BCBG Luggage Hardside 3 Piece Suitcase Set Review

The BCBGeneration’s feminine style and products brand is committed to women’s fashion and working their way to the forefront of providing chic style and groundbreaking designs for fashion icons all over the world, as well as just the common style-conscious traveler. For that reason their expanding luggage collection now includes luggage sets as well as your every day single suitcases; each set promises one of a kind fashion while you’re on the move. Under review today is their BCBGeneration 3-Piece Hardside Spinner Set; the BCBG brand is committed to excellence and promises their products have a fashion flair which was “born in Paris, but raised in Los Angeles.” So let’s put that motto to the test and see if this hardside set is everything the stylish traveler is looking for!

Design: 98 out of 100
Storage: 95 out of 100
Weight: 90 out of 100
Durability: 97 out of 100
BCBG Luggage


Fashionable functionality above all else distinguishes this BCBG set design from all its other competitors. Included in this functionality is a massive amount of packing space with three separate suitcases of which non are non essential, making it ideal to travel with the entire set on a long vacation or honeymoon, or even a business trip; of course, each suitcase can also travel separately for those short weekenders or holiday travels back home. These suitcases include: a 22-inch carry on (sizes including wheels and handles), a 26-inch medium checked bag, and a 30-inch full checked bag. Each suitcase is designed around a 360-degree spinner wheel system for full mobility on 8 sturdy wheels and an even easier time getting around crowded airports or outside on busy city streets. Additionally, the design compensates for the rigors of travel with high quality hardshell materials which beat out the durability of a soft set every time. Of course, if a soft set is still your preference, BCBG has thought of that with their BCBGeneration BCBG Luggage Perf-ECT Expandable Softside Set.

BCBG Luggage


Storage space is a must, after all that’s the main purpose behind buying a set with carry-on, medium, and large suitcases. At 22-inches the carry-on offers an unexpanded capacity of 29 liters – easily enough packing room for weekend trips or even up to 3 or 4 days, depending on how you pack. Likewise, the medium and large suitcases are designed with packing space in mind, and each features a massive unexpanded storage space to assist your packing needs, with the medium offering 80 liters and the large offering an impressive 100 liters. Traveled together you’ll need to check two of these bags, but having all three offers enough storage for up to 4 weeks of travel or more (depending on how you pack). Of course, this isn’t all, each bag in this set is designed around an expanding zipper for up to 15% more packing room or up to an additional 2 inches. Interiors include crossing tie-down straps to secure your luggage tightly and shrink down bulky clothing items, additionally the suitcase is equipped with an interior lined divider with interior pockets and compartments to keep your belongings organized and easily available. Not to mention, for this sets selling price you get much more storage for your dollar than many brands with only 2-piece sets like the AmazonBasics Hardside Spinner Set.

BCBG Luggage


BCBG luggage is not just a fancy design and nothing else; it’s a traveling companion – especially when it comes to this fantastic 3-piece set – which includes extras designed specifically to enhance your travel experience and the ease with which you conduct business, meet your next cab driver, and get safely from destination to destination. Many of these features, such as the 8-spinner wheel design, are constructed from highly durable materials like polyurethane and are additionally screwed tightly and securely into the frame rather than riveted. It’s also important to mention that the spinner wheels and telescopic extension handle make convenience, above all else, one of this sets finer qualities that allow the traveler to push a suitcase alongside or roll it behind or even roll it in front when crowds are thick. Other features include durable zippers with steel zipper pulls – one zipper which opens the additional 2-inch expander – along with a fully lined interior with interior pockets. Finally, style choices vary and allow you to pick a suitcase that’s perfectly unique and fitting to your sense of style.

BCBG Luggage


Many travelers worry about picking hardside bags over softside bags for one main reason: weight. This makes perfect sense as nylon, fabric, and polyester materials are easily lighter than anything a hardshell suitcase could offer. The downside? Softside bags are much less durable, whereas with just a little extra weight and a creative design BCBG luggage has cut down typical luggage weights and given their customers the comfort of cases which beat the weight-limits as well as beat all the durability tests. Final weights weigh in as follows with the carry-on coming in at an unheard of (for a hardshell bag) 6.5 pounds unpacked – depending on how you pack, that’s a great beginning weight which should allow you to pack loads without even approaching airline carry-on weight restrictions. The final two hardshell bags weigh in at 7.5 pounds for the medium and 10.5 pounds for the large. It’s worth noting that you will have to pay an extra fee for checking two bags, but if you pack smartly these fairly light durable suitcases shouldn’t equal any extra weight-related fees. If you want a comparison point, just look at this set of three from Nicole Miller’s NY Madison Collection, they went with hardside materials for durability but don’t even come close to beating weight limits like BCBG luggage does.

BCBG Luggage


ABS materials are commonly used in lower end luggage with the upside of being very water tight and somewhat durable, but the downside of not matching when compared to polycarbonate or polypropylene. However, ABS materials are also highly lightweight and end up equaling a travelers dream solution: a suitcase which is lightweight but also durable. Not to be outdone by other cheaper solutions, BCBG luggage has given that ‘dream’ and upgrade by designing these set suitcases from ABS materials with a PC film (polycarbonate) layering on the outside. This means that if you opt in for this set you’re getting the bonus of lightweight hardshell bags with an added thin polycarbonate layer that equals added durability and also allows for printed colorful patterns. Other durability features include the telescopic handle which is designed from aircraft grade aluminum and maintains a high standard for shock absorption. It is worth noting that the durability of spinner wheels don’t compare well against the higher durability of in-line skate wheels, however this set’s spinner are made from ultra strong polyurethane and screwed tightly in place for better navigation on urban streets.

BCBG Luggage


Style options include seven unique printed styles on all hard faces along with BCBG’s stylized signature interior lining. Available options include the unique print Desert Patches, Lotus Medallion, Gunmetal Black, Vanilla Blush, Urban Bohemia Black, Urban Bohemia Silver, and our favorite design Flowing Bloom. Depending on your preference or needs many of these bags are whimsical and fun as well as sleek, stylish, and sexy; many are highly appropriate for business travel and could potentially walk right into a meeting with you without being a bother.

BCBG Luggage


The final dimensions for each suitcase in this set size in at 22 X 13.3 X 9.8 inches for the carry-on, 26.8 X 17.3 X 10.0 inches for the medium check suitcase, and 30 X 19.5 X 11.5 inches for the large checked suitcase. These dimensions do not include the additional width of 2-inches when each bag is opened outward with its room-expansion zipper for up to 15% more packing space. Dimensions do include those of the wheels and handle; the dynamics of the carry-on suitcase have been rigorously tested to fit the overhead requirements for most national and international airlines. At these sizes and fully expanded, this set offers close to a maximum of 250 liters packing space, meaning you should pack carefully so as to avoid airline fees based on weight, but regardless you’ll have plenty of space for close to a month of travel when using all three bags on your travels. The medium and large suitcases are not exchangeable with your carry-on and will need to be checked before security.


All BCBG hardshell luggages is covered by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty which covers any and all manufacturing errors from suitcases dented or scratched during shipping to breakage or damage that are the fault of shoddy materials or design errors – though these are rare. However, the warranty does not cover customer’s negligence or misuse/poor-care of the suitcase which results in damage. For further information consult your distributor before and after buying, or contact BCBGeneration’s warranty center.

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Bold, sophisticated, and fresh hardset!

BCBGeneration’s fashion products are designed with the modern girl in mind; this brand’s luggage in particular seeks for each of their new suitcases to be as bold, sophisticated, and fresh as the generation which use them. Their BCBGeneration 3-Piece Hardset collection in particular offers the durability you want protecting your belongings while on the road, with the added bonus of great fashion right there at your side wherever you go. This set is available with 7 unique style options; it’s also expandable for up to 15% more packing space for whatever you need on your trip or whatever you pick up during it.

  • Expandable up to 2 extra inches.
  • 7 unique print options to match your personal style.
  • Excellent 5-year warranty.
  • Zipper pulls are rather short and can be difficult to manage.
  • Spinner wheels aren’t as durable as in-line skate wheels.
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BCBG Luggage Hardside 3 Piece Suitcase Set
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