Briggs and Riley Baseline Luggage Review

One of the top picks for the frequent travelers among the luggage is Briggs and Riley Baseline. This Briggs and Riley carry on features CX Compression Expansion technology, it expands the bag up to 25% when more packing space is needed and compress back to its original size for overhead storage. Get the complete review of the Briggs and Riley Baseline in detail from every aspect.

The Briggs and Riley Baseline carry on is not as maneuverable in an airport as a four-wheeled bag. But, the large and wide wheels do make it manageable to roll on uneven surfaces and the three carrying handles make it easy to remove from the overhead bins or the trunk of a car. There is no doubt in this that the Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic is an expensive bag. It comes with a price tag, both on the manufacturer’s website and well-known online retailers (unlike other bags which are usually “on sale” for half that amount). However, if you are looking for a bag that would last for years or even decades, then it would be a great choice.

Design 92 out of 100
Storage 95 out of 100
Durability 95 out of 100
Price 70 out of 100
Briggs and Riley Baseline Review


The Briggs and Riley Baseline Domestic Carry-On luggage is made of heavy duty ballistic nylon, which is known for its shinier qualities and durability. It measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches and weighs 9 lbs 3 oz. It has four exterior partitions, one for a 17” laptop, two interior pockets and built-in garment section. It is currently available in two color options – Black and Olive.


The Briggs and Riley carry on gets a 10/10 in the Storage metric; This carry-on can hold a lot of stuff. It has a large internal volume. All thanks to its unique design. The telescoping handle tubes are amazingly placed on the outside of the bag, which helps in creating a flat surface for maximum packing capacity (44.6 L) on the inside. The feature that makes this bag better from other is its unique “CX” expansion system, which lifts the sides of the bag up to additional 2 inches, by increasing the volume by 25%. Along with this, this bag eliminates the problem of getting back to your bag just to find that you have undone the expanding zipper and not the main zipper.


The Briggs and Riley luggage is packed with features to make traveling and packing a breeze. The internal elastic compression straps are wide and ensure that all your stuff is securely in its place, even if you need to open your bag mid-journey, you can easily locate your items. You can lock the important things, as zipper tabs on both the compartment and laptop sleeve are lockable. The internal suiter is appropriately designed so that you don’t lose your garment bag. You can even use it for keeping documents or other important stuff as it has bottom zip at its end. Also, a sunglass case is located on the outside of the bag between the handles. Finally, an add-a-bag strap comes with this domestic carry-on that is housed in its own pocket. You can easily attach a briefcase or boarding bag to your carry-on if you want to.

Briggs and Riley Baseline Review


With the weight of 9 lbs 3 oz, Briggs and Riley carry on luggage is one of the heaviest bags. Its hefty weight comes from the heavy material used that is ballistic nylon including some extra features such as reinforced corners. If you prefer a lightweight bag, then you may not prefer buying this one.


The bag’s design gives in detail attention to the durability. The material used in this bag is ballistic nylon, which reduces abrasion, moisture, wear, scratches, marks, and dirt. The Baseline Domestic carry-on has protective guards on all four corners to lessen wear in the high impact areas. The telescoping handle some have claimed to be shaky, but Briggs and Riley claim that if anything like this happens, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

Briggs and Riley Baseline Review


The dimension of the Briggs and Riley Baseline carry-on is 22 x 14 x 9 inches, making it already larger than the standard 22 x 14 x 8 now published by most North American airlines. For newer planes, you might very well be asked to check it.


The Briggs and Riley Baseline looks classy and formal. It only comes in two colors that are Black and Olive colors since it is difficult to dye ballistic nylon in lighter shades. If you believe that luggage do the talking about your lifestyle and values, then this bag says a lot about quality and high-end products.

Briggs and Riley Baseline Review


This Briggs and Riley Baseline luggage comes with lifetime warranty. Briggs and Riley is known for its amazing service. If your bag broke or get damaged due to any defect or the airline damage, Briggs and Riley will definitely repair it for you, for free. This type of all-inclusive, lifetime warranty is rare in the luggage industry, and it is worth it if you know that your luggage gets damaged regularly.

9 Total Score
Excellent Quality Luggage!

The Briggs and Riley Baseline luggage is one of the best carry-on luggage available. It is fully-loaded with features, well-constructed with sturdy material, and fairly expensive. The amazing features like unique "CX" internal expansion system, built-in garment bag, along with its classy and professional look, makes it one of its kind and ideal for business travels. If you want to buy a piece that will last a lifetime, then this bag is the one for you.

  • The quality and durability of the luggage is excellent.
  • Expandable luggage that meets carry-on guidelines, with quality workmanship.
  • Outsider handle gives greater interior storage and a flat interior surface for packing.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium handle system with 4 stop heights.
  • Outsider pocket for accessible storage of quick-access items.
  • Tethered Smartlink strap transports two or more bags as one.
  • YKK zippers for continuous zipper action with lockable double zipper pulls.
  • Lifetime warranty covering all types of damages.
  • It is heavy weight luggage, suitable for long travels.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • Available in limited colors.
  • Not as maneuverable as a spinner wheeled luggage.
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