bottom of the luggage from touching the ground. With the luggage only weighing in at a mere 3.5 lbs., children can wheel these fun cases around, as they also feature our inline skate wheels that make rolling even smoother. Both the luggage and backpack piece have zipper closure system, when opened reveals a beautifully lined interior.

Size/Style Options

Weighing a mere 3.5 pounds and measuring in at 18 x 13.5 x 9 inches, this carry-on suitcase will meet all the regulations for both national and international flights. The suitcase includes a top haul handle for safe lifting into overhead bins, and also, it’s a great shape for fitting into any bin when boarding a flight which is almost full. Next, the backpack measures in at 13 x 10 x 5.5 inches, and is a great fit with adjustable straps for any little kid 6 and up. Style options are kid’s favorite part of the entire design; on amazon this suitcase includes three unique prints featuring an Owl, a Panda, and an Elephant; directly from the distributer there are even 5 other different designs in case your child has a particular favorite animal or you’re buying two different sets for your twins. No matter where you go, each piece has been printed with colorful and vibrant artwork adding loads of fun to traveling for the kids and the entire family.

Individual kid suitcases are one of the best methods for teaching your kids to learn to enjoy packing and travel, and it has been Goplus Kids design goal it imbibe this idea that the perfect piece of luggage will inspire children to learn how to tidy a suitcase, pick their own outfits, and even eventually pack on their own as they grow. With the addition of an extra backpack piece parents also never have to worry about their kids not having enough room to pack favorite toys and stuffed animals. Not to mention, this two-piece design features a cute and comfortable shape for travel, one which is specifically meant to promote durable safe travel with loads of room for every cute kid outfit a parent can dream up.

Suitcase Storage

At 16 inches the carry-on for this set is somewhat smaller than the carry-on reviewed for America Travel Tots, however this 16-inch carry-on features a more squared shape for added corner space that keeps the storage capacities of these two suitcases very neck-in-neck. At 16-inches the carry-on is a great fit for around 8 to 9 different outfits, its interior even includes tie-down straps for added space, as well as a zippered divider for great organizability. The addition of the kids 12-inch backpack creates ample room for an extra outfit, for toys, and even for a tablet device that will keep your kid entertained on those long international flights.


Get ready to be wowed by this set’s durability! The set includes a backpack made from strong nylon with a zip-down front crafted out of ABS with a PC film blend for that added strength and coloration in the print. The suitcase itself is a total blend of ABS and PC film materials for a medium-high strength that is abrasion resistant, won’t scratch easily, and can even be safely checked onto a flight rather than carried-on. With a strong aircraft-grade aluminum telescopic handle and spinner wheels this suitcase offers a strong mobility system, even though spinner wheels are somewhat weaker than in-line skate wheels. Both the suitcase and backpack also include a strong watertight inner lining and long zipper pulls.

Additional Features

Equipped with four durable wheels which support 360 degree rolling for easily moving, this is a suitcase which can handle urban streets like a dream. If the goods are little, only the backpack needed, especially for those short weekend trips to Grandma’s house. An included dual-tube adjustable pull handle and a top grab handle are much easier for kids to lift and pull.

Size/Style Options

The carry-on measures 16 x 11.5 x 9 inches, while the backpack measures 12 x 9.5 x 5 inches. Style options include 5 different unique matching prints: Deer and Birds, Elephant, Elephant and Lions, Girls, and Owls.

Kid’s Set with Real Storage Space and All the Extras:

It’s impressive that these suitcases stay pretty neck-in-neck; where America Travel Tots Kids offers more packing space with a large backpack and suitcase, Goplus Kids suitcases are easily more durable. Style options are pretty close as well, and both companies offer awesome different prints that can be purchased to reflect the different personality and unique qualities of your kid, or even just to reflect their favorite animal. In the end, these are both fantastic brands, and the best choice is going to be the parents choice.

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