Coolife Luggage 3 Piece Set Suitcase Spinner Hardshell Lightweight TSA Lock 4 Piece Set Review

Coolife Luggage sets are typically designed around their durable ability to protect your belongings while on the road, no matter where you go. In this review we’re taking a closer look at one of Coolife’s top selling collection to determine what it has to offer and if it’s the ideal candidate for your next suitcase or next full luggage set. With a four-piece collection that one extra bag over the typical 3-piece design, so already you’re getting more space for your money – and this is a very affordable set. In the following review we’ve taken a look at nothing but the facts and narrowed down our advice on every aspect of the collection into comprehensive categories; it’s our belief that armed with this information the final best decision is your own.

Design: 90 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 85 out of 100


The typical design for a luggage set is between two and three suitcases; either a large luggage piece and a carry-on, or two checked bags along with the carry-on. This particular Coolife luggage set offers a design with four matching suitcase for the express purpose of mixing and matching for your particular travel length and always having the exact amount of space you need. The design features a very portable ultra-small carry-on at 16 inches, a secondary carry-n suitcase at the regular 20 inches, a 24-inch medium checked suitcase, and a 28-inch full. Now, with so many suitcases mobility might be a problem – especially back in the days people traveled with trunks – but this design features the excellent mobility of 360-degree spinner wheels as well as telescopic handles for stacking two suitcases together/just for easier movement around a busy airport. This design also features a hardside exterior for maximum protection of your belongings; especially your fragile belongings.


When traveling together with all four suitcases this set offers over 200 liters of packing space for your trip. Separately, the two lowest capacity cases are the 16-inch carry-on offering 30 liters and the 20-inch carry-on offering 38 liters. It’s worth noting that you can’t travel with two carry-on’s, so this collection is ideal if you’re shopping for you and your partner, or if you need luggage for varying business trip lengths. The same reasoning applies to the two checked suitcases, the medium at 24 inches offering 60 liters and the large coming in at 93 liters of total packing space. Considering these suitcases and other similar luggage types, like Flieks 3-piece Luggage Collection, what most allows this Coolife collection to offer so much packing potential is the full squared design with tight edges and space both in the top and bottom of the interior. Other interior storage features include a zippered central divider between top and bottom packing, tie-down straps, and a long and deep mesh zippered pocket for added organizability.


The first top unique feature these suitcase have to offer are the rubber resting feet designed into the side of each suitcase; this allows for easier stacking and better use of space in small hotels and apartments while traveling; additionally the rubber stoppers keep your luggage from shifting while on a bus or in a train. Each suitcase is mounted on 360-degree spinner wheels allowing mobility in front, behind, and to the side of you as the need requires. Each suitcase offers a divided interior with tie straps, the extra mesh pocket, and a full polyester watertight inner lining. Each suitcase includes a single top haul handle along with the lock-in-place telescopic extension handle, as well as TSA zipper locks with a 3-dial combination code.


One downside of the added rubber stands is the removal of an additional side haul handle which most hard shell collections offer – for instance Samsonite’s Omni Collection with both top and side handles – these make it easier to handle weight safely, especially when removing from overhead bins and luggage carousels. At empty the largest suitcase weighs 10 pounds, meaning it can be hard to pack a lot but still keep this case under the imposed weight limit of 50 pounds; overweight bags can result in additional fees. Next at 24 inches the medium checked suitcase only weighs 7.9 pounds which is much lighter and offers a lot of unused weight for a long journey. The 20-inch carry-on comes in at 6.3 pounds, while the smallest carry-on comes in at 4.7 pounds. For shipping purposes and the easiest distribution of weight, all suitcases are packed inside each other for arrival at your door.


These durable and lightweight spinners are made from ABS materials which aren’t as strong as suitcases using aluminum of PC materials, but with the added exterior texturing on each bag are much more abrasion resistant and better protected against drops. Other durability features include long zipper pulls which are less likely to break when closing a very full suitcase, an aircraft grade aluminum handle, and a strong polyester interior lining. The wheels on each suitcase are screwed into the frame rather than weakly riveted to the body, though it is worth noting that their weaker than in-line skate wheels which are made from strong polyurethane. Finally, the TSA locking mechanism is also very secure and features interior hardware which makes it less likely to be tampered with.


The Coolife collection is available as a family collection or just in 3 pieces, so make sure you double check what size you’re ordering during purchase. The family collection is the set covered in this review and it features a large number of select styles for the whole family. There are over 10 different color options for these cases, our favorites being the more masculine Blue-1, the business-friendly Black-3, and the more playful adventuring Orange. Each style features the added exterior texturing along with the same inner lining and exterior spinner wheels. The difference between the family set and regular 3-piece collection is the addition of the 16-inch smaller carry-on suitcase.


Suitcases in the Coolife Family Luggage Collection measure as follows: the large checked suitcase coming in at 30.25 X 20.75 X 11.75 – dimensions including wheels and handles – the medium checked suitcase at 26.5 X 18.25 X 10.25 inches, the first carry-on at 22.5 X 15.5 X 9.25 inches, and the smallest carry-on at 19 X 12.75 X 8.25 inches. At this size and traveling altogether for just one traveler, at least three cases will need to be checked with your airline – make sure you check additional fees and speak with the airline beforehand. Otherwise, for a family collection this means two carry-on suitcases and two checked bags for an excellent trip that could easily last up to 2 weeks with no need for extra clothing.


Coolife Luggage offers a two-year warranty on all suitcases including in their Family or 3-piece collection. This warranty covers all damages which are the result of shipping or manufacturing error, though not damages from airline mishandling or personal neglect.

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maximum hardshell protection

A 4-piece collection offers two suitcases each for you and your partner, or even one suitcase per person on a family trip. Coolife’s Family Collection offers all these perks with 4 unique cases, two of which are carry-on items and free to travel with you without any additional fees. These cases are well designed and crafted for maximum hardshell protection of your belongings along with excellent interior storage space for those long trips or even just quick business travels. The brand offers a unique twist on the typical 3-piece collection and even has a large range of style to personalize your collection so that it never gets misplaced or lost in transit.

  • 4 suitcases in one set for an affordable price.
  • Two carry-on suitcases.
  • 360-degree easy motion with spinner wheels.
  • At least two suitcases will always need to be checked with your airline.
  • No side haul handles for better weight handling.
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