Lucas Luggage 15″ Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review

The Lucas brand is synonymous with expandable lightweight bags for business trips and weekend getaways. They’ve also expanded to include larger checked bags for any extended length of travel. Their overall goal is to provide affordable lightweight bags with innovative designs made from high-quality materials. Easily one of the more popular choices from the Lucas catalogue, to best demonstrate their design sense, is the Lucas wheeled Under-seat 15-inch carry-on. This wheeled carry-on offers a spacious compartment, organizational pockets, a durable polyester design, and a compact solution which is very affordable. So sit back and enjoy this Lucas Luggage wheeled underseat bag review. Get the complete Lucas Luggage 15” Carry-On Expandable Under Seat Bag review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 90 out of 100
Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


At 15 inches and with a cube-type shape that can honestly be described as ‘lunch box looking’ it’s clear that this portable bag was designed to fit under an airline seat – after all you have to remember how cramped the confines of that little airline aisle can be. Because you’re going typically going to be placing these suitcases under your seats the material is designed to withstand scratching, stretching, weight, and other impacts along the trip. Due to the suitcases diminutive size it’s capable of fitting plenty of weight without needing to be checked before security, it travels right onto the plane with you and it has a very long telescopic handle which divides into three locking parts. In fact, if you were ever pressed to find a children’s suitcase for a sudden trip, the handle locks at the perfect height for this underseat suitcase to be used by a child while out on the road or headed up into the air.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


At 15 inches this underseat suitcase provides around 30 liters of packing space; since it’s a soft side bag it’s easier to fit more into the suitcase, but remember that cramming it too full will make it difficult to zipper your luggage closed. This suitcase includes 6 zippered openings, three of which are zippered front pockets for added organization and storage of cellphones, travel papers, even a small IPAD device; the remaining 2 side pockets are also great for this. The main compartment is zippered open from the top and is quite roomy for clothing packed to cover between a single day’s travel or two (depending on how you pack). The best feature is the fold up expansion that can be pulled upward from the inside, instantly converting your underseat suitcase into a 22-inch full sized carry-on with even more storage space (approximately 50 liters). This suitcase expands over 10% more than the traditional industry standard expandable luggage – such as A.Saks 22-inch Expandable Spinner, which only expands to provide about 15% more packing space.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


Fully expanded this Lucas Luggage underseat bag features a three-piece locking telescopic handle which then connects to the suitcase extension via a velcro strap for extra added support while wheeling around a crowded airport or busy urban street. The expansion includes an additional pocket for even more storage in addition to the five zippered lower pockets; expanding also gives access to a great haul handle which provides stability and safety for you while pulling your luggage down from an overhead compartment at the end of your flight. The base of the suitcase includes two standing legs to keep the bag upright when resting, as well as back in-line skate wheels so that the suitcase can be pulled along beside you. The only mobility drawback of in-line skate wheels is that your luggage cannot wheel in front of you or to the side of you – this kind of 360 degree motion can be seen with Travelpro’s Maxlite Underseat Bag – however the added bonus is that in-line skate wheels are much more durable. One final additional feature is the handy inclusion of a USB port.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


Not expanded and empty, this suitcase weighs 5 pounds and is one of the easiest suitcases to keep under the typical imposed 35-40 pound weight limit while packing. Once expanded to the full 22-inch size this suitcase can easily fit up to 35 pounds and more and is a great fit for up to 1-2 weeks of clothing (depending how you pack). At higher weights while using the expansion the suitcase includes a top haul handle for safe lifting down from overhead compartments or out of luggage carousels. For easier handling of your suitcase this design features in-line skate wheels and a telescopic handle for great mobility in a crowded airport and especially along urban streets.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


The base portion of this underseat bag is made from durable dobby polyester which is not quite as strong as cotton canvas or nylon materials, but offers more stretch for fitting comfortably under a seat without damaging your belongings. The fold up expansion on the other hand is made from fashionable and durable nylon which will withstand all the rigors of travel and hold its shape better than a fold up polyester fabric could; it’s also more water tight and therefore great for protecting your electronics. This Lucas Luggage original uses a dual-pole telescopic handle system as opposed to the traditional single pole handles to provide extra durability and stability; additionally, the in-line skate wheels are much more durable than spinner wheels – this is because they’re made from polypropylene and their design is much more stable for rolling along hard city streets. The zippers and telescopic handle are made from aluminum, though the zipper pulls are rather on the short side and more likely to break than other components on this suitcase.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


The look of this suitcase isn’t very fashionable or professional; mostly the perks of this suitcase are contained within its lightweight portability and ability to fit under the seat of an airline or right into any already crowded overhead airline bin. At its size of 15 inches this Lucas original comes in black, blue, and red – with the deep crimson red being our favorite color and the most fashionable selection from the group. Fully expanded each of these selections looks just as good, though the nylon expansion does have a tendency to look wrinkled and flop a little to one side; however, it’s held securely in place with a strong velcro strap which secures around the two-pole telescopic handle. If the duffel-type top isn’t for you and you worry about the weight distribution while you’re traveling, other companies offer somewhat larger underseat bags for more packing space; though like the AmazonBasics Underseat Suitcase these don’t typically expand into a full-sized carry-on.

Lucas Luggage 15" Carry On Expandable Wheeled Under Seat Bag with USB Port Review


This suitcase classifies as a carry-on and not a personal item; this is because it’s on wheels and includes a handle. Fortunately, you’ll never need to check this bag before security, and unexpanded it measures 15 X 8 X 13.5 inches for a great fit right under your seat. Once expanded it offers up to 50% more packing space than your average expandable carry-on and measures 15 X 8 X 22 inches with a nylon canvas top that offers a lot of extra stretch and even an extra top pocket. At this full size the suitcase will no longer fit under your seat, however it has been rigorously tested to meet the size requirements for all national and international overhead bins on your select flight.


All softside luggage from Lucas Luggage is purchased with the security of a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty covers any damage to your suitcase or belongings which are the result of faulty manufacturing, missing parts, or faulty materials. However, the warranty does not cover damages which are the result of a traveler’s negligence or an airlines mishandling. For further details, see Lucas Luggage’s website and contact their warranty services team.

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8.5 Total Score
Easiest expandable 2-in-1 15 inches suitcase great for short trips

Underseat bags make travel easier in a pinch, especially if you’re constantly leaving home quickly for business trips flying business class on an already crowded plane; these suitcases help with the issue of ‘no cabin room’, and make sure you don’t have to check your bag at the gate and then wait for it at your next destination. With this particular underseat Lucas original you get a 2-in-1 suitcase which is 15 inches and great for under seat travel and carrying a couple outfits and your tablet device, but which also expands into a full sized 22-inch carry-on for even more packing capacity. The style options are rather limited and the most business professional/fashionable look comes in deep red; otherwise this suitcase is very durable and great for protecting your belongings. Some customer favorites include 5 additional exterior pockets, a long lock telescopic handle, in-line skate wheels, and a not-to-be-beat affordable price.

  • Expands for up to 50% more packing space.
  • Flattens comfortably under your seat while still protecting belongings.
  • Very durable polyester/nylon blend.
  • Limited style selection.
  • Floppy duffel-like top expansion.
  • Short zipper pulls.
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Lucas Luggage 15” Carry-On Expandable Under Seat Bag Review
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