TravelCross Luggage Dublin 5 Piece Set w/TSA Lock Review

TravelCross Luggage have destined to be the go-to luggage choice for the modern traveler, with an elegant design, a comfortable experience, along with a great quality, which can be seen in the travelcross luggage reviews. The Dublin 5-Piece Luggage Set features different size luggage for all your travel needs, no longer will you need to purchase a case specifically for one job, as this set does it all. In this set, you will get 4 pieces that can be used as cabin luggage and one bag for the hold. More and more travelers are wanting to take luggage on board, and skip the hassle of checking in a bag, along with waiting for it at the luggage carousel at the other end. You will receive one carry-on suitcase, that will easily fit in the overhead compartment, and one large, medium, and small carry bags, giving you the ability to pick the one that’s right for the journey ahead. Get the complete TravelCross Luggage Set review in detail from every aspect:

Design: 95 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 95 out of 100
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The TravelCross Dublin 5 Piece Luggage Set has been designed to be comfortable to use while giving the user everything they have come to expect from modern-day luggage. With many modern travelers wanting to take only cabin luggage, this set has been designed specifically for that purpose. A suitcase should make traveling easier, and with the integrated TSA locks, it does just that. No longer will you need to search through every drawer in your house to try and find where you put your key to your travel lock, all while the cab is waiting outside to take you to the airport. The set comes with keyless TSA approved locks, ensuring you are always ready to go, while the security staff at the airport will be able to open your case without damaging it.

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The Travelcross luggage set comes with 5 pieces, each ensuring maximum storage space inside. It really is a spacious suitcase set, allowing you to take everything you need with you when you travel. The smallest bag has one storage space accessible by a top zip, with no outside pockets. It will allow you to keep your travel documents safe and secure while you are on your trip. The medium bag is a small tote bag. It contains one main compartment and one exterior pocket. Inside you will be able to store any work or documents, or even a tablet or small notebook for use while you are on the move. It will slide under the seat in front of you, giving you easy access to any items that you need while in the air. The large bag, a satchel, will allow you to take a large number of items on board and is easily stowed away in the overhead lockers. With one large main compartment and a large exterior pocket, you will be able to take all you need for a short trip away on board with you. The two upright suitcase each have two exterior pockets for quick access to travel essentials, along with the main compartment for your clothing, tied down by compression straps. Also inside you will find a zip-lined pocket to keep your luggage organized and tidy while on the move. The two upright suitcases are expandable, giving you that extra bit of space when you need it.

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The TravelCross Dublin 5 Piece Luggage Set has most of the features that the modern day traveler has come to expect from a suitcase set. The only omission that needs to be pointed out is the upright suitcases come with an inline skate wheel system, not the 360-degree spinner wheels that are modern and easier to use. Therefore, you will be using more energy, and it will be harder to take the suitcase along with you on your travels. The suitcases come with a TSA-approved lock, ensuring that your belongings are safe and secure. If you need any extra space, both the upright cases come with an expander, allowing you to pack a few more items inside, without the worry of the zip breaking. The top and side carry handles on the bags allow you to easily pick them up and store them in the overhead locker, trunk of the car, or even carrying up and down stairs. The multiple interior and exterior pockets keep your luggage organized on the go while allowing you easy access to travel essentials that you have packed inside.

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The small bag weighs 0.3 lbs, you will hardly notice it. The medium bag weighs in at 1.15 lbs, and the large bag weighs in at 1.7 lbs. Given the amount of storage space inside the large bag, it is considered lightweight. The small upright suitcase, used as a carry-on, weighs in at 5.8 lbs, which is rather lightweight, allowing you to take more of the items you want on board, while still staying in the airline carriers restrictions on cabin luggage. The large upright suitcase weighs in at 7.8 lbs, which also is a fairly lightweight suitcase on first glance, although considering the small size, it is classed as normal.

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The Travelcross luggage set is fairly durable, however, at such a low price for a 5-piece luggage set, you cannot expect it to be up to the same standard as a set that is 4 or 5 times the price. It will do the job, however, if you do overpack, place excessive stress, or are rough with it, you will soon start to see it fail. If you are using it as travel luggage, you should not have any issue, although previous customers have noted that the fabric can tear easily, so be sure to keep any sharp objects out of the cases.

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Travelcross luggage set is very similar in style to the Traveler’s Choice Amsterdam 8-Piece Luggage Set, being made from a two-tone polyester, to give it a uniform and standard luggage look. It is available in three different colors, black, blue, and red. None of which stand out and look attractive, they all look a bit dated. It seems that the set has not been designed to stand out in the style department, it will not turn any heads at the airport. It will, however, blend into the luggage that is all around, ensuring that you do not stand out from the crowd and draw any unwanted attention.

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The small bag measures at 10 x 3.5 x 6 inches, the medium bag at 15 x 6 x 10.5 inches, and the large bag at 20 x 10 x 12 inches. These are relatively large and spacious bags designed to be taken on board as cabin luggage, and all three will do that job just fine. The small upright suitcase measures in at 21 x 15.5 x 8 inches, which will go on board as cabin luggage, although with the tightening restrictions being placed on both domestic and international cabin luggage size, it is best to check with your airline carrier before arriving at the airport to avoid any unnecessary stress. The large upright suitcase measures in at 21 x 15.5 x 8 inches, although not the biggest of suitcases, you should be able to pack enough in here for a trip of about 7 days.


The TravelCross Dublin 5 Piece Luggage Set comes with a 3-year manufacturers warranty, which will protect the luggage set from material and manufacturing defects. However, this does not cover excessive use, wear and tear, and misuse.

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The TravelCross Dublin 5 Piece Luggage Set is a low-cost option for travelers on a budget. If you are looking for a set of suitcases that will do the job, then this is what you will get. Do not expect it to look the best, or last the longest, although if taken care of, it will be good value for money.

  • Lightweight
  • 4 bags designed as cabin luggage
  • Larger alternatives
  • Standard luggage look
  • Fabric tears easily
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