Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners Reviews: 28″ 24″ and 20″

The Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set is a stylish and fashionable soft-sided luggage set from a designer who really knows how to make durable and desirable pieces. Being constructed from a durable printed canvas, along with a telescopic handle and spinner wheels, you will be breezing through the airport terminals with ease. In this suitcase set, there is a carry-on suitcase, designed to be taken on board with you as cabin luggage, along with both a medium and a large case which have been carefully designed for longer trips in mind, and to be placed in the hold. Get the complete Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners: 28″ 24″ and 20″ review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 97 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 93 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
steve madden carry on luggage


Steve Madden has designed this suitcase set for travelers who are on the go and in need of a reliable, yet affordable luggage solution. Coming in three different sizes, it is easy to pick the right one for your trip, whether that is an overnight stay, a two-week-long vacation, or anywhere in between. The stylish print is the first thing that catches your eye, along with the high-quality finishes, you will be proud to use this set. It has an abundance of space both on the exterior and in the interior, allowing you easy access to your belongings at any time. The telescopic handle is strong and sturdy, as well as the construction of the set, giving you the peace of mind that it has been designed to last.

steve madden carry on luggage


With all three cases being upright and having zips that go completely around the case, they are easily accessible and make it simple to pack for your trip. All three suitcases comes with a spacious interior. Inside there is the main compartment for your clothing, which can be held in place throughout your journey with the strap provided, ensuring that your belongings stay crease free. Also inside the suitcase, you will find a zip-lined mesh pocket, which is perfect for storing any loose items or valuables, to make unpacking a breeze. On the outside of the suitcases there are two large zip-lined pockets, unlike the Nicole Miller Taylor Set of 4, where there is one large and one small pocket, this comes with two large pockets, allowing easy access to a wide range f items that you are able to fit in them. Ideal for travel documents, magazines, or even a tablet. If you do need the extra space inside, all three will expand, allowing you to make use of the extra couple of inches for your belongings.

steve madden carry on luggage


The Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners comes packed with all the modern features that you have come to expect from luggage nowadays. The spinner wheels on the bottom of the case ensure you can roll around without any restrictions, making airport terminals easy to navigate. The telescopic handle is strong and stable, giving you the peace of mind that it will not bend or break when you rely on it most. There is an abundance of pockets both on the interior and exterior, making sure you have travel documents and essentials on hand at all times while keeping it neat and tidy throughout your journey. Each of the three suitcases has the ability to expand, giving you even more room to pack that extra souvenir that you really wanted to get.

steve madden carry on luggage


The carry-on weighs in at 7.8 lbs, which is around the average for a small suitcase. Although it is not the lightest carry-on in the market, it does have the features that you would want and is not overly heavy. The medium suitcase weighs in at 8.9 lbs, and the large at 10.1 lbs. The Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners is neither heavy nor lightweight, although they give you enough space and features to make it worthwhile. You will still be able to pack all those items you are used to taking with you on your trip, safe in the knowledge that the weight of the suitcases will not cause you to pay any extra charges from your airline.

steve madden carry on luggage


The Steve Madden suitcases are known for being strong and durable, helping to make it one of the world’s leading brands that it is today. The zippers are strong and durable, ensuring that you do not have any unexpected failures when it comes to trying to fit in one more item. The wheels not only make these cases easy to use, they are strong and hard-wearing, allowing you to use these suitcases for many years to come. The shell is made from a canvas material which is strong and durable, with the stress points reinforced for added security. There are not many things that go wrong with Steve Madden suitcases, and these will surely stand the test of time.

steve madden carry on luggage


Steve Madden is well known for designing stylish prints and fashionable wear, and this is like no other. With attention to detail, even the little things that are often overlooked, such as zippers are stylish and sleek. There is even a tassel which hangs off the front of the suitcase, giving the elegance we have come to expect. When you are waiting for the baggage at the carousel, it will be easy to spot among the mass of dull and subdued luggage. Although there is only one color and style to choose from, you will either love or hate it. One thing is for certain though, it will turn heads.

steve madden carry on luggage


The small carry-on suitcase measures in at 21.5 x 14.2 x 10.2 inches, which is well within the restrictions imposed by most major airline carriers. If you plan on flying internationally, or even expanding this case, you may want to check with your airline carrier to make sure it meets their restrictions. The medium suitcase measures in at 25.5 x 16.2 x 11.7 inches, and the large at 29.5 x 18.2 x 12.8 inches. This includes the wheels and handles, so you can be sure that it will fit in your closet, basement, or even trunk of your car without any hassle. Although it is not as large as the Steve Madden Luggage 3 Piece Hard Case Suitcase Set With Spinner Wheels, which measures in at slightly bigger.


The Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. Covering the usual material and manufacturing defects, which gives you peace of mind that the manufacturer believes in this product. However, it will not cover excessive use, wear and tear, and misuse.

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9.5 Total Score
Stylish and Durable Set!

The Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners is a stylish and durable set of three suitcases that are all practical and perform well. They are easy to spot, avoiding those awkward moments of picking someone else’s suitcase off the carousel. They are packed full of the features that you have come to expect from Steve Madden and still retain the high quality and performance of a world-leading brand.

  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Spinner Wheels
  • Spacious
  • Plenty of Pockets
  • Long 5-year Warranty
  • Comes in only one style
  • Can expand above airline regulations
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Steve Madden ‘Legends’ 3-Piece Set of Expandable Spinners: 28" 24" and 20"
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