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If you’ve heard of BCBGMaxazria and their unique style brand branching across the world from a hometown first fashion location in Paris, then you’re about to get a massive and happy surprise when you look at the luggage from their new American child brand BCBGeneration whose motto is “Born in Paris raised in Los Angeles. One of the best ways to look at the growing BCBG company is to pause and take a harder look at one of their new luggage options, a softside 20-inch carry-on, as typically you can tell from the style and value of one suitcase how the rest of a brand might match. So, sit back with your phone, tablet, or computer, because if you’re looking for luggage, we’re looking to break down every aspect of what BCBGeneration has to offer for your next traveling experience.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
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This BCBG suitcase immediately strikes that modern look which the brand promises and its clear that this is an essential part of the design, of course other factors are what really make up the value of any luggage item. For instance, many softside cases are made with integrated in-line skate wheels (better for moving across carpet and urban streets), however for it’s uses this BCBG design offers an 8-spinner wheel design specifically for the greater ease of travel than spinner wheels offer. This suitcase can wheel along behind you, beside you, or even in front of you when a small airlines aisle makes walking with a suitcase difficult. For this reason, other design factors include a long telescopic handle, a front surface with extra padding, and extra pockets for added storage that those hardside options just don’t offer. For instance, products like Delsey Paris’s Hardside Carry-On from the Alexis 3-Piece Collection include massive storage interiors and zippered expansions, but don’t offer the additional packing space travelers with softsided options get from those exterior pockets.

bcbg suitcase


At 20-inches this carry-on suitcase offers the minimum of 35 liters packing space – though this is before it’s expanded. Smaller storage features function to add additional organizational space and some added packing space as well, such as the padded and deep front zippered pockets and interior tech solutions such as     tie-down straps for containing puffy clothes or other bulkier belongings. Other interior storage includes a stretch shoe pocket which can fit up to two pair of shoes, a large pair of boots, or – ladies! – all those heels you are going to be wearing in Paris. This inside section includes a clip-in toiletry kit as well as a zippered mesh pocket for even more organization. Finally, as we mentioned before, this storage design includes a zippered expansion which offers 2 inches of extra space for up to 15% additional storage capacity. This means all in all you can pack normally for a two-day weekend business trip, or use the expansion for up to 4 days of clothing (depending on how you pack).

bcbg suitcase


Feature specifics include a design built around portability which therefore means an ultra-strong 8-spinner wheel design and telescopic push-button handle. For pulling your luggage down safely from an overhead bin or out of the luggage carousel (though it’s unlikely you’ll be checking this suitcase) this carry-on is designed with two haul handles, one at the top of the suitcase and one at the side. No more worries about back pain no matter your age – well, unless you’ve just sat through an 11-hour international flight… because let’s face it, flying coach isn’t exactly the comfiest. Interior solutions include a fully water-tight lining, clip-in toiletry kit, shoe pockets, and a mesh zippered pocket. All in all, this bag hits all the marks when it comes to a functional carry-on; it even includes immediate access zippered exterior pockets for all your travel papers or in-flight snacks.

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For a lightweight bag the empty weight of this carry-on suitcase does clock in at 7.8 pounds, which considering some hardshell cases like the Goplus 20-inch ABS Carry-On Expandable Hardside which only weighs 6.6 pounds, makes this “lightweight” option a little heavier than most softside norms. However, at this weight it’s still really not that big a hassle, after all most national and international weight limits for a carry-on are typically between 30-40 pounds, and if you use the expansion and go over this limit, you’re ticket typically covers one free checked bag. For older more frail passengers, the weight of this bag shouldn’t be a hassle, especially with its comfortable ergonomic handle and fantastically stitched haul handles for easy lifting at the end of a flight.

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With this BCBG suitcase you’re taking a look at a hybrid design type, meaning the manufacturers have kept the weight of their suitcase light, included the extras, and still added that essential durability which protects your belongings at the end of the day. This 20-inch carry-on is made primarily from polyester with a high denier rating, however this unique blend includes high quality stitching with a mix of cotton-canvas fibers (these are especially prevalent in the face of the suitcase where you see the padded texturing). Although still not as durable as softside’s which incorporate nylon into their designs, this carry-on will easily protect your belongings against most hard drops or collisions with minimal to no ripping.

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For this suitcase style options are limited to the off-white silver look of the suitcase previewed, however it’s our professional option that when it comes down to the brands style goal, this BCBG suitcase hits every mark with flying colors. The padded exterior is a one-of-a-kind look which screams 21st century culture without being bulky or awkward, additionally the stitching is unmatched by other cases on the market and diamond contouring can only be described as “sexy-chic”. Matching this quite nicely is the silver embossing of the BCBG logo plaque and silver zippers and button fasteners. The interior style features a cutesy pink lining as well as an adorable must-use matching toiletry kit. For carry-on purposes this is a great suitcase to have beside you at all times, it’d strike a unique look with any outfit and for any event, even if your family is just picking you up when you land. Very business friendly, very cute, and very one-of-a-kind.


For your carry-on needs and preparing for an airline and flight in advance, this suitcase measures in at 21.5 X 14 X 9 inches. Dimensions include handles and spinner wheels, as well as the front pockets when fully stuffed; however, these dimensions do not include the additional 2 inches of width created when you pack the suitcase while it is fully expanded up to 15% more storage capacity. However, at this size and even when it’s expanded, this suitcase has been rigorously tested to fit most standard overhead bins on a national or international flight. There is a chance that on a full flight with limited bin space airlines will have you check this bag at the gate, however this will not result in additional handling fees for your bag. However, with other carry-on sizes that expand – such as this 24-inch carry-on from Heritage’s Travelware Wicker Collection – you often have the problem of a suitcase which counts as a carry-on until you expand it; this just isn’t a problem with this BCBG suitcase.


All luggage products for BCBGeneration are covered by a 5-year manufacturers warranty, this warranty allows for repairs or replacements that are the result of faulty materials or design – though this is very unlikely. What the warranty doesn’t cover are any damages which are the fault of airline mishandling as well as natural wear and tear over time. For proof of warranty keep your receipt of purchase and make sure you’re buying from a BCBG approved vendor such as Amazon or a valid retail store.

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One-of-a-kind luggage for any traveler

BCBGeneration is child to parent company BCBGMaxazria, as such many readers have been wondering if BCBG’s luggage holds up to that same value they’re used to with a BCBGMaxazria original. Well, when it comes down to BCBG’s softside 20-inch Carry-On Suitcase in Off-White, this company proves they have the design-sense and fashion-sense to create one-of-a-kind luggage for any traveler. This suitcase has everything you might need, from added storage that includes expanding storage, to an impressively high durability for a softsided suitcase. It comes with 360-degree spinner wheels for fast and convenient travel, and even includes multiple interior extras to enhance your packing experience.

  • Polyester design with added cotton canvas padding and high-quality stitching.
  • Maximum amount of storage space for a carry-on item; includes outer and inner pockets + zippered 2-inch expansion.
  • Fantastic 5-year Warranty.
  • This suitcase is rather heavy for a softsided 20” carry-on.
  • Spinner wheels aren’t nearly as durable as in-line skate wheels.
  • Limited style options.
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BCBGeneration BCBG Luggage Softside Carry On 20" Suitcase
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