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This Swedish based company was founded in 1960 and has since specialized mostly in outdoor international clothing and rucksacks. Their products – especially their one of a kind artic fox backpacks – can be identified by this little logo on the side or face of each product: the little artic fox himself. Because of this logo customers can trust that these backpacks are most likely made out of G-1000 materials (which are a blend of 65% polyester and 35% cotton canvas. The specific design features vary per Fjallraven backpack, from designs which are more heavy duty to others which are space maximizing as well as extremely light.

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 90 out of 100
Weight: 95 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100


The Art Special artic fox backpack takes a unique root outside of Fjallraven and Kanken’s typical design process, allowing us to take a look at something which appears very fun-loving and ideal for the quirky world traveler or even just for school – from college campuses to middle school. ‘Art Special’ is the perfect descriptor for the colorful and animated design of this backpack; at glance its rather simple with a single main body frame and exterior zippered pocket, but often simple and stylish is all anyone really needs for those long school days. As we further delve into this backpack, we’ll get down to all the other specifics from storage capacity to its design materials, giving nothing but the facts in order to keep purchasers informed.


This rather roomy rucksack offers 16 liters of storage space – compare that to cheaper backpacks at the same size but with half the space, like Kinmac’s New Bohemian Laptop Backpack. Fjallraven’s backpack is also designed around is simplicity rather than around a number of zippers and buttoning pockets; the main zippered opening is crafted much like a suitcase and even includes a padded bottom to protect laptops at 15-inches and smaller. The pad can be additionally used as added cushioning during those long travels where you don’t have valuables and only clothes packed inside. At 16 liters this space is ideal for fitting everything you need, even though it doesn’t give any added organizational space. On the exterior of the suitcase are three additional pockets – two side pockets ideal for water bottles or makeup kits, and a large front pocket for your phone or writing materials. All in all, the bulkier cube design has been crafted to give users a maximum of space, though the downside is that you get loss pockets for less organization included with the space.


This Artic Fox Backpack features a two-way zipper along with a rain flap for protection. The ergonomic should straps are designed with an ‘X’ design for additional support during long and heavy hauls across a campus or while out hiking. Main body designs feature a massive zippered interior space fit with an identity tag as well as a padded cushion for sitting on during long travels. All straps are adjustable for maximum comfort and fit, as well as ideal weight distribution. The top tote handle features fine stitching into the body of the backpack and buttons with strong metal hardware. Finally, as always, each Fjallraven and Kanken backpack features the reflective Artic Fox Logo which represents Eco Friendliness and making a difference by protecting and added to nature.


Emptied, this backpack weighs approximately 0.9 pounds; it achieves this impressive lightweight minimum with durable but rather weightless materials as well as simple design which doesn’t include extra weighted pockets, zippers, locks, and other poundage-adding features. The packing space included in the design is at 16 liters for the main body and even includes a pad which will add to the protection of your laptop computer and other devices if ever you drop your rucksack or bang it into something or someone else. This pad is crafted specifically to protect your belongings against the final overall weight of the backpack, including your added weight when using the backpack pad as a seat. Many other Fjallraven & Kanken backpacks, including their Everyday Classic Backpack, also feature this simple design along with the luxury of an interior cushion.


Like most Artic Fox backpacks this particular Art Special rucksack is made from the finest high-quality G-1000 rated materials. This means that each backpack features a main layer of 65% polyester – allowing for creative prints and designs like the one featured – while the remaining layer is crafted from Eco S. Ultra-durable canvas with a finer and smoother weave that will better withstand the elements. Together in sync these materials almost measure up in durability against bags made of leather and even nylon, but unlike simple leather designs like the one from Time Resistance Back to School Edition, Fjallraven bags use polyester for a fun print that keeps kids (and even college students) excited about school. Other durability features include true metal hardware – with the downside that the shorter zipper pulls are more likely to break than longer ones – as well as strong stitched top and back haul straps for great distribution of weight.


Offering fun prints inspired by nature on a simple canvas this backpack is very fun loving by nature while also friendly to the trees – its inspired design featuring craftsmanship from eco-friendly and biodegradable G-1000 Heavy Duty materials. As well, this style is more than a presentation piece, because Kanken is a responsible company which is known for being part of the Artic Fox Initiative – a cause which gives back to nature through various programs all year long. This means your style not only reflects a fun mottled nature-inspired theme, but it also represents giving back and taking care of our planet. The four prints available with purchase are Spring Landscape, Green Fable, Blue Fable, and Summer Landscape.


The final measurement of this backpack is 14.9 X 10.6 X 5.1 inches, with an empty weight of 0.9 pounds. All in all, it’s a lightweight backpack which doesn’t take up too much space, while still offering plenty of room for your daily packing needs.


In addition to their 30-day refund policy, Fjallraven & Kanken offer all kinds of advice for how to treat, care for, and repair your purchases from their company. Their brand is big on sustainability and they want travelers and school-goers to purchase these bags and then work hard to keep them in prime condition in order to protect the environment without adding to the waste around the world.

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Eco-friendly materials that are strong and long lasting

Artic Fox Backpacks are known on sight by their logo. These bags represent being conscious and protective of our environment, and doing all you can as an individual to add to and protect the place where we all live. As a company Fjallraven and Kanken support this ideal by providing backpacks like their Art Special Backpack which is made from Eco-friendly materials that are strong and long lasting. Additionally, this backpack features a large interior space with cushioned protection as well as great outer organizational pockets.

  • Ultra-durable G-1000 rated materials.
  • All materials are Eco Friendly and biodegradable.
  • Can fit up to a 15-inch laptop computer.
  • Short zipper pulls are more likely to break over time.
  • Limited organizational pockets and additional zippered openings.
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