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Stephen Joseph Classic Rolling Luggage
Skip Hop Kids Luggage with Wheels

Brand Comparison and Product Review

It’s important to have everything your kid(s) will need during a trip, and for many parents that need even extends to keep their kid happy and easy-going during those long trips and sometimes complicated layovers between flights. Personalized luggage has made traveling easier, where you can now purchase suitcases which reflect your child’s personal sense of self and their sense of style, all while keeping them entertained and providing small luggage that they can handle and you don’t have to end up carrying. Steven Joseph Luggage for Kids is a very popular brand which specializes expressly in one-of-a-kind fun suitcases and backpacks for the traveling girl or boy; likewise, Skip Hop Kids have specialized their kid-friendly suitcases with unique character and animal designs that keep travel fun during all its ups and downs. But when it comes down to it, customers are only going to need one suitcase for their kid, and so between these brands which suitcase reins supreme? Sitting at a 14-inch carry-on size with a fun unicorn print, we have Stephen Joseph’s Girls Classic Suitcase, and at around 10-inch carry-on size we have Skip Hop Kid’s Ladybug character suitcase.

How we Organized our Reviews

In looking at both of these child brands we give customer reviews some power over how we analyze these bags compared against each other, however when it comes down to the logistics of our own review, nothing but the facts are considered. We compare Stephen Joseph and Skip Hop Kids side by side and take a look at each suitcase for its storage capacity, durability, price, and all those other additional features which make travel easier. Below we’ve organized our findings into four categories so that you, our readers, will see nothing but the facts and have an easier time drawing your own conclusions as to which brand to buy your kids suitcase from. First, lets take a look at our customer favorite selection from Steven Joseph.

Stephen Joseph is not just a ‘girls’ brand, it’s actually well known for all its kid-friendly travel solutions and is known for its target audience of both boys and girls between the ages of 5 even up to 12 years old. These suitcases are instantly recognizable for their fun prints, typical bright colors, telescopic handle’s as well as backpack capability, and even storage capacity! That’s right, many parents who pack a Steven Joseph always comment that they’re very impressed with how many diapers, pajamas, and even different onesies they can fit into just a single bag.

Suitcase Storage

Stephen Joseph Girls Classing Rolling Suitcase offers a main backpack-shaped body interior, though it is somewhat squared, and it rests upright on wheels at about 15 inches and can be wheeled along with a telescopic handle behind your kid, or even worn as a backpack for when your little one gets tuckered out. The interior space offers enough room for around 4 to 5 outfits and even a pair of pajamas. Extra space comes from a side water bottle pocket which also has a zippered compartment for hair ties, wet naps, and other kid necessities; the front features a large zippered pocket, and even the inside includes a mesh zippered pocket situated in the ceiling of the bag.


This small kid’s suitcase is made from 100% polyester. The material allows for unique colorful prints of all shapes and sizes, it’s even quite water proof, but compared against other suitcase materials like cotton canvas (medium durability) and nylon (highest durability), the Stephen Joseph Classic is near the low end of the durability scale. The good news is that you’ll never be checking this suitcase since its so small, and because of that you’ll never have to worry about airline mishandling.

Additional Features

With accessible, zipper pockets and fun designs that even include glitter accents, there are plenty of awesome features that make this luggage stylish and smart. An extendable handle for easy rolling makes travel simple for kids. Multiple outside compartments also help you simply and organize your child’s belongings, no matter how far they travel. The inside includes tie-down straps for fitting more clothing, a ceiling lined mesh zipper pocket, and a fully watertight lining. Lastly, since this suitcase wheels on in-line skate wheels (which are made from polyurethane and actually stronger than spinner wheels) this suitcase will wheel easily on urban streets and even straight through thick carpets.

Size/Style Options

Colorful, exciting characters and patterns make this luggage super stylish. Your child is sure to find something they love with the variety of designs offered. The reviewed style offers a one-of-a-kind unicorn print which is fun loving and includes flowers and hearts. This suitcase measures in at 14.5″x 18″x 6.5 inches and is very easy for any kid over the age of 5 to handle! Other prints include Ladybug, Monkey, Fox, and six other unique designs.

Skip Kids Luggage appears to offer more of a backpack variety when it comes to their kids’ luggage, meaning these are wheelable suitcases for kids aged 3 to about 7, but when your little one gets tired wheeling a suitcase around the back of the bag has straps so that you can carry it as a backpack. Sizes vary based on the age of your kid, but for this particular Ladybug designed suitcase-backpack, it’s impressive how much room Skip Hop Kids managed to craft into their design. But does it compare with the option from Stephen Joseph’s Classic Collection? Let’s take a closer look!

Suitcase Storage

This suitcase is the perfectly sized preschool backpack for ‘I can do it!’ moments, and even includes a unique range of fun characters (though more on that later). Each friendly-faced backpack has a roomy main compartment with an easy-to-clean lining. Extras storage spots allow you to stash snacks in the insulated front pouch, slip a juice box or straw bottle in the mesh side pocket, and there is even a place for pencils. With a write-on interior nametag, adjustable padded straps, and a telescopic handle, this bag is pretty cool. The handle doesn’t take up too much interior room, especially when stored, and parents won’t have any trouble fitting 3 to 4 outfits (and pajamas) for their toddler to 7-year old.


Where durability counts this suitcase is a little stronger than the Stephen Joseph suitcase and uses a unique blend of poly-canvas fabric which is about as durable as cotton canvas but still not as strong as any nylon suitcase. Other durability features include in-line skate wheels made from polyurethane along with strong zipper pulls that your child won’t be likely to break. The telescopic handle is made from fairly cheap aluminum, however, although it doesn’t jiggle or stick when being extended or retracted. The interior has a thin lining that’s water resistant but not 100% waterproof, so when there are puddles on the streets its best to carry this suitcase using its backpack function.

Additional Features

The luggage has a friendly face, crafted details and matching zipper pulls, plus a side mesh pocket. Additionally, it offers a handy front zipper pocket with divider to keep snacks and toys within easy reach, a retractable 13-inch handle, a write-on name tag, and in-line skate wheels.

Size/Style Options

Measuring in at 10 x 12.5 x 18 inches, this is a great portable easy-to-handle suitcase for any little traveler. Style options include over 7 different unique and friendly characters: Ladybug (which is featured in our review), Giraffe, Butterfly, Monkey, Darby Dog, Owl, and Unicorn. Each character is uniquely different and brings fun to your travels; also, with a look this unique its impossible to overlook your kids’ suitcase in an airport or as it runs around a baggage claim. All in all, the variety of different bags is very refreshing and allows your son or daughter to take the zoo with them wherever they go.

Traveling Fun with Unicorns or Lady Bugs! Kids Adventure Packs:

Where it comes down to the importance of travel and needing to pack your kids clothing as well as other important things such as diapers, little toiletries, and even medications, Stephen Joseph Classic Suitcases offer the most packing space and organizable pockets. Skip Hop Kids Luggage on the other hand is slightly more durable and quite fun to look at, but its not a great space-maximizing solution for traveling with all your belongings as well as your son’s or daughter’s. Of course, as always yours and your child’s needs should be the deciding factor for the kind of suitcase you choose, but between these two fun loving brands its really a choice between space or durability.

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