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The best type of backpack – because there are various types – shoulder be one which fits your lifestyle. If you’re an adventurer, a savvy student, even a business professional, you can usually bet that Kenox will have you covered. This company has a broad selection of backpack, travel accessories, and luggage pieces which are designed to meet the needs of many with the design sense of an all-in-one bag. Take for instance the Kenox Canvas Backpack in this review. This pack – just at the first glance – hits all the marks for all kinds of different travelers, it also appears quite durable, opens efficiently and quickly for your immediate access needs, and looks like it can fit quite the haul. Good for a hike? Let’s test it out before you buy it; here in our review we give you nothing but the facts so that you can make the best-informed decision without spending a dime.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100


The profile of the Kenox Canvas Backpack is more on the masculine side with its simple rectangular shape and mixture of brown canvas with brown leather accents and full chrome metal hardware. Of course, the design does lend itself to different color schemes during purchase, but at this simple base color its more masculine and very ideal for the burly adventure to the scholarly college student. In one word, this backpack has the perfect look for ‘mountaineering’. It’s not too pretentious and expensive looking, while also not being too beat up; it’s ruggedly handsome with fashionable style choices that have the added benefit of strength and security for your belongings. And, believe it or not, canvas bags like this one are often more protective than full leather bags like something made from the expensive leather for a Handmade Worlds’ Backpack. From just a design sense, Kenox is actually offering more and at a cheaper price.


At 16.5 inches this backpack is just slightly bigger than your standard rucksack for school, although it does still feature that typical multi-pocketed design which is essential for each odd and end you’ll need in class or out on the road. Starting at the front and moving back toward the main compartment, you get a pouch-type clasp-buckling compartment which magnetically shut the pocket. Behind this follows the first zippered pocket which is quite deep but still meant for the smaller items or novellas. The standard compartment follows with the main zippered opening and double zippers; inside you can fit your textbooks, magazines, as well as organize your devices into smaller separate pockets (of which there are three on the interior). Last but not least, there is a thinner zippered storage compartment at the back which offers more padding as well as a stretch pouch to fit your computer (at or under 15 inches) while also keeping it securely in place and protected. This particular separation of the laptop compartment from the main compartment also means more protection for your device, and this feature is unique to the Kenox Canvas Backpack. Other backpacks tend to offer the one space for your computer and heavy bouncing textbooks, take for instance Kenneth Cole’s Reaction Backpack and its design.


This backpack features four different compartments, the middle-most zippered pocket offering the most space at 14 liters. This massive interior space also offers three smaller interior pockets, each about the size of a cellular device or an old-fashioned tin of altoids. The exterior of the bag offers magnetic button clasps for the outermost flap-open pocket, along with two side stretch pocket for a water bottle sized at 20 ounces, or even just for your umbrella. For the highest level of weight distribution which is better on your back and for your health, the included backpack straps are fully adjustable; though at 16.5 inches we do suggest that this backpack is for teenagers or adults who have reached close to their full maturity in height.


Weighing in at 1.6 pounds when empty, this backpack is a bit heavier than average. This doesn’t mean too much accept that it will be heavier when fully packed with – for instance – textbooks for school, than your standard drawstring bag. The difference, however, is that the adjustable and thick shoulder straps are specifically designed to better handle the weight of your belongings and distribute less weight along your lower back and shoulders. However, packed at any weight, this backpack is lightweight and small enough to carry onto a plane as a personal item alongside your carry-on suitcase.


Where it comes down to durability and the protection of your belongings, the material this backpack is crafted from is cotton canvas, ranking around the middle tier durability-wise. Weaker than this material is polyester, and at the top with the most durability are backpacks made from nylon blends. The good, however, is that cotton canvas offers more padding for your electronics and is also much less likely to rip or tear. Where water is concerned the material is slightly more absorbent than polyester or nylon, but this backpack also comes prepared with an interior water tight polyester lining. Other durability features include a double padded laptop compartment with snap-tight pocket to keep your device from bouncing; also, this backpack features full metal hardware with long zipper pulls and strong magnetic clasps.


The style for this bag is very outdoorsy and rugged, no matter what color you buy it in; however, style options for this particular backpack are limited to four selections on check out.


Measuring in at 16.5 X 11.8 X 5.9 inches this is slightly bigger than your average school backpack, however where this bag is concerned the greater size means more space for a cheaper price than most bags at 15 inches.


For this particular Kennox backpack we suggest contacting the distributor or manufacturer directly for further (if any) warranty information. Kennox has not listed any Warranty information on their website or on affiliate websites with their products.

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uniquely designed backpack which is great for school or for the outdoors

Kennox offers a uniquely designed backpack which is great for school or for the outdoors; the rugged design of their cotton canvas pack is fit for any environment and even has separate designed pockets for protecting your laptop computer from heavy bouncing textbooks, snacks you might be carrying, or other hazards you didn’t expect to damage your electronics. This design also features four different large compartments along with great side umbrella pockets and smaller interior organizers.

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