American Tourister Kids’ Hardside 18″ Upright vs Travelpro Minions Kid’s Hard Side Luggage: Reviews

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American Tourister Kids' Hardside 18`` Upright
Travelpro Minions Kid's Hard Side Luggage

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Typically, what you see with children’s luggage are brand collectibles like ‘Disney’ or ‘Pixar’ or ‘Barbie’ suitcases, all of which are made by companies that aren’t very well known in the luggage world. In this case our compared brands are very popular and well-known luggage brands American Tourister and Travelpro, both which are known for producing durable luggage which maximizes on storage and is great for any number of adventures. So how does their children’s luggage compete? Well, pitting the Tourister Kids’ Hardside against Travelpro Kids’ Hardside looks like it might be a pretty neck-in-neck comparison, but by the end of this review we’ll truly see who crosses the finish line first.

How we Organized our Reviews

In comparing these popular brands, we thought it best to list each suitcase on its own and divide our review information into the four most important categories for a suitcase: storage, materials/durability, additional features, and size/style options. Compared side by side we think readers will have no trouble judging for themselves which suitcase from which brand is the better of the two, or depending on specific travel needs: which suitcase is the best case for a specific parent and their child. After all, each kid is different with their own unique personality and interests, and here at base value we have a Mickey Mouse Suitcase design VS. a Minion’s suitcase design.

American Tourister is best known for its founder Sol Koffler who started his company with the idea of producing quality luggage which could be purchased for just a dollar. That’s right, one dollar. Of course, his idea as it has aged has grown a little bit more expensive than a single dollar, but the brand is still the same and wants to provide affordable luggage for travelers from all walks of life. These suitcases are typically highly durable, they maximize on storage, and they outmatch the prices of almost any comparable suitcase on the market.

Suitcase Storage

At 18 inches this little rolling upright just offers a fun almost egg-shaped design. Since it’s a hard side suitcase it lacks the extra stretch and exterior pockets that add storage for a soft-shell bag, however what it lacks in storage this bag will make up in durability. Also, when we’re down to the detail the interior is quite storage friendly; this suitcase includes a highly organizable inside space which is zipper divided for keeping clothing on one side from clothing or other belongings in the roof of the suitcase. Its interior storage includes tie-down straps so that parents can fit even more outfits, as well as a great pull-down design which keeps the telescopic handle from taking up very much interior space.


American Tourister outdoes itself in the durability department, crafting this suitcase from a blend of ABS and PC materials. Typically, ABS materials rank medium-low on the durability scale for a hard-shell suitcase, however with the addition of PC (polycarbonate) this is going to be quite the durable traveling suitcase and can even be checked at security if you don’t want to carry it onto the plane. Other great durability additions are the polyurethane in-line skate wheels (though we do think that if they were recessed into the body of the suitcase, they’d be even stronger) as well as the aluminum two-pole telescopic handle.

Additional Features

For a children’s suitcase, especially a hard side, this bag is not limited on additional features. Included are two handles for different carrying or lifting, the push button telescopic as well as the top haul handle for safe lifting into overhead bins; also designed into this suitcase are a flat bottom stand for upright resting, an interior watertight lining, and a smart divided interior.

Size/Style Options

Measuring in at 18 x 13 x 8 inches, this is quite the massive carry-on for a child and we suggest that ages 6 and up will probably best be able to handle it through an airport and outside along the streets. Style options include 4 unique Disney characters as well as R2-D2 from Star Wars. These Disney characters are Mickey Mouse for the boys, Minnie Mouse for the girls, Frozen’s Else and Anna, and lastly Car’s iconic Lightning McQueen.

This travel company was created by an actual pilot and constant traveler Bob Plath, who had seen first hand what happens to most luggage over time and wanted to create suitcases which were better designed, longer lasting, and actually useful for all the space/etcetera needs the regular traveler has during travel. As such, their children’s suitcases reflect this well-traveled design which is long-lasting and capable of handling anything you or your child throw its way.

Suitcase Storage

At 17 inches and designed with an egg shape this is an interesting suitcase in the space saving department with extra packing room in the form of tie down straps and a divided interior. What will make it most difficult to pack clothing into this suitcase and keep things wrinkle free is the shape of the suitcase, however at its size this is a great space for fitting anywhere between 7 to 8 outfits with a little extra room if you’re using the tie down straps. The interior doesn’t include extra pockets and its not as roomy as the selection from American Tourister, but its still just as fun to look at and just as easy to heft for a kid 6 and up.


Unique prints like the Minions designs featured with this suitcase require a PC material to best depict the print itself and so its no surprise that this luggage is made from a strong combination of ABS and PC (polycarbonate) materials. This blend is very abrasion and scratch resistant, quite water tight, and you can even check it safely (though a bag this small is best used as a carry-on item). This suitcase includes strong in-line skate wheels (again though, these aren’t recessed into the structure), along with a not as durable single-pole telescopic handle. The handle does take up less interior space and allows travelers to pack more clothing, but statistically single pole designs are more likely to bend or break with age or rough handling.

Additional Features

This suitcases’ features are pretty simple and include a hard-shell exterior with a unique print, a zipper divided interior with tie-down straps, and highly functional mobility with a telescopic handle and in-line skate wheels. Any other extras include the top haul handle for easier and safer lifting into overhead bins, as well as the base stand which allows the suitcase to rest upright at any time.

Size/Style Options

Travelpro’s Minion Hard Side Luggage measures in at 17 x 13 x 10 inches and has been rigorously tested to meet the overhead requirements for all national and international airlines. Where style options are concerned this suitcase is somewhat limited and only offers two prints; however, these include the funny Minions ‘King Bob’ print, as well as the quirky ‘Le Buddies’ print. Both are guaranteed to get a laugh of excitement out of your kid, especially if your child is a fan of the Minions.

Well Known Brands for Fun Children’s Luggage:

In conclusion, after taking a hard look at both of these suitcases, we think the American Tourister seems to offer the best packing space and highest number of unique style options. However, both of these suitcases are very durable for all kinds of travel and could even be checked before security rather than carried onto the plane. These hard-shell designs are guaranteed to protect all the belongings inside them, and it’s unlikely your kid will be able to accidentally break them at any point during your travels. Of course, in the end the best choice is the parent’s choice, and based on your child’s needs or preference one of these brands might win out over the other in a different way, after all its hard to resist any of these fun traveling original characters. Each suitcase is guaranteed to keep your child entertained and keep travel moving along at an easier and less stressful pace.

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American Tourister Kids' Hardside 18" Upright vs Travelpro Minions Kid's Hard Side Luggage
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