Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Luggage Set Review

From the world-leading luggage manufacturer, Samsonite, comes a 2 piece luggage hard-sided luggage set that is packed full of features and is ready to go on any trip with you. When you hear the brand Samsonite, you immediately think of quality, innovation, and durability, and the Magnitude LX set is just that. In this set you will receive one carry-on suitcase, ideal for short breaks and overnight stays, which can be taken on board, so you will no longer have to wait at the baggage carousel. Along with a large spinner suitcase that is perfect for longer breaks and vacations, where you are able to take more and check it into the hold. The style and design of the suitcase set really does stand out, looking very sleek, modern, and even slightly futuristic. Get the complete Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Luggage Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 78 out of 100
Durability: 75 out of 100
samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set has been designed to provide the user with two well-constructed options when deciding on which suitcase to take. Just like the Samsonite Invoke 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set, you will receive only two pieces, yet each of the two suitcases comes with the same design, structure, features, and style, creating an easy choice between which one you should take. Constructed from 100% ABS material, they are strong, durable, and offer maximum protection for your items inside. The shell has been designed with intense corrugation for shell strength, along with a brushed textures for scratch and scuff resistance, ensuring that your suitcase set stays looking like new for longer. With 360 degrees multi-directional spinner wheels, you will be able to glide through the airport terminal with ease, being able to change direction and speed, with the confidence that your suitcase is right there with you.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


Being a hard-sided suitcase set, the Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Luggage Set does not contain any exterior pockets, which is standard for a hard-sided luggage. It may be an issue if you are used to soft-sided luggage, and like to have an exterior pocket to store any travel documents or items you need quick and easy access to. Once inside the two suitcases you will find a large spacious interior, with a dedicated section for your clothing. It will be held in place with an x-strap, ensuring that it arrives neat and tidy. On the inside of the lid there is a large mesh zip lined pocket, which is ideal for storing any valuables or loose items, along with further clothing if needs be, keeping everything in your suitcase in place and within easy reach. If you are in need of any extra space when using these, then simply use the expander zip, which will give you a further 2 inches of space when needed most.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set is packed full of features, which in turn make traveling easier and stress-free. The 360-degree multi-directional spinner wheels, along with the ergonomic pull-handle system ensures that it is easy to navigate the sea of travelers in an airport terminal, and weave in and out of them with no issues. On the large suitcase there is a TSA-approved lock, which allows you to rest in the peace of mind that your luggage is safe and secure, and can be accessed by the TSA agent, without having to damage your suitcase. The smaller suitcase does not contain a lock, although, if it is with you as a carry-on at all times, then you could argue that a lock would be unnecessary. One of the main features of this suitcase set is the design and style, with the whole set being made out of 100% ABS, for added strength and scratch and scuff resistance.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The carry-on spinner suitcase weighs in at 6.75 lbs, which is significantly heavier than the corresponding piece in the Columbia Chill Out Three Piece Rolling Luggage Set. Although, this is justified by the sheer number of added features that you get with the Samsonite set. The large spinner suitcase weighs in at 11.3 lbs, and once again, it is slightly on the heavier side, but with the construction, strength, and number of features, you will not worry too much about the extra weight.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set has been designed to look futuristic, but also to be strong and durable. Being constructed from 100% ABS material, it will offer the best protection for your items inside, as well as resist any bumps, scratches, and strains as the modern advancements in technology have produced a shell that is flexible to absorb impact, rather than shatter or break. The wheels, handles, and zips are common problem points when it comes to suitcase sets, although the Samsonite Magnitude Lx set has none of these issues.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set looks different to most standard suitcase sets on the market today. It has a futuristic look about it, which is backed by the sheer number of features, which really does make this set stand out from the crowd. Available in both black and silver, each with a brushed finish, ensure that they look smart and sophisticated in any situation, as well as hiding any blemishes, knocks, or scratches that would otherwise ruin the look of a suitcase set. The Magnitude Lx set has been designed to last and continue looking good for many years to come.

samsonite 2 piece luggage set


The carry-on spinner suitcase measures in at 20 x 14.5 x 9.25 inches, which should be able to fit in most airline carriers restrictions for cabin luggage. If you are looking at expanding the suitcase, it would be best to check with your airline before arriving at the airport to avoid any nasty surprises. The large suitcase measures in at 27.75 x 19 x 12.5 inches, which is sizable and gives you more than enough storage space for a vacation.


The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, which is rather long for a suitcase set. It will protect the luggage from material or manufacturing defects. It does not, however, cover misuse, wear and tear, and mishandling.

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Stylish Nested Hard-side Set!

The Samsonite Magnitude Lx 2 Piece Nested Hardside Set is an ideal set for those who only need two pieces of luggage, and would like to ensure that they last for a long time. The suitcases are packed with modern features that make traveling easier.

  • 10-year warranty
  • Stylish
  • Impact resistant
  • Lots of features
  • Carry-on suitcase could be too big for some airlines
  • No TSA lock on small suitcase
  • Heavy
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