Lucas Luggage vs Samsonite: Finding the Right Suitcase That Makes Traveling a Breeze

If you are like most travelers, you’re tired of having your journeys poisoned by having to carry your awkwardly heavy suitcase after having paid a pretty penny for it, just for it to break in the end. Find out right now key benefits to choosing a suitcase by Lucas Luggage that big luggage suitcase companies like Samsonite do not want you to know…

Finding The Right Luggage Brand for the Job

When it comes to traveling any distance, you always want to know your possessions are safe and secure. You may wonder where one starts looking when it comes to finding the best suitcase for their next adventure. You may simply not know all of the intricacies that make for a high-quality luggage suitcase brand. How is Lucas luggage different from Samsonite? The answers may surprise you…

Lucas Luggage vs Samsonite


Lucas Luggage


Price $ 50 – 200+ $80 – 900+
Weight 5 – 7+ lbs  6 – 10+ lbs
Size 20” – 28” inches 14” – 42” inches
Design Soft-side and hard-side options Soft-side and hard-side options
Durability Yes No
Storage Offers expandable options for most suitcase models Offers a few expandable options for some suitcase models
Warranty 5-year warranty 10-year warranty
Extra Features ·  Excellent customer service

·  Made of high-quality materials from the wheels to the zippers and fabrics used

·  Designed to meet airline’s size requirements

·  Poor customer service

·  Made of reasonable quality materials and is most likely to scuff and easily break in certain areas

·  May not always meet airline size requirements for carry-on


The Lightweight Champion That Beats the Heavyweight Titan of Luggage Suitcase Brands

Lucas luggage is one of those rare brands whose outstanding features never come at the cost of its weight. Samsonite suitcases may seem very appealing because their brand seems solid and trustworthy, but the lust they cause an average customer to experience only lasts until you make those final clicks to buy them.

You then become the proud member of the club of those unlucky passengers who are late for their flight and seem to have to carry their sizey, heavy suitcase that seems to be full of rocks just to end up paying all the extra luggage weight fees for the suitcase they will then have to cram into the overhead bin of the plane:



Experiencing all these weighty luggage issues is what drives many people to seek out the lightest luggage suitcase on the market, and of the many brands of luggage suitcases currently available on the market today, Lucas Luggage is one of the most pleasant brands to go with – their luggage suitcases are both compact and lightweight:


Paying the Right Price for Long-Term Benefits

Having to drag a heavy, bulky carry-on while also being in a hurry can leave many people feeling frustrated in an already stressful situation. But that is sadly not the only drawback of brandy luggage suitcases like Samsonite that you have to worry about. Price is always a big concern for most buyers under the sun, but you’re in for a real treat when it comes to Lucas Luggage pricing.

For a very attractive price, you get to receive in your mail delivery exactly the product you’ve paid for online – a well-designed lightweight compact suitcase that is capable of storing just a bit more things than you probably thought possible when you made the decision to purchase it. Play with it for some time and discover that you no longer need to leave all your favorite things at home – they can now enjoy your journey with you.

Having a Suitcase That Can Take a Tumble or Two

With Lucas Luggage you will never be embarrassed about your suitcase popping open in plain sight right in the middle of the airport line for everyone to see what your wardrobe is like. Lucas Luggage suitcases are designed with durability in mind which ensures all your things will be alright, just as you packed them from the comfort of your home.

After all, few things can be more frustrating than having the entire order of your belongings, in the suitcase you’ve only recently bought, ruined when you have no time or peace of mind in the middle of the busy crowded airport to go through the hassle of restoring it.

You may wonder now, if Lucas Luggage suitcase products are so durable, then why do they all come with such an extensive warranty? That is because the warranty for Lucas Luggage suitcases seldom if ever comes in handy.

But just in case you found yourself in a highly unlikely situation of something going wrong with the Lucas Luggage suitcase you bought, Lucas Luggage outstanding customer service would have you covered. Unlike Samsonite’s customer service, it will never drive you in circles around the issue you’re experiencing, but will rather get straight to the heart of it hearing what you have to say.

 Your Next Amazing Trip with Lucas Luggage Suitcase

You’ve been insightful and have taken notice of all the perks that choosing a suitcase made by Lucas Luggage has to offer. You’ve made a decision to buy it and the doorbell rings when it’s delivery time.

You can’t wait to pack all the things you want for your trip into the neatly designed suitcase made by Lucas Luggage that you’ve carefully selected online. You’re amazed by how many things it can handle while still being light to lift whenever you need it. Time for your trip arrives, and you can’t believe how easy your new Lucas Luggage suitcase fits everywhere you want to put it.

You’ve rushed and run a few times with it and you’ve barely noticed a suitcase with you. You’ve bumped it a few times all around the place but it’s as good the day it arrived at your doorstep. And with all the money you haven’t overpaid for it, you’ve now enjoyed a few visits to coffee shops on your way…

Discover the whole new way of enjoying your travels with Lucas Luggage suitcases. Pick the one you like right now.

LUCAS Ultra Light Weight Originals 3 PC Spinner Collection (Black)
Lucas Ultra Lightweight 3 Piece Softside Expandable Luggage With Spinner Wheels (One Size, Royal Blue)
Lucas Luggage Sport 4-Piece Expandable Wheeled Upright Luggage Set (Blue)
Lucas Luggage Lightweight 27 inch Large Softside Expandable Suitcase With Spinner Wheels (27in, Debut Black)
Lucas Outlander Large Hard Case 28 inch Expandable Rolling Suitcase With Spinner Wheels (One Size, Burgundy)
Lucas Printed Softside 3 Piece Lightweight Expandable Luggage Set with Spinner Wheels (One Size, Diva)


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