Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage Set Review

The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set is perfect for those who travel frequently and need a range of suitcases for their different needs. In this set, you will receive one carry-on suitcase, ideal for short overnight trips, a medium suitcase, that can be used for long weekends, and a large suitcase, which has been designed for longer vacations. The set is constructed from a durable and strong polycarbonate material which provides your items with the protection that they need while being impact resistant and abrasion resistant. All three cases come packed full of modern features that you have come to expect on a suitcase set, making traveling easier and stress-free. Get the complete Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100
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The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage Set has been designed with the modern traveler in mind, people who are on the go, need quick and easy access to their belongings, and want less hassle when traveling. Being constructed from polycarbonate material, you can place confidence in the fact that the designers are aware of the rigors and stresses that luggage goes through when being handled at the airport. The shell is semi-flexible, which will absorb impacts and blows, meaning you are able to travel with valuables inside your case, assured in the knowledge that they are stored away safely. The designers at Traveler’s Choice have taken into consideration what needs there are within the suitcase department and has set out to design a suitcase that will meet all those needs, from spinner wheels to TSA-approved locks, you will be happy to call this your luggage set.

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Being a hard-sided suitcase set, just like the Samsonite Invoke 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set (20″/28″), the Traveler’s Choice Tasmania luggage set does not have any exterior pockets. However, inside each suitcase, you will find a well-designed and thought out storage compartment. On one side of the suitcase, there is a large main storage area for your clothing to be neatly stored away, while the x-strap keeps them in place throughout your travels. On the inside of the lid, you will find a 2 mesh zip lined pockets, ideal for storing loose items or valuables, along with another large zip lined pocket, where you are able to store more of your belongings. If you are struggling for space, all three of the suitcases come with an expandable zip, giving an extra 2 inches of storage space inside to pack all your belongings.

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The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set comes packed with features that you have come to expect on a suitcase set. The combination of the telescopic locking handle that is made out of a sturdy aluminum construction, along with the dual spinner wheels located on the bottom of each case, ensures that your journey is made with ease and no strain, no matter how much you pack inside your case. Just like the Samsonite Centric 3pc Hardside (20/24/28) Luggage Set, the set comes with TSA-approved locks, giving you the peace of mind that your items are stowed away securely, and can only be opened by a TSA agent, if needed, without any damage to your cases. On both the side and top of the suitcases you will find reinforced handles with internal support plates, making it easier and more comfortable to pick the luggage up and place in overhead lockers, or the trunk of your car. If you are looking for extra space to bring a few more items, each suitcase can be expanded to give a further 25% more storage space, so that you can bring the souvenirs back if you really want to. Also, there is an add-a-bag strap on each case that will allow you to carry additional luggage, making traveling easy.

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The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania carry-on suitcase weighs in at 7.9 lbs, which is considerably heavier than the carry-on suitcase in Lucas Luggage Adrenaline 2 Piece Softside Expandable Spinner Suitcase Set. The medium suitcase weighs in at 9.3 lbs, and the large suitcase weighs in at 10.8 lbs. Although the extra bit of weight should not cause too many issues, it is worth noting that it is not the lightest suitcase available on the market today.


The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage Set has been designed to be strong and durable, ensuring that it lasts for many years in pristine condition. The shell is made from a polycarbonate flexible material which ensures that it does not scratch or break under impact. Previous buyers have noted that the zips on the larger suitcases are not as durable as the smaller ones, it would be best to expand your suitcase if you are close to full, ensuring that no unnecessary strain is placed on the zippers.

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The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set really does look the part, available in blue, brown, black, and purple, you will be sure to find a color that suits you well. The vertical design along with the diamond cut pattern resists abrasions and scratches, making sure that the suitcase set continues to look good after many uses. Although they are rather minimal in their looks, they are distinctive enough to be easy to spot on the luggage carousel, so that you are not waiting for every other bland suitcase to go, before taking yours.


The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania carry-on suitcase measures in at 21 x 14.5 x 9 inches, which can be expanded up to 11 inches. This is well within the restrictions for most airlines, however, if you do expand it, make sure with your airline before arriving at the airport to avoid any unexpected issues. The medium suitcase measures in at 25 x 17 x 10 inches, which can be expanded up to 12 inches. The large suitcase measures in at 29 x 19.5 x 11 inches, which can also be expanded up to 13 inches. The suitcases are of the right size to be able to nestle inside one another when not in use.


The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania Polycarbonate Expandable 8-Wheel Spinner 3-Piece Luggage Set comes with a 6-year limited manufacturer’s warranty, ensuring that your set is free from any manufacturing or material defects for a full six years. This does not cover and excessive use, wear and tear, or mishandling.

travelers choice tasmania

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Great for modern traveler!

The Traveler’s Choice Tasmania suitcase set is great for the modern day traveler who would like a selection of three suitcases to choose from when going on a trip. Overall they are strong, sturdy, and reliable, along with being packed full of features that make traveling easier, especially when you are in a rush.

  • Scratch resistant
  • Strong polycarbonate material
  • Spinner wheels
  • Plenty of color options
  • No exterior pockets
  • Zippers are known to fail
  • Not adventurous in style
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Traveler’s Choice Tasmania 3-Piece Luggage Set
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