Mancro College Laptop Bookbag for Men and Women Reviews

College essentials, even work essentials, make it necessary for many working and studying adults to need a backpack for all stages of their day. Mancro provides some of the best bags for this purpose – and even for elementary school aged children – while one of their finest products is their anti-theft slim backpack for laptops, books, etcetera. Mancro Company is a business dedicated to building products with innovation; backpacks which provide a great shopping experience, are user friendly, cost-effective, and which aims to assist the consumer all throughout their work or school day.

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100


At 15.6 inches this school backpack features a trending design which is very popular for its sleek frame and anti-theft craftsmanship. The backpack is crafted for lightweight easy portability – especially useful on those long school days where you’re lugging around more than one heavy textbook – which also makes it quite ideal for a carry-on or personal item while flying. The interior features added pockets and other slots for your accessories and school supplies, making this one of the top picks for an organized laptop backpack that will enhance your efficiency with organization all day long. Additionally, the materials used in this design are durable enough to make this backpack equally suitable for outdoor hiking. Throughout the remainder of this article we will take a look at many of these listed features and more, giving nothing but the facts in order to illustrate the value of this school backpack.


There is a surprising amount of storage space and separated organizational pockets in this single laptop backpack. Where storage is concerned Mancro’s design team made sure all the essentials were included, starting with the modern need for a open-folding laptop pocket which features a secure velcro over-strap to keep your computer from bouncing. At 15.6 inches, the space is ideal for a single laptop computer (15 inches) or smaller device, this opening also features a separate space for your keyboard or for 1-2 textbooks; slim top inserts offer space for your cords and cellphone. The main pocket with its own separate zipper is designed with a large back insert for a tablet device or textbook, a secondary cellphone pocket (great for fitting notecards), inserts for pens and pencils, as well as a large front space for keeping papers tidy. An exterior zippered pocket offers quick access for train tickets, school ID, and other essentials, while two buttoning side pockets will easily fit a 16-ounce water bottle. Finally, it is worth noting that unlike other large backpacks – like Cafele’s 17.3-inch Bookbag – this smaller backpack is limited in its capacity to fit a large laptop or even two laptops.


Designing so many features into one small space can prove challenging, but where fashion, security, and capacity come together this school backpack has a lot to offer. Features other than storage space includes a strong zipper combination lock as well as full metal zippers with long tabs that are unlikely to break. On the opposite side from the lock this backpack features an inconspicuous charging port which feeds directly into the backpack with a neat space for a portable charger or other device. Overall the entire backpack features 10+ separate compartments, and the bottom is crafted to remain flat in order to support your pack while its sitting, or while stacked on other luggage. All buttoning belts are made from true durable leather, while the adjustable straps and top-handle are made from reinforced nylon materials.


Arriving empty at your door, this backpack weighs 1.5 pounds in total. It’s one of those packs which will be easy to keep light on a hiking trip, but which can also fit a lot of stuff at a pinch; for flights you’ll easily be able to use this bag as a personal item alongside your rolling suitcase. This backpacks design is also crafted specifically for best handling the weight of a laptop and books, offering two adjustable and padded shoulder straps alongside a secured top haul handle. The size of this backpack is also very common for this particular popular design; though some companies offers more square versions like Lyalph’s Computer Backpack.


Mancro’s only fault is that the main bodies of their products are typically made from polyester materials. Now, where polyester is strong enough to handle the rigors of weather, minor drops, and all sorts of out-woods adventures, this material is usually the lowest on the scale of lightweight materials with high durability. But where this product is concerned, the backpack in question is actually made from ECO-friendly nylon fabrics – one of the strongest materials for any lightweight soft-sided product. The middle ground material which would also be ideal is cotton canvas, though it’s not nearly as scratch and weather resistant as nylon. Other durability features include the padded shoulder straps with superior stitching and nylon protection, the true-leather belts on the sides, and the nylon top haul handle securely stitched into the lining of the backpack. Finally, all metal hardware – including the zippers – is made from strong aluminum.


The profile of Mancro’s Laptop College Backpack features a slim fitting shape which is not only comfortable but is also very manageable in a crowd. Our review specifically looked at the popular ‘grey’ style backpack, but this brand also comes with 7 other color options – some of our favorites being Red and Crest Blue. No matter what color you choose though, the most stylish parts of this backpack are the black straps and hardware which accentuate the sides, top, front, and back of the design.


The full measurement of this school backpack is 20 X 12.2 X 5.7 inches; the laptop interior pocket fit up to a 15-inch laptop computer, while also offering room for standard binders, folders, 4A File’s, and most school textbooks. The side buttoning pockets can fit a 20-ounce water bottle and under, or even a collapsible umbrella.


Mancro has no warranty listed with their products or online; for additional information we suggest contacting Mancro or the distributer directly, especially for products or purchases valued at over $100.00.

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A secure slim-profile laptop bookbag for men or women

For work or for college, Mancro’s top backpack is their secure slim-profile laptop bookbag for men or women. In all facets of its design this backpack stands out; it offers plenty of storage space with more than 10 separate pockets, it’s crafted from fine eco-friendly nylon for durability, it features many style options, and it offers all adjustable straps and true metal hardware.

  • Main body and straps made from durable nylon.
  • Over 8 different style options.
  • Water wicking exterior for true protection.
  • Can fit up to (but not over) a 15-inch laptop.
  • Cannot pass headphones through the charging port and into your pack.
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Mancro College Laptop Bookbag for Men and Women
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