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Nintendo Boys' Mario Pilot Case
Pokemon and Friends Pilot Case

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Here we have two very popular gaming and life brands: Pokemon and Mario, both owned and operated by Nintendo games. These characters are known the world round for their stories, fun creatures, and all the other nonsense and adventures they get up to. If your kid is a fan of either of these popular genre’s, their one-of-a-kind matching luggage is fun and promotes a unique sense of style to reflect your kids interests while keeping everything entertaining during a long trip. Nintendo is one of the worlds largest video gaming companies, as such its fun-loving characters – which include the iconic Mario, as well as all the different magical creatures called Pokemon – are recognized the world over and sold on all sorts of things, including luggage. So, which is the best luggage? Where that might be a question based on what your child likes more – Pokemon or Mario? – we think its important to give all the details a closer look for a truly amazing suitcase that’s durable, maximizes on storage, and travels well without any hitches.

How we Organized our Reviews

Our review process is pretty simple, we do our research, reach out to manufacturers, look at the suitcases they’re offering and explore nothing but the facts. For your convenience we’ve organized our findings under four categories below for each of the reviewed suitcases, these categories are: suitcase storage, materials/durability, additional features, and size/style options. It’s our hope that by listing nothing but the facts with nothing held back, it’ll be easy to see which suitcase offers the most for your traveling experience and needs. So, let’s get down to it!

Mario isn’t necessarily just a character for boys, plenty of girls all over the world love this iconic character and sympathize with his constant fight against a giant dinosaur (named Bowser) in order to save his Princess Peach. Mario is an Italian character first created by a Japanese gaming company in 1982, he was designed to mainly jump to avoid obstacles, but since his original creation has been featured in over 200 different games and has changed dramatically. Odds are high now that both you and your kid have played a game with Mario in it, and having him on luggage is just one of the things that might be very exciting for a little 5 to 9-year-old.

Suitcase Storage

Sitting upright at 14 inches this suitcase has a great fun-loving look which features many of characters from traditional Mario games, including Mario himself. The design of the suitcase favors a cube shape for added packing space and interior dimensions suggest that any parent could easily fit 6 to 7 different children’s outfits inside with room to spare. For affordability and the simplicity of the design, this suitcase is limited to a massive main interior and does not include tie-down straps or extra pockets, but the stretch of the material does allow for quite extensive packing. Also, as a carry-on item this product has been rigorously tested to fit inside all overhead bins on national and international flights, making it easier than ever to grab a new change of clothes for your kid while in-flight with no hassle and a simple zippered opening.


Easy to use and quite strong, this Nintendo Boys’ Mario Pilot Case is the perfect companion for a carry-on item; its polyester material allows for quite a bit of extra stretch when packing, and its also a great material for retaining the quality of the unique Mario print and design. As far as checked luggage goes, however, polyester ranks medium-low on the durability scale and so this suitcase is better used when carrying onto the plane only. Other durability features include tightly screwed in-line skate wheels with stand up legs for easy resting, as well as a telescopic push-button handle made from aircraft grade aluminum. The zippers are rather on the simple cheap side and may be somewhat difficult to pull closed when the suitcase is overpacked, so that is one concern to keep in mind on your travels.

Additional Features

This case features spinner wheels with a stop stand back so that the suitcase can sit upright when you’re resting or waiting for a train, bus, etcetera to come; advanced mobility includes a telescopic handle which locks in multiple different positions for different arm lengths as your child grows, with even a maximum height setting so that parents can wheel the bag along when your child gets tired. Other features include an easily manageable square zippered opening, and an interior lined with a watertight lining for added protection.

Size/Style Options

Measuring with a 14-inch height x 11.75-inch width x 6-inch depth this little traveling suitcase is a great choice for your little one, especially since it will help pack more of their clothes out of your suitcase so that you’ve got plenty of room to travel as well. With these dimensions the style options are included are limited to the Mario print, but it’s a fun-loving design which not only features the iconic Mario but also other characters including Toad, Luigi, and Yoshi. These are all staples from Mario’s world and help to create a unique sense of individuality for the suitcase and the lucky kid who gets to take it places.

An officially licensed piece of Pokemon merchandise, not only is this a fun suitcase which reflects the characters and creatures which are often part of a little kid’s childhood, it’s also quite the collectible suitcase. Pokemon is an electronic game series which Nintendo debuted in 1995 and which quickly became very popular around the globe. In the game players assume the role of ‘Pokemon Trainers’ who harness the power of the different magical creatures they discover in order to battle other Pokemon all across the globe. Since its creation the Pokemon brand has developed quite the following and even includes collectible cards, hundreds of different games, and now one-of-a-kind luggage for the smaller fans of the genre.

Suitcase Storage

Size matters, even for a smaller suitcase that a child is going to be using. These suitcases, especially this Pokemon original, serve two purposes: they keep your kid entertained, but they also help pack a lot of things away in a suitcase which isn’t yours and which you don’t have to carry at all times. At 16 inches this is a fairly large child carry-on and includes a fantastic rectangle-cube design in order to maximize on space. At this size and using polyester materials with a bit more stretch, the manufacturers have allowed parents to easily fit around 7 to 9 different children’s outfits (with room to spare). The interior and exterior are quite simple and don’t offer extra pockets for organizing, but on the whole, this is a great pick for fitting all the essentials your child might need, even if its just a weekend trip to Grandma’s house.


Like any polyester suitcase this Pokemon bag offers a medium-low durability which is ideal for use as a carry-on but really shouldn’t be checked with an airline. Other durability features include sturdy in-line skate wheels made from polyurethane, along with a two-pole telescopic handle. The interior adds to the suitcase’s overall durability with a watertight lining that will protect clothing and all other extras from any water damage.

Additional Features

This suitcase includes a telescopic handle for wheeled portability as well as a top haul handle for safe lifting into an overhead bin or down from a luggage carousel or down out of a car’s trunk. The base of the suitcase includes strong stands for upright resting of the suitcase, and the interior offers a massive packing space with watertight lining.

Size/Style Options

Similar to the other suitcase under review, this bag is limited to its single adventure print which features fan favorite Pokemon including Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur, and Charmander. With this print the suitcase itself measures in at 16 x 12 x 6 inches and is a great for anything you or your kid might want to pack.

Gaming Luggage for Your Fun-Loving Kid:

Stacking these suitcases against each other when they’re both so similar is almost an impossible task. Both the Nintendo Boys’ Mario Pilot Case and the Pokemon and Friends Pilot Case feature massive storage space, a great carry-on durability, fantastic wheels and telescopic handles, and so when it comes down to the barest details the one major difference, they have is their price along with slight size differences. Where it counts the Pokemon suitcase is large and therefore offers a little extra space, however it is much more expensive than the Mario Pilot Case. In the end, the final decision comes down to the parents and what you liked most or what your kid will like most, Pokemon or Mario?

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