Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage vs Obersee Kids Luggage: Reviews

Product Overview

Olympia Kids 17 Inch Carry-On Luggage
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Brand Comparison and Product Review

Children’s luggage is becoming very popular with parents and with kids, so its no surprise that more and more of the top travel brands – like Olympia Luggage and Obersee Luggage – are starting to design and produce their own high-quality suitcases for all those little boy and girl of the world. These are suitcases with tons of packing space, high quality materials, and even in this review a suitcase which features a unique integrated snack cooler. These are brands which aren’t just trying to ‘sell kids luggage’ but instead taking risks to design and produce quality luggage which serves a purpose and keeps children actually entertained and interested during travel. One of Olympia’s best rated children’s suitcase is their Kid’s 17-inch Carry-on Size, and in todays review we’ll see how it compares up against the very unique Obersee Kids Luggage with Integrated Cooler.

How we Organized our Reviews

In looking at these similar brands and suitcases, but with all their hidden unique differences, we decided to organize our review into two side-by-side comparisons which separate all the facts into the following headings: suitcase storage, materials/durability, additional features, and style/size options. Where often the value of a suitcase can be dependent entirely on a travelers’ needs rather than a total comparison of all the specifics, we think this is the best way to show the design features of both these luggage pieces with the final decision of ‘which suitcase wins’ left to the parents and even their kids!

Olympia luggage has more of a business professional touch for the traveling woman and fashionista who knows that simplicity in everything is best. These bags are sleek and well designed to compensate for every aspect of travel. Olympia has been designing their products for over three decades now and their tradition of providing high-quality travel ware shows through in each bag with unapparelled durability and unique functionality. Their children’s luggage reflects this sense of style and tradition but adds the cute whimsy you’d expect of a children’s suitcase.

Suitcase Storage

At 19 inches this suitcase offers a massive central space with a rectangular cube design that’s packing friendly for between 8 to 9 kid’s outfits with room to spare. The interior added storage is simplified to just a massive holding space without extra pockets or tie-down straps, so added organization might be hard to come by. Some added organization and storage is available in the form of an exterior face pocket with strong zipper pulls, easily capable of fitting a protected Ipad device, diapers, and even an extra sweater.


The main body of this suitcase is made from durable polyester, though this material does rank medium-low against materials like nylon or cotton canvas. Polyester allows for extra stretch while packing – which is ideal for a carry-on suitcase – but it does limit the protection of belongings if you check the suitcase with an airline. In-line skate wheels for this suitcase are reset into the suitcase for added durability and made from strong polyurethane; additionally, the telescopic handle is crafted with a long two-pole multiple locking design and made from very strong aircraft-grade aluminum. One of the finest parts about this children’s suitcase are the zippers (cause we all know children love breaking those zippers), which are self-repairing excel zippers with strong webbing pulls.

Additional Features

For upright resting and added mobility this suitcase offers a front stand at the base of the suitcase which keeps your kid from dragging their luggage against the floor, this suitcase also includes a unique nylon-blend watertight interior lining. For great mobility which is ideal over urban streets or even fluffy easy-sticking carpets, the suitcase is built with in-line skate wheels and a multi-locking telescopic handle which can even be extended long enough for a parent to take over pulling. Height-wise we suggest that ages 6 and up are at the best height for handling this suitcase on their own without any help. For easy and safe lifting this Olympia suitcase includes a strong top haul handle.

Size/Style Options

Measuring 17 x 12 x 7.5 inches this is the ideal carry-on size for any kid and has been rigorously tested to fit into the overhead compartments on any national or international airline, especially when the airplane is close to full capacity. Style options for this suitcase are very limited and include a single space themed print for the space-adventuring little girl or little boy. This print features colorful planets, spaceships, astronauts, even flying saucers.

Obersee is a family-based company based in Fredericksburg Virginia and founded by a German man and his wife. This luggage brand was inspired by the traveling family and built their company based on the needs of a family. Their collection includes stylish luggage for the traveling Mom, high-capacity durable adventure luggage for Dad, and fun kid’s luggage for the traveling kids. Obersee strives to create products for the entire family that feature principles of creativity, functionality, and a funky spirit. Their Kids Luggage with an Integrated Cooler features their innovation and quirky sense of family-travel fun.

Suitcase Storage

Laid flat for packing at 16 inches this suitcase features a unique design for specific packing and the extra need of packed snacks. The interior is designed with a rectangle-cube shape for maximum packing space and even includes a ceiling mounted mesh pocket for added organization. This pocket is ideal for diapers, shoes, even nice clothes you’re trying to keep wrinkle free for that ‘Little-Kid in Sunday-Best’ look. Exterior features offer the unique flap opening front pocket which reveals an interior watertight snack cooler that can easily fit different fruits, a sandwich, and even a water bottle (though remember, no liquids on the airplane!). The exterior of the suitcase also features an additional two stretch drink pockets!


The front pocket features a unique material interior which allows the children’s suitcase to operate as a watertight insulated cooler for keeping all kinds of snacks cold (or even hot!) for up to 3 hours! Besides this unique addition the remainder of the suitcase is made from medium-low durability polyester which lends itself to that extra packing stretch you’d want for a carry-on suitcase, but isn’t nearly as durable when compared against suitcases which use cotton canvas or nylon. The telescopic pull bar is made from durable aluminum and locks in place at a manageable height for ages 6 and up, but can even be extended long enough for an adult to pull along. In-line skate wheels provide a durable rolling base made from strong polyurethane; however, these are not recessed into the suitcase and therefore somewhat more likely to break.

Additional Features

Specifically designed with ‘extra features’ in mind, this suitcase is a gold mine of added value. The suitcase offers two side stretch drink pockets (ideal for packing other organizable belongings as well), a front pocket insulated cooler, and a deep interior pocket which can even fit several books. Added mobility comes in the form of a long extension telescopic handle paired with in-line skate wheels, and base stand legs to prevent the suitcase base from scraping against the floor while rolling. The exterior offers a durable top haul handle for added safety and ease while lifting into overhead luggage bins.

Size/Style Options

Measuring 16 x 11 x 8.5 inches this is an excellent sized suitcase for carry-on needs and immediate accessibility in-flight. It offers more style options than the selection from Olympia Kids for up to 6 different unique prints; out favorites include Tie Dye, Flag Heart, and Rhinestone Star.

Uniquely Designed Kid’s Luggage for Easy Traveling Fun:

The suitcases in this review compare very uniquely against each other with different things to offer the traveling kid and traveling family. Olympia Luggage Kids pick clearly offers more packing space over all with the highest durability for added protection of belongings, but where it comes down to extra features and design flair Obersee offers plenty of unique choices with their suitcase. For airline purposes we like Olympia Kids pick the best, just because it’s going to be more durable (we all know how kids are) and won’t accidentally travel onto an airline with liquids. But for road trips or weekend adventures to Grandma’s house, the luggage designed by Obersee offers a lot of fun at all times for keeping your little girl or boy entertained and happy.

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