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One of our favorite travel and adventure brands to review is Samsonite; their brand has become well known for its rugged and outdoorsy designs from suitcases to duffels and even backpacks. Their top selling Utility Paracycle Backpack has become especially popular for college students and hikers, fire because its highly durable, and second because its design is crafted based around space and fitting all you’ll need for the day. In our review, however, we’re stepping back and taking a look at nothing but the facts to determine if this backpack really stands against others as a top product for your travel or school needs.

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100


The design for this backpack is based off of the hardy type of backpacks used by the military, however this Samsonite backpack clearly offers a smaller profile, less pockets for lightweight use, and of course a padded insert for your laptop. Its not necessarily the most fashionable design, but in a word its fashion sense is ‘outdoorsy’. This backpack is great for men or women, even though its design is more on the masculine side. Now, of course if you really do want something more military-styled but also more approachable (offering loads of space for a backpacking trip) we suggest something high-grade but still manageable like the SOG Ninja Tactical Day Pack. Otherwise, this Samsonite backpack makes for the perfect day pack or even overnight pack while out camping.


You won’t typically find a regular college backpack over the medium 15 to 16 inches, but this Samsonite backpack measures in at 17.75 inches and still meets the storage requirements for your campus without being too big – not that there are exact rules for what backpacks you can wear to school. At this 17.5 inches this backpack offers a maximum of space that other packs don’t, giving you multiple zippered quick-stash pockets in the middle-zippered pocket, as well as additional storage space from an exterior deep zippered pocket and side pockets ideal for water bottles to umbrellas. The main interior with two zippers offers access to an organizer as well as the main body of the bag – offering 15 liters of packing space – great for your textbooks and even offering an insert for your iPad or Kindle. Behind this is a specially zippered pocket with added padding for protection; this section is for your laptop and designed to keep your computer from bouncing or getting wet. Finally, the pull over flap at the front of the backpack offers an additional quick-access pocket, and buckles in place to protect your other pockets from the rain or snow.


Altogether this backpack offers five zippered compartments, two shallow, two deep, and one for your laptop at or under 16-inches. Other pockets include the side water bottle inserts as well as smaller organizer spaces on the pack’s interior. Further features include a smart-sleeve design along the back of the pack between the straps; this makes it easier for you to lower your bag over the poles of a suitcase so you don’t have to wear it through an airport. The bottom of the bag is fitted with a water-resistant PU bottom which offers better durability and further weather protection. Finally, the very back is fitted with additional padding for both your back, as well as the protection of your computer.


Weighing in at 2 pounds, this backpack does weigh a little above average for your standard school or day-hike pack. What this means is that you’ll want to adjust the straps more tightly so as to better handle the packs total weight when full. Otherwise the weight of this backpack filled and a different pack filled, should relatively be the same. In any case, at any weight, it should be no problem wearing this bag onto an airplane as your personal item alongside a wheeled carry-on.


This backpack is one of the most durable packs on the current market – take for instance other bags like the Vaschy School Backpack made from polyester. Compared to polyester and cotton canvas bags, Samsonite’s Backpack is a cut above the rest; it’s crafted from unique ripstop extra strength fibers which are less likely to tear or even cut – they are also more water resistant than materials like polyester or cotton. These fibers are especially woven into dense patterns along the fabric at specific intervals to provide exceptional strength along the corners, bottom, and sides of the backpack. Other durability features include a PU watertight bottom design, strong nylon straps and top haul handle, along with extra strength nylon-coil zippers.


The style options for this backpack are rather limited and Samsonite only offers four different color schemes for the particular bag – our favorites being Olive and Blue Chambray. The overall look the backpack itself, no matter the color, is one of adventure in the backwoods. This is a great backpack for that next scouting trip or hike with the family; and for school there is no better pick for protecting your electronics.


Measuring in at 17.75 X 12.0 X 8 inches, this backpack is just above average size with the benefit of fitting larger laptop computers as well as more stuff overall; it’s also still an ideal personal item for carrying onto your next flight.


This backpack comes with a great 1-year warranty from Samsonite which covers the repairs or replacements of any parts, as well as covers fixups on rips and tears so long as they are the fault of a manufacturing or shipping damages and not the fault of a careless owner. Usually you can contact Samsonite for a consultation and tell them the issue you’ve been having, then typically all shipping costs to their repair facility are paid out of pocket; any repairs or replacements are covered by Samsonite as well as return shipping.

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8.5 Total Score
most durable backpacks for travel, school, or just your everyday hike

Made from high quality ripstop fabric Samsonite’s Modern Utility Paracycle Backpack is one of their most durable backpacks for travel, school, or just your everyday hike. This backpack is more durable than any polyester of cotton canvas bag while still being just as affordable, it’s also highly waterproof. Where it comes down to space this pack can fit larger than a standard 15-inch laptop and offers over 5 different zippered compartments for your belongings. This is a great pick for your next adventure, wherever it may take you.

  • Made with ripstop durable fabric.
  • Waterproof PU bottom.
  • Separate padded laptop pocket.
  • Very limited style choices.
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