ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage Scooter vs Ferrari Kids Scooter Luggage: Reviews

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ZincFlyte Kid's Luggage Scooter
Ferrari Kids Scooter Luggage

Brand Comparison and Product Review

Is it a suitcase or is it a scooter? Is it a scooter or is it a suitcase? The answer to both questions is, ‘yes’, it is a scooter suitcase. Here we have two very unique suitcases from equally unique competing brands; their product is actually a wheel suitcase with a scooter attachment, with the idea that these suitcases are ideal for riding to school with/on, or even just going down the block to a friends’ place or Grandma’s house. What about in an airport? Well, when crowds are thickest and airline restrictions so tight, the scooter part of these suitcases actually flips up into the suitcase and transforms a method of transportation into a regular carry-on. Your athletic and energized little boy or girl is guaranteed to find this invention as entertaining as it is useful. So, which combo is better? The option from ZincFlyte Kid’s Luggage or Ferrari Kid’s Luggage?

How we Organized our Reviews

In comparing these two products, and likewise these two brands, we have organized our review so that each product is set side-by-side offering nothing but the facts. We’ve researched both of these products, their brands, and even general customer reviews in order to gauge parents and kids’ responses to this unique luggage. Our findings are organized into four sections reviewing these product details: suitcase storage, material/durability, additional feature, and size/style options. Designed in this way it’s our experience that shoppers – especially parents for this particular review – will have the easiest time seeing for themselves which piece of luggage is the better choice!

ZincFlyte’s unique suitcase is a transforming hardside luggage piece with a flip down back end and wheels which transforms the suitcase instantly into a scooter (the ideal size of kids ages 4 to about age 8). This inventive suitcase design turns luggage and travel into a fun experience and promotes kids to keep up with their parents wherever the traveling might take them. It’s also quite safe for the kids and the hard side luggage; the design is very durable and the different styles let you own a unique scooter for all your traveling little ones.

Suitcase Storage

At 18-inches tall this hard-shell suitcase is the ideal size for a carry-on that can fit into any overhead bin, even when the airplane is close to full capacity. Its main storage space features an egg-shaped design with a split body slim top and deep bottom. Bottom storage offers enough room for around 8 to 9 different children’s outfits, with tie down straps and room to spare. The top ceiling of the suitcase includes a mesh zippered pocket for keeping certain clothing wrinkle-free, or otherwise organizing toiletries/etcetera. Exterior storage includes a place for the collapsible single pole telescopic handle, as well as the flip-up lock-in-place back board of the scooter. Total space inside equals 25 liters.


The entire design is based around a secure integrated deck for the scooter to fold away into and lock in place. The suitcase itself is made from an ABS and PC material blend for added protection that is ballistic resistant against drops or crashes, ideal if you check this suitcase with an airline, and bouncy enough to protect both the rider and the belongings inside the bag. The telescopic handle is made from durable aircraft grade aluminum, though it is more likely to bend over time seeing as it’s a single-pole design; the front wheels are in-line skate wheels (great for traveling over any surface) and all three wheels are made from strong polyurethane materials.

Additional Features

The main additional feature is the fact that this suitcase has a fold-down deck which automatically turns it into a scooter. Another feature is that the telescopic handle is capable of turning for use as a steering device while scootering along. The suitcase includes high quality aluminum self-repairing zippers with strong zipper pulls, as well as a top haul handle for safe and simple lifting into overhead bins or down from luggage carousels. Interiors offer tie-down straps and a mesh zippered pocket for extra packing capacity and added organization.

Size/Style Options

Measuring 18.9 x 12.9 x 10.2 inches, the suitcase portion of this design is perfect for use as a carry-on item and easy for any child 4 and up to handle. The length of the pull down deck into a scooter transforms the unfolded length into a 23.6 inch ride with steering capacity with the telescopic handle. One of the family favorite features about this rig – especially for parents buying different colored scooters for different kids – are the large number of style options available (7 different possible prints). Our favorite suggested prints include Snapper the Shark, Sid the Cyclops, and Polly the Panda. Each one is quirky, unique, and bound to make travel fun for the kids and the parents.

Ferrari Kids is the perfect brand name for the purpose of a scooter suitcase; these suitcases are meant to be fun, very portable, and fast when space allows. What kid wouldn’t want to race these down the sidewalk to their friend’s house? Or across the sidewalk to school! Parents will benefit just as much from the increased speed and portability of these suitcases, first because their kids aren’t bored out of their minds by the ups and downs of travel, and second because say goodbye to carrying your kids’ belongings in your suitcase. In fact, many adults often ask, ‘So where is the adult version of a scooter suitcase?’

Suitcase Storage

First things first, let’s take a look at how the scooter portion of this design stores. Like the other deck it folds upward, but in order to release it and lock in place the rolling back piece actually has a separate handle which must be pulled. This extra length of security ensures that the back of the scooter is never loose or falling open unless your kid opens it to start riding through the airport (or down the street, through the school hallways, etcetera). The suitcase storage itself, at 16 inches, features another egg-shaped design, this time with a full bottom and top that are divided by an interior zippered compartment for added organization or separating dirty from clean clothes while traveling, dry from wet, or just organizing your different outfits for all the points of your journey.


The entire suitcase is made from ABS materials with a scooter board made from polycarbonate (PC) for added standing and wheeling strength. The wheels are all three made from durable polyurethane and turn with the telescopic handle; the handle itself is made from aluminum and features a somewhat weaker single-pole design. Other durability features include a watertight interior lining, webbing tie-down straps, and a durable top haul handle for safe lifting into overhead airline compartments.

Additional Features

The main feature is that this regular wheeling suitcase offers a flip down board which transforms the entire design into a wheeling scooter; all elements are raised off the ground and ideal for traveling fast down the sidewalk or through the halls at school – though make sure your kids don’t get in trouble with the Principal! The interior offers a unique zippered divider; all of the suitcase’s zippers are made from strong aluminum but are included with short pull tabs (so we suggest buying and replacing them with long pull tabs to avoid breakage over time).

Size/Style Options

In suitcase form without the board laid out, this suitcase measures 16 x 12.5 x 9 inches in length (not including the telescopic handle fully extended). From the front wheels to the back wheels (with the deck extended) the entire scooter 28 inches long. At these dimensions the offered styles are the simple Ferrari-styling with it’s red and black design featuring the horse and shield logo.

Your Kids Have Never Experienced Luggage this Fun!

Final estimates are best left to the parents who know their kids best, but when comparing ZincFlyte’s selected scooter suitcase against Ferrari Kids, its clear at a glance that the first has more to offer. ZincFltye Luggage Scooters have more style options and are much more durable – this includes the body of the suitcase and the deck – additionally these suitcases offer more packing room with added organizability. Some pro’s which Ferrari Kids offers, however, include a more raised deck for faster speeds, a fully divided interior, and a more secure locking deck. Ferrari Kids is also better for older ages than ZincFlyte! So, as we said, the real final decision is up to the parents! These are both phenomenal suitcases with unique designs that will bring the fun back to travel wherever you and your children travel.

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ZincFlyte Kid's Luggage Scooter vs Ferrari Kids Scooter Luggage: Reviews
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